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Vocabulary Word

Word: conviction

Definition: judgment that someone is guilty of a crime; strongly held belief

Sentences Containing 'conviction'

They were even boastful of its eminence in those particulars, and were fired by an express conviction that, if it were less objectionable, it would be less respectable.
Her father answered, with a cheerful firmness of conviction he could scarcely have assumed,``Quite sure, my darling!
I do not think,''said Doctor Manette with the firmness of self conviction,``that anything but the one train of association would renew it.
``To yield without conviction is no compliment to the understanding of either.''
And to the pang of a friend disgracing herself and sunk in her esteem, was added the distressing conviction that it was impossible for that friend to be tolerably happy in the lot she had chosen.
They are young in the ways of the world, and not yet open to the mortifying conviction that handsome young men must have something to live on as well as the plain.''
I did not believe her to be indifferent because I wished it; I believed it on impartial conviction, as truly as I wished it in reason.
To persuade him against returning into Hertfordshire, when that conviction had been given, was scarcely the work of a moment.
Lydia's going to Brighton was all that consoled her for her melancholy conviction of her husband's never intending to go there himself.
The motive professed was his conviction of its being owing to himself that Wickham's worthlessness had not been so well known as to make it impossible for any young woman of character to love or confide in him.
``And your assurance of it, I suppose, carried immediate conviction to him.''
Notice the overlapping of the contors, and where they are accentuated and where more lost,&c., drawing with as much feeling and conviction as you are capable of.
The trial ended in his conviction and sentence to the State prison for the term of nine years, as I have before said.
The conviction that they came from M. de Villefort relieved all Dantes'apprehensions; he advanced calmly, and placed himself in the center of the escort.
Dantes remained in his cell all day, not daring to return to his friend, thinking thus to defer the moment when he should be convinced, once for all, that the abbe was mad such a conviction would be so terrible!
But this did not arise from a want of affection; on the contrary, from a firm conviction.
And the more he thought, the more entire was his conviction, that the person who wore the mantle was no other than his former host and entertainer,``Sinbad the Sailor.''
This brought back to Franz, in spite of himself, the recollection of the terror with which the count had inspired the Countess G, and her firm conviction that the man in the opposite box was a vampire.
``It is not indiscreet,''returned Morcerf, with the simplicity of conviction.
And I have also a deep conviction that heaven would not have created two hearts, harmonizing as ours do, and almost miraculously brought us together, to separate us at last.''
But, indeed, I am not prejudiced beyond the power of conviction.
It was not so much the conviction that she was disinherited that caused her grief, but her total inability to account for the feelings which had provoked her grandfather to such an act.
On this conviction I allow her to speculate, she having her bank and her stockbroker; she speculated and lost.
Her secret had each time been repressed when she was about to reveal it, by the sad conviction that it would be useless to do so; for, were it once discovered by her father and mother, all would be lost.
Noirtier looked his conviction that she was right in her supposition.
``To the conviction, probably, that there was one more guilty than I.''``And who was that?''
Now, if I entreat, if I order you to live, Morrel, it is in the conviction that one day you will thank me for having preserved your life.''
There was an energy, a conviction, and a sincerity in the manner of the young man, which silenced the tumult.
Remove from me the remains of doubt, which, if it change not to conviction, must become remorse!''
It cannot be necessary to have recourse to the general contribution of the whole society, except for the conviction of those criminals who have not themselves any estate or fund sufficient for paying those fees.
Everywhere strength, everywhere victory waits your conviction!
It was not until 1828 that he published his conviction that the same forms have not been perpetuated since the origin of all things.
I may venture to express my conviction of the high value of such studies, although they have been very commonly neglected by naturalists.
This ought to convince us of our ignorance on the mutual relations of all organic beings; a conviction as necessary, as it is difficult to acquire.
I can only state my conviction that it is a rule of high generality.
Yielding to this conviction, the worthy chaplain begged the governor to have the clothes in which the licentiate had entered the house given to him.
But that all his arguments, though otherwise intended, are, in reality, merely sceptical, appears from this, _that they admit of no answer and produce no conviction_.
While the sceptic insists upon these topics, he shows his force, or rather, indeed, his own and our weakness; and seems, for the time at least, to destroy all assurance and conviction.
A Copernican or Ptolemaic, who supports each his different system of astronomy, may hope to produce a conviction, which will remain constant and durable, with his audience.
You must assert that in such words as will carry conviction with them.
The last thing I saw was Littimer's unruffled eye; fraught, as I fancied, with the silent conviction that I was very young indeed.
Evidence of a previous conviction for robbery having been given against the prisoner, the magistrate refused to deal summarily with the offence, but referred it to the Assizes.
I could scarcely lay claim to the name: I was so disturbed by the conviction that the letter came from Agnes.
I may have a conviction that Mr. Micawber's manners--' 'Hem!
'I may have a conviction, Mr. Copperfield, that Mr. Micawber's manners peculiarly qualify him for the Banking business.
Can you imagine what I felt as this conviction came home to me?
Of my making a speech in the same dreamy fashion, without having an idea of what I want to say, beyond such as may be comprehended in the full conviction that I haven't said it.
I was convinced that the scoundrel spoke of himself, and I saw my conviction reflected in Miss Dartle's face.
Mrs. Micawber's conviction that her arguments were unanswerable, gave a moral elevation to her tone which I think I had never heard in it before.
Thus, through the reflection that it might have been, I arrived at the conviction that it could never be.

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