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Vocabulary Word

Word: corrugated

Definition: wrinkled; ridged

Sentences Containing 'corrugated'

"Clathrus ruber" may be distinguished from the closely related tropical species "C. crispus" by the absence of the corrugated rims which surround each mesh of the "C. crispus" fruit body.
Another popular do it yourself cage is a "C C" cage made out of cubes and coroplast, also called corrugated plastic.
Arcor supplies itself with the main strategic inputs such as the packaging of its products, flexible containers and corrugated cardboard, through Converflex and Cartocor, the largest cardboard manufacturer in the country.
Ewesley station was a weather board and corrugated iron built railway station in Northumberland on the Rothbury Branch built to serve the local farming settlements.
He also developed an eponymous form of locomotive boiler, the Lentz boiler, with a corrugated tubular furnace.
In 1939, the company began making expanding envelopes and introduced the convenience of file folder labels in rolls, as well as corrugated board transfer files in a drawer style.
In parts of the Indies, colonial authorities embarked on vigorous demolition programmes, replacing traditional homes with houses built using Western construction techniques, such as bricks and corrugated iron roofs, fitting sanitary facilities and better ventilation.
In the corrugated configuration, the magnetic field is concentrated in the peaks; since the fluid is more easily magnetized than the air, this lowers the magnetic energy.
In the year he spent recovering he taught himself technical drawing and in 1919 entered the profession as "C Smallpeice, General Engineer", having rented a corrugated iron shed in Sawbridgeworth with a 14 year old lad as assistant.
It had an all-metal steel-tube frame covered with corrugated metal skin.
Its back was corrugated and ornamented with ungainly bosses, and a greenish incrustation blotched it here and there.
Originally made of wooden ribs clad with profiled steel sheets, steel lattice ribs and corrugated steel sheet cladding later became the norm.
Pandanus leaves are traditionally woven together as roof thatch (although corrugated sheet metal is also used today), as well as for other items such as mats and hats.
Rail cars have commonly been manufactured using corrugated stainless steel panels (for additional structural strength).
She had nine corrugated furnaces heating three 180 lbf/in2 single-ended boilers with combined heating surface of . These fed steam to her three-cylinder triple-expansion steam engine, which was built by Palmers Shipbuilding and Iron Company.
The 150 GHz pixels are corrugated-feedhorn-coupled TES polarimeters fabricated in monolithic arrays at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
The area had acquired the name World's End when the railway was being built. The World's End Mission Room housed a reading room, schoolroom and accommodation for worshippers, but it fell out of use after a new corrugated iron church was built in 1899 nearby.
The company is a manufacturer of toilet paper, paper towels and napkins, corrugated cardboard and cartons, hardboard and painted hardboard. AB Grigiškės employs about 800 staff members.
The sails and cap roof were removed in 1961, and a corrugated asbestos roof built on the cap frame.
The UMW Recycling Program currently collects corrugated cardboard, printer ink cartridges, mixed paper, newsprint and co-mingled plastic, glass, and aluminum.
The winery's corrugated-steel structure sits side by side with an unusual mix of materials, textures and plantings.
This can be a simple corrugated-cardboard box or a wooden casket (coffin).
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