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Vocabulary Word

Word: cornice

Definition: projecting molding on building (usually above columns or pillars); รณ

Sentences Containing 'cornice'

A four-bay rear projection contains the loading dock, with wood fascia and cornice.
A mezzanine floor at cornice height was used for storage.
A sentimental reformer in architecture, he began at the cornice, not at the foundation.
Above the drum of the halfdomes there is a stone molded cornice.
Also on the property is a contributing frame, pyramidal roofed structure with a coved cornice that may have housed a dairy.
Also the dome is crowned with a stone molded cornice.
Attention was heavily focused on the entry, cornice and windows.
Between the presbytery and sacristy is the belltower with Roman arch, decorated with cornices, pinnacles and small belfrey flanked by vanes and cornice, with spire and weathervane.
It features a center projecting pavilion, stone cornice, and a brick parapet.
It features a pedimented front gable, a molded wood cornice, and an ocular vent opening.
It features an arched entryway with terra cotta trim, terra cotta cornice, and brick parapet.
It features large stone arches, a double stone cornice, and brick parapet.
It has a cross-gable roof with a distinctive cornice and a wraparound porch.
It has a low hipped roof and a projecting box cornice with decorative brackets.
It is brick, two-stories tall, has three second story windows and a cornice.
It is made with finely dressed and polished stone, with no tiles, and has a stone moulded cornice.
It is treated as a temple with a continuous cornice or entablature.
Most of the district's buildings have matching cornice lines and the two frame buildings in the historic district predate the incorporation of Tampico as a village.
On the first floor of this part, there are many rectangular mullioned windows decorated with a cornice.
On the nave-side, there are two round arched windows with simple frames and rectangular door surmounted by frieze and cornice, while a simple window occupies the presbytery.
Originally the front was sided in clapboard with a cornice and frieze; that was replaced with cedar in the 1950s.
Shaw's design features limestone quoins, piers, and decorations, curtain walls with cast iron spandrels on the floors housing the printing presses, and a projecting cornice.
Street-level ornamentation is relatively restrained but increases at the arched second floor windows and cornice.
The architectural detail makes Pontlevoy charming: a crouching monkey carved in limestone on the cornice of a building on the Rue des Singes (Monkey Street), a sun over the doorway of the 17th-century Maison du Dauphin.
The building is notable in the village for its third floor Palladian windows and its elaborate cornice.
The building, which has been used by the Masonic Lodge, has had part of its cornice removed and replaced by a shingled canopy.
The Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Lapa and "Residence of the Society of Jesus" is a Christian sanctuary in the civil parish of Quintela, municipality of Sernancelhe of northern Portugal. The historical residence of the Society of Jesus, this site was transformed to support pilgrims to the site, and is marked by a chapel delineated by Corinthian columns, supporting plinths surmounted by simple frieze and cornice.
The complex consists of the principal three-part plantation house with its grouping of domestic outbuildings and four tenant farms, scattered over . The plantation house has a -story main block constructed in the 1840s with a typical Greek Revival style interior trim and distinctive Italianate cornice brackets.
The lower portion of the cornice is inscribed with the following words in gilt letters: "Here Rest 15,585 of the 315,555 Citizens Who Died in the Defense of Our Country From 1861 to 1865".
The main facade, oriented towards the west, includes main doorway consisting of Roman arch, with frame surmounted by freize and double cornice, which is supported by two Corinthian-inspired columns decorated with cherubs, over parallelepiped plinths ornamented with geometric elements.
The mason who finishes the cornice of the palace returns at night perchance to a hut not so good as a wigwam.
The roof has a heavy cornice and wide overhang in the Italianate style.
The roof level features a molded projecting cornice with scroll brackets.
The roofline had a dentiled cornice with a white frieze below.
The shingled gable roof has cornice returns, and a gabled belfry frame sits on one end of the roof.
The structure has been described as Victorian in style, although the entablature is Neoclassical. The upper portion of the cornice of the arch is inscribed with the name "MCCLELLAN" in gilt capital letters.
The two-story brick building features a metal cornice and two storefronts listed at different addressed.
They also furnished the continuous main cornice with red stuccoed marble and all the pilasters with the same material in an elegant grey.
They both are five unit buildings, tall and narrow, with full-height polygonal bays and a projecting cornice.
This late Victorian structure featured details that evoked the Italianate style: a bracketed metal cornice, tall, narrow profile of the fenestration, and the centralized entrance.
This man seemed to me to lean over the cornice, and timidly whisper his half truth to the rude occupants who really knew it better than he.
To the center is a large rock, and the main body of the college, in a simple rectangular design within the main courtyard. The facades are constructed in granite, with simple cornice and eaves.

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