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Vocabulary Word

Word: copious

Definition: plentiful

Sentences Containing 'copious'

'Chicago' has a standard 'bootleg' sleeve and includes a booklet but from then on P.W.B. managed to produce laminated sleeves of professional quality each embellished with photographs and copious notes.
A funeral scene was also shot beside the Temple of Ancient Virtue at Stowe House, with the temple coated in false ivy and copious amounts of smoke/mist floating over the setting.
A year later, he published "Travels through the United States of America, in the years 1806 1807, and 1809, 1810, 1811" documenting his voyages to the US with copious maps.
After a short silence, the same person told me, “that his friends and mine (so he thought fit to express himself) were very much pleased with the judicious remarks I had made on the great happiness and advantages of immortal life, and they were desirous to know, in a particular manner, what scheme of living I should have formed to myself, if it had fallen to my lot to have been born a _struldbrug_.” I answered, “it was easy to be eloquent on so copious and delightful a subject, especially to me, who had been often apt to amuse myself with visions of what I should do, if I were a king, a general, or a great lord: and upon this very case, I had frequently run over the whole system how I should employ myself, and pass the time, if I were sure to live for ever.
But I confess, that, after I had been a little too copious in talking of my own beloved country, of our trade and wars by sea and land, of our schisms in religion, and parties in the state; the prejudices of his education prevailed so far, that he could not forbear taking me up in his right hand, and stroking me gently with the other, after a hearty fit of laughing, asked me, “whether I was a whig or tory?” Then turning to his first minister, who waited behind him with a white staff, near as tall as the mainmast of the Royal Sovereign, he observed “how contemptible a thing was human grandeur, which could be mimicked by such diminutive insects as I: and yet,” says he, “I dare engage these creatures have their titles and distinctions of honour; they contrive little nests and burrows, that they call houses and cities; they make a figure in dress and equipage; they love, they fight, they dispute, they cheat, they betray!” And thus he continued on, while my colour came and went several times, with indignation, to hear our noble country, the mistress of arts and arms, the scourge of France, the arbitress of Europe, the seat of virtue, piety, honour, and truth, the pride and envy of the world, so contemptuously treated.
Charisma Man's girlfriends, colleagues and employers are depicted as constantly amazed by Charisma Man's "powers": his Japanese language skills, his ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol and his amazing popularity.
Copious amounts of receipt tape and books have also been a part of the NSU aesthetic, often at times with the whole audience being covered in receipt tape, and the floor unseen.
During the visit of 'Abdu'l-Baha to Paris, she took copious notes of His public meetings which were used in preparing the volume called "Paris Talks".
Forensic entomologists are required to take copious amounts of data at the scene.
He took copious notes on how they lead their lives—forty pages of a small notebook, and began writing the script—"in bits and pieces"—for a film that he called "Mirage" but which would later become "Paanch."
His copious cigarette ash eventually helps Holmes solve the mystery.
I've taken copious notes at a luncheon table in Santo, in small pub rooms in Charleville and Roma when I was on the Writers' Train.
In all abstract reasonings there is one point of view which, if we can happily hit, we shall go farther towards illustrating the subject than by all the eloquence and copious expression in the world.
In the cases of chemical burns, one should not try to buffer the solution, but instead dilute it with copious flushing.
It is also full of touching moments and glorious wit of the sort one only hopes will be in copious supply on the other side."
It was extensively documented in Carn and a copious file of activities was accumulated.
Lifeson as a guitarist is best known for his signature riffing, electronic effects and processing, unorthodox chord structures, and a copious arsenal of equipment used over the years.
Now, in certain orchids similar viscid matter is secreted, but in much larger quantities by one alone of the three stigmas; and this stigma, perhaps in consequence of the copious secretion, is rendered sterile.
Slant Magazine's staff members listed "Love on Top" as the 24th best song of the year, with Eric Henderson commenting that "somewhere between ["4"'s copious ballads and its few, hyperventilating dance tracks, Beyoncé strikes a perfect balance with this breezy midtempo tribute to the 1980s."
Some composers provide intricate details in how they want this to be accomplished, and will provide the orchestrator with copious notes outlining which instruments are being asked to perform which notes, giving the orchestrator no personal creative input whatsoever beyond re-notating the music on different sheets of paper as appropriate.
The "Concilia" is Robertson's chief work; for, besides collecting the whole extant record sources for the history of the councils of the church of Scotland prior to the Reformation, he filled the notes with such copious stores of learning as to make them almost an ecclesiastical history of Scotland during the period.
The 1999 World Health Organization classification system defined MCACL as a cystic adenocarcinoma with copious mucin production that, histologically, resembles (the more common) mucus-producing cystadenocarcinomas originating in the ovary, breast and pancreas.
The 2004 revision of the WHO classification noted that the tumors tend to be well circumscribed by a partial fibrous tissue capsule with central cystic change and copious mucin pooling.
The annular embryo surrounds the copious perisperm.
The band and Clinton began using copious amounts of cocaine together, which had a negative effect on the band's overall health.
The first line of management for chemical injuries is usually copious irrigation of the eye with an isotonic saline or sterile water.
The idea that the Bible was "self-interpreting" involved copious marginal references, especially comparing one scriptural statement with another.
The monsoons in 2004, 2005 and 2006 was quite copious and this helped a great deal in keeping the tempers calm.
The report warns that “ refineries will be using the Great Lakes ‘as a cheap supply’ source for their copious water needs and the area’s air ‘as a pollution dump'." In September 2012, the United States and Canada signed an amended version of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.
The same varieties of the cabbage do not yield abundant and nutritious foliage and a copious supply of oil-bearing seeds.
Throughout the verses, he tells of the "pretty "señoritas"" and ""muchachas"" that he encounters, as well as the copious alcoholic drinks that he consumes.

More Vocab Words

::: cognizance - knowledge; ADJ. cognizant; having knowledge; aware
::: pillory - punish by placing in a wooden frame or pillory; subject or expose to criticism and ridicule; N.
::: refute - disprove; prove to be false; N. refutation
::: rivulet - small stream; CF. rill < rivulet < river
::: repress - hold back (the natural expression of); restrain; crush; oppress; Ex. repressed child; Ex. repress a laugh/rebellion
::: sustenance - sustaining; means of livelihood, support, food, nourishment; something that maintains life; food
::: cleft - N: split
::: degradation - humiliation; debasement; degeneration; V. degrade: debase; disgrace; degenerate; reduce (something) in worth; demote (someone); reduce in rank
::: fulminate - thunder; explode; issue a severe denunciation
::: plane - carpenter's tool for smoothing and leveling wood; V. CF. flat