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Vocabulary Word

Word: conviction

Definition: judgment that someone is guilty of a crime; strongly held belief

Sentences Containing 'conviction'

A conviction carried the possibility of life imprisonment.
A halt in repression of the individual because of personal conviction.
A Justice can also be removed by Congressional impeachment and conviction.
According to German law, no conviction stands until all appeal rights have been exhausted.
Arrest and conviction of Robert Campbell.
Because a confession was required for a conviction and sentence the use of torture was often used to elicit such a confession.
But this did not arise from a want of affection; on the contrary, from a firm conviction.
But, indeed, I am not prejudiced beyond the power of conviction.
Can you imagine what I felt as this conviction came home to me?
During his incarceration, recorded programs continued to be broadcast. Stair's conviction caused division in the community.
Everywhere strength, everywhere victory waits your conviction!
He argued that an unwillingness to engage in corruption was based on one's "personal conviction, which has nothing to do with wealth".
He further said, "the message, it seems, is clear: There is might in masses, a freedom in unity and strength in conviction.
He had sought to appeal against both conviction and sentence.
He is neat with his tunes and creates soulful sounds with visible conviction.
He remained suspended until re-conviction in February 2012.
He was arrested in 1963 and avoided conviction by agreeing to leave Philadelphia.
Her father answered, with a cheerful firmness of conviction he could scarcely have assumed,``Quite sure, my darling!
His conviction was affirmed on appeal to the Supreme Court of North Carolina.
I can only state my conviction that it is a rule of high generality.
I could scarcely lay claim to the name: I was so disturbed by the conviction that the letter came from Agnes.
I did not believe her to be indifferent because I wished it; I believed it on impartial conviction, as truly as I wished it in reason.
I may have a conviction that Mr. Micawber's manners--' 'Hem!
I was convinced that the scoundrel spoke of himself, and I saw my conviction reflected in Miss Dartle's face.
In a day of compromise, you were always a man of conviction.
It was not until 1828 that he published his conviction that the same forms have not been perpetuated since the origin of all things.
Lydia's going to Brighton was all that consoled her for her melancholy conviction of her husband's never intending to go there himself.
Noirtier looked his conviction that she was right in her supposition.
On 10 October 2001 and again in 2004, Noye appealed unsuccessfully against his conviction.
On 16 May 2011, Dizaei's appeal against this conviction was successful and the conviction was quashed.
On appeal against both conviction and sentence, the court held, that there was no merit in the appeal against conviction.
On this conviction I allow her to speculate, she having her bank and her stockbroker; she speculated and lost.
Perverting the Course of Public Justice Conviction (1979).
Remove from me the remains of doubt, which, if it change not to conviction, must become remorse!''
Simons appealed his conviction in 1998, but his conviction was upheld.
Since his conviction was pending appeal at the time of his death, Demjanjuk remains presumed innocent under German law, and his earlier conviction is invalidated.
The conviction carries a jail sentence of up to 18 months.
The trial ended in his conviction and sentence to the State prison for the term of nine years, as I have before said.
There is no evidence of Richard's involvement in George's subsequent conviction and execution on a charge of treason.
There was an energy, a conviction, and a sincerity in the manner of the young man, which silenced the tumult.
This followed a conviction for weapons offences, also in 1971.
Thus, through the reflection that it might have been, I arrived at the conviction that it could never be.
To persuade him against returning into Hertfordshire, when that conviction had been given, was scarcely the work of a moment.
Unable to collaborate with Gandhi, however, Roy was to stick to his own conviction.
Upon his return, he was determined to further document his conviction that a Progressive education was beneficial for students.
You must assert that in such words as will carry conviction with them.
``And your assurance of it, I suppose, carried immediate conviction to him.''
``It is not indiscreet,''returned Morcerf, with the simplicity of conviction.
``To the conviction, probably, that there was one more guilty than I.''``And who was that?''
``To yield without conviction is no compliment to the understanding of either.''

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