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Vocabulary Word

Word: corpus

Definition: collection (of writings or information); Ex. the corpus of Shakespear's works; Cf. corpse

Sentences Containing 'corpus'

"Lyrics by Sebastien Music by Corpus Delicti"
A creation story is told by God to Hermes in the first book of the Corpus Hermeticum.
Active in medieval Serbia and Bulgaria, regarded part of Byzantine, Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Greek literary corpus.
All four stations share studios on Artesian Street in Downtown Corpus Christi.
Anam v. Bush is a writ of habeas corpus filed on behalf of a dozen Guantanamo detainees.
announced that they were closing their Corpus Christi location due to financial difficulties.
Aquinas also composed the propers for the Mass of Corpus Christi, including the sequence "Lauda Sion Salvatorem".
As stated above, in the Roman Catholic Church the celebration is designated "The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)".
Concordancers are also used in corpus linguistics to retrieve alphabetically or otherwise sorted lists of linguistic data from the corpus in question, which the corpus linguist then analyzes.
Corpus Christi is a moveable feast, celebrated on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday or, in countries where it is not a Holy Day of Obligation, on the following Sunday.
Corpus Christi is primarily celebrated by the Catholic Church, but it is also included in the calendar of a few Anglican churches, most notably the Church of England.
Corpus Domini (Latin: "The Lord's Body") is an alternative name for the Christian feast of Corpus Christi.
Corpus-based structuring techniques use statistical corpus analysis techniques to automatically build ordering and/or grouping models.
Educated at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge and then the Courtauld Institute of Art, London.
Educated at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge he was ordained in 1945.
Examples of this usage from corpus recordings are: To be.
Following ovulation, LH stimulates the formation of the corpus luteum.
From the early modern period standards of historiography began to be applied to the corpus of writings.
He died in 1537, and is buried in the chapel of Corpus.
He has since appeared in touring productions of, among others, "Habeas Corpus" and "In the Club", as well as in "Festen" and "Mary Stuart" and others in the West End.
He presented to Corpus Christi College a silver cup with the family arms upon it, 'Paly of 6 or, and gul, a chief vaire.'
He proceeded M.A. in 1602, and commenced B.D. as a member of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.
He was a friend of both Lancelot Andrewes and Richard Hooker, who was Fellow of Corpus with him.
He was born in Wiltshire, and came as scholar to Corpus Christi College, Oxford in 1576.
He was educated at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.
He was educated at Norwich School, and at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, becoming a fellow in 1849.
He was promoted to the Double-A Corpus Christi Hooks of the Texas League in 2008.
In 1208, she reported her first vision of Christ in which she was instructed to plead for the institution of the feast of Corpus Christi.
In 1951 Lloyd-Jones returned to Oxford where he became the first holder of the E. P. Warren Praelectorship at Corpus.
In 1978, he moved back to Corpus Christi and became the house musician for the Electric Eel.
In June 1896, a bomb was thrown at the Corpus Christi procession in Barcelona.
In keeping with Felix Aderca's last wish, he inventoried the manuscripts and photographs in this collection and, in 1987, donated the entire corpus to the Romanian Academy.
In medieval times in many parts of Europe Corpus Christi was a time for the performance of mystery plays.
Inhibin, which is also secreted by the corpus luteum, contributes to FSH inhibition.
It can also refer to many churches: Corpus Domini was a Dominican convent in Venice.
It had a codified standard language, and even a tiny own literary corpus of around 2-300 works.
It was later adapted into the title "Pax Corpus" after being stripped of all copyrighted association with "Æon Flux".
It was one of over 200 habeas corpus petitions filed on behalf of detainees held in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba.
Jacques Pantaléon of Troyes was also won over to the good cause of the Feast of Corpus Christi during his ministry as Archdeacon in Liège.
Lee's doctoral thesis was "De viribus animi in corpus agentibus".
Of internationally available published verse, Arabic poetry has the oldest and most diverse corpus.
One major hurdle is the compilation of a speech corpus to enable production of acoustic models.
She lives with her husband in Corpus Christi, Texas.
she was forcibly kept on board the vessel and so sued out a writ of habeas corpus to obtain her release.
Sylphes is the second album by gothic rock band Corpus Delicti.
The days of the suppressed Octaves of Corpus Christi and the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus became feriae per annum.
The increment in mucosal blood flow with troxipide is more pronounced in the gastric antrum than in the gastric corpus.
The site is owned by Corpus Christi College and is managed by Greene King brewery.
There are three basic approaches to document structuring: schemas, corpus-based, and heuristic.
This led to art dealers being asked to participate and ultimately to the newest talents being shown at the "Petite Fête-Dieu" (the Small Corpus Christi), a reduced version of the Corpus Christi holiday which took place eight days later.

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