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Vocabulary Word

Word: corollary

Definition: natural consequence (which naturally follows from something else)

Sentences Containing 'corollary'

As a corollary, supposing that there is no net growth of output and capital, capital accumulation can continue only if some people and organizations get richer while other people and organizations get poorer.
Certainly "Imad al-Din al-Isfahani shows a deep admiration for Saladin, but his greatness appears wholly as a corollary from the facts themselves."
He blamed these interventions on the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine of 1905, which had turned the United States into an arrogant "policeman of the western continent."
Other extremal principles of classical mechanics have been formulated, such as Gauss' principle of least constraint and its corollary, Hertz's principle of least curvature.
That is, equation (1) is a corollary of equation (3)—and not vice versa.
The inescapable corollary is that all Jews are cruel.
The observation schema may also be understood as a corollary of the General Feature Model from ISO 19101, providing metadata associated with the estimation of the value of a feature property.
The provinces of the republic were, in official feudal order: the duchy of Guelders (Gelre in Dutch), the counties of Holland and Zeeland, the former bishopric of Utrecht, the lordship of Overijssel, and the free (i.e. never feudalised) provinces of Friesland and Groningen. In fact there was an eighth province, the lordship of Drenthe, but this area was so poor it was exempt from paying confederal taxes and, as a corollary, was denied representation in the States-General. After the Peace of Westphalia several border territories were assigned to the United Provinces.
The self-perceived survival ability and reproductive fitness (SPFit) theory is a corollary of the mismatch theory.
The self-reference effect describes the greater recall capacity for a particular stimulus if it is related semantically to the subject. This can be thought of as a corollary of the familiarity modifier, because stimuli specifically related to an event in a person’s life will have widespread activation in that person’s semantic network.
This aerofoil lift produces helpful motion to windward the corollary of the reason why lee helm is dangerous.
This is a crucial corollary and foundation to the concept of the judicial power; and its distinct and separate nature from the executive power possessed by the Crown itself, or its ministers.

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