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Vocabulary Word

Word: corporeal

Definition: bodily (rather than spiritual); of a bodily form; material; tangible

Sentences Containing 'corporeal'

According to Boyarin, Paul saw in the "symbol" of a resurrected Jesus the possibility of a spiritual rather than corporeal messiah.
And as natural selection works solely by and for the good of each being, all corporeal and mental endowments will tend to progress towards perfection.
Another tradition started with the very famous French master Etienne Decroux (father of corporeal mime).
As modifications of corporeal structure arise from, and are increased by, use or habit, and are diminished or lost by disuse, so I do not doubt it has been with instincts.
Books by channellers who claimed to relate the wisdom of non-corporeal and non-terrestrial teacher-spirits became best-sellers amongst believers.
Force of will under extenuating circumstances also helps in casting spells, and affects the force with which they are cast. An example of this is when Harry is able to conjure a corporeal Patronus when Sirius Black is in danger of being administered the Dementor's Kiss.
He knew, for example, that however magnetic his ascendency in some respects was over Starbuck, yet that ascendency did not cover the complete spiritual man any more than mere corporeal superiority involves intellectual mastership; for to the purely spiritual, the intellectual but stand in a sort of corporeal relation.
He says it is composed of four faculties: The "appetitive" (the desire for, or aversion to an object of sense), the "sensitive" (the perception by the senses of corporeal substances), the "imaginative" (the faculty which retains images of sensible objects after they have been perceived, and then separates and combines them for a number of ends), and the "rational", which is the faculty of intellection.
Hence, as in the case of corporeal structures, we ought to find in nature, not the actual transitional gradations by which each complex instinct has been acquired--for these could be found only in the lineal ancestors of each species--but we ought to find in the collateral lines of descent some evidence of such gradations; or we ought at least to be able to show that gradations of some kind are possible; and this we certainly can do.
How wonderful is it then--except after explanation--that this great monster, to whom corporeal warmth is as indispensable as it is to man; how wonderful that he should be found at home, immersed to his lips for life in those Arctic waters!
If, however, the body of a horcrux owner is killed, that portion of his soul which had remained in his body will not pass on to the next world, but will rather exist in a non-corporeal form capable of being resurrected by another wizard, as in "The Half-Blood Prince "and the "The Deathly Hallows".
In "Planet of the Spiders", a Time Lord, K'anpo Rinpoche, creates a corporeal projection of a future incarnation which has such an existence under the name Cho Je until he regenerates into that incarnation.
It is implied that this particular Borden dies a few days later, and the incorporeal Angier travels to meet the corporeal Angier, now living as Lord Colderdale.
It is one of the most evolutionarily advanced corporeal species encountered in the "Star Trek" universe.
Judaism is a corporeal religion, in which membership is based not on belief but rather descent from Abraham, physically marked by circumcision, and focusing on how to live this life properly.
Later it was revealed that several of David's personas escaped with corporeal bodies.
Non-organic mechanical beings, such as Jocasta, Ultron and Machine Man apparently cannot be affected by the zombie virus, certain mystical changes in physiology (such as in the case of Jack Russell, from his human to werewolf form), while unable to purge the infection, are able to keep it and its effects at bay for some time, and Uatu and the Watchers, due to their having exchanged corporeal bodies for forms of pure energy long ago, are incapable of being consumed by the infected, and are immune to the virus.
On the other hand, the fact that instincts are not always absolutely perfect and are liable to mistakes; that no instinct can be shown to have been produced for the good of other animals, though animals take advantage of the instincts of others; that the canon in natural history, of "Natura non facit saltum," is applicable to instincts as well as to corporeal structure, and is plainly explicable on the foregoing views, but is otherwise inexplicable--all tend to corroborate the theory of natural selection.
Paul's views went against the thoughts of the Greek philosophers to whom a bodily resurrection meant a new imprisonment in a corporeal body, which was what they wanted to avoid—given that for them the corporeal and the material fettered the spirit.
Possessing a corporeal identity of an ethereal kind, she visited numerous places, persons, and phenomena such as natural settings and gardens beyond the character of the conventionally material, and was taken on a tour of sorts to learning experiences that she said felt equivalent to weeks or months.
Ryle then says that such use implies a 'categorical mistake' for the descriptions of mental events that do not properly belong to the categories used for describing the corporeal events.
Shortly afterwards, the corporeal Angier dies and his ghostly clone uses the device to teleport himself into the body, hoping that either he will return it back to life and be one person again, or kill himself instantly.
Such mistakes are, from the Rylean standpoint, the dogma of the mental ghost in the corporeal machine.
The Companion, who loves Cochrane, merges with the commissioner, ridding her of her illness and providing the Companion with a corporeal (but now mortal) form.
The Resurrection Stone also allows one to talk to the dead, but those brought back by the Stone are not corporeal, nor do they wish to be disturbed from their peaceful rest. Throughout the series, this limit is continually mentioned, and wizards try to transcend it at their own folly.
There was a corporeal humility in looking up at him; and a white man standing before him seemed a white flag come to beg truce of a fortress.
This tradition has grown and corporeal mime is now taught in many major theatrical schools.
Vampire Intelligences are notable amongst Alien Intelligences in that they can produce an unlimited number of essences (which fuses with a mortal, living creature to form a Vampire), and that the essence fragments can, if so desired, create a corporeal servant -a last line of defense within the Vampire Intelligence's lair -without the need to possess a living victim (most essence fragments are intangible in form and must bond to a solid body in order to interact with the physical world in any way).

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