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Vocabulary Word

Word: counterpart

Definition: thing that completes another; things very much alike; thing that has the same purpose in a different system

Sentences Containing 'counterpart'

A second reproach is that this view may be as elitist as its aristocratic counterpart.
A Southerner was, on average, considered a superior horseman to his Northern counterpart, especially early in the war.
Animation", she was created as "female merchandising counterpart" to Bugs Bunny.
Every one knows the history of the famous return from Elba, a return which was unprecedented in the past, and will probably remain without a counterpart in the future.
For many years only one fossil "Nectocaris" was known, poorly preserved and without a counterpart.
Furthermore, according to traditional psychoanalysis, there are at least two types of drives, the libido (mythical counterpart: Eros), and the death drive (mythical counterpart: Thanatos).
He also portrays Aunt Em and Uncle Henry's farmhand, Hickory, who is the Tin Man's Kansas Counterpart.
He currently host the game show "Mot de Passe" (French counterpart of the American, Million Dollar Password) Early career.
He was host of the televised program Intervilles (French counterpart of England's It's a Knockout) with Guy Lux.
In New York, Bond meets up with his counterpart in the CIA, Felix Leiter.
It has programming similar to its U.S. counterpart, the Discovery Channel.
It is by far less densely populated than its western counterpart and contains the industrial section of Longueuil.
It is considered a counterpart to the white or yellow angel food cake.
It was conceptualized as a rural counterpart to urban Matysiakowie.
Its personnel augment the 17th Test Squadron, its active duty counterpart unit.
libvirtmod's implementation is closely associated with its counterpart in C/C++ in syntax and functionality.
Like her older counterpart, she has tomboyish traits and an affinity for basketball.
Like his real-life counterpart, Ganishka also decorates his palace with famous Buddhist figures, but has demonised them to suit his nature.
Moloch is the only known ally of his Oni counterpart, Drahmin.
Much of the same issues could be said of Forrest's counterpart in the Army of Tennessee, John Hunt Morgan.
Nickelodeon is the Australian counterpart of the Nickelodeon network in the United States.
Other Akkadian deities adapted into the Hurrian pantheon include Ayas, the Hurrian counterpart to Ea; Shaushka, the Hurrian counterpart to Ishtar; and the goddess Ninlil, whose mythos had been drastically expanded by the Babylonians.
Partly because they were simultaneously working on its hip-hop counterpart.
Second it is easy to compare model allocations with their empirical counterpart.
She also enhances the primitive intelligence of her counterpart, giving him intelligence beyond even hers.
She and her counterpart decide that he was a noble person and did not deserve to die and consequently abandon their mission.
She is shown to be much more capable and emotionally stable than her comic book counterpart.
Shreveport the more economically developed city than its counterpart Montgomery won the day.
Strength implies also its counterpart's weakness.
The akasa is the counterpart of the mind and objects are of thought.
The American counterpart acquired 100% of the Canadian company in 1994.
The Australian "Nickelodeon Magazine" content was borrowed heavily from its American counterpart, "Nickelodeon Magazine".
The choir organ, a counterpart of the pulpit, was made in 1746 by Nikolaus Rumel the elder.
The civilian counterpart of the SOG is the Japanese National Police Agency's Special Assault Team.
The female sculptural counterpart of the Kouros is the Kórē or Koúrē (Plural: Korai or Koúrai).
The fraternity and its counterpart sorority was dissolved for reasons unknown.
The mathematical equivalence of the differential equations of motion and their integral counterpart has important philosophical implications.
The mother goddess is likely to have had a later counterpart in the Phrygian goddess Cybele.
The Motion Picture Association (MPA) is the international counterpart of the Motion Picture Association of America.
The newspaper's Sunday counterpart, "The Sun-Herald", is published in tabloid format.
The Polish term sybirak (plural: "sybiracy") is synonymous to the Russian counterpart "sibiryak" (a dweller of Siberia).
The Santa Anita Park counterpart series for male horses is the Strub Series.
The sender calls or faxes instructions to his counterpart and the money gets delivered in a matter of few hours.
The Sumerian goddess Inanna also developed the counterpart Ishtar during the Old Babylonian Period.
The unit supports its active duty counterpart, the 17th Test Squadron.
The website is updated daily and is a counterpart to the magazine.
This must be a strange night to you, standing alone here with your counterpart on these street stones?''
Unlike his 616 counterpart, there is no trace of the other personalities shown.
Unlike his pre-Zero Hour counterpart, Tenzil's spit is similar to acid.
When morphed, Maya appears flat chested despite being well-endowed and her costume has no skirt because her "Super Sentai" counterpart was male.

More Vocab Words

::: repartee - quick clever reply
::: universal - characterizing or affecting all; general; present everywhere; of the universe; cosmic; Ex. universal agreement; Ex. a subject of universal interest
::: actuarial - calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics
::: verity - quality of being true; lasting truth or principle; Ex. the verity of his testimony; Ex. one of the eternal verities
::: condiments - seasonings; spices
::: authenticate - prove genuine
::: consign - send to a person or place for sale; deliver officially; entrust; put into the care of another; set apart (for a special purpose); N. consignment; CF. consignor, consignee
::: deranged - insane
::: multiform - having many forms
::: carapace - shell covering the back (of a turtle, tortoise, crab, etc.)