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Vocabulary Word

Word: convex

Definition: curving outward

Sentences Containing 'convex'

"Conus scalptus" is a small (15-30 mm) medium weight, ovate shell with convex sides.
-LRB- -RRB- The knife, which is shaped like a crescent, that cuts with the convex side, falls from a less height, and that is all the difference.
Any non-empty closed convex set "A" is uniquely determined by "h""A".
As any nonempty closed convex set is the intersection of its supporting half spaces, the function "h""A" determines "A" uniquely.
As the material stretches, it forms a convex surface over the anvil wheel.
As they move to the inside they are being pushed outward, following a convex line.
At least 30 points are needed: there exists a set of 29 points in general position with no empty convex hexagon.
By alternating concave and convex surfaces, he made “light shapes” which were close to constructivist poetics.
Convex glasses, by bending the rays and bringing them to a nearer focus, overbalance a short eyeball with its tendency to focus objects behind the retina.
Diorugoceras is very involute and smooth, with a compressed whorl section with broad, slightly convex flanks that converge toward a concave venter.
Due to these properties, the support function is one of the most central basic concepts in convex geometry.
Farsightedness can be remedied by convex glasses, since they bend the light and bring it to a closer focus.
From medieval art, the head of the destrier appears to have had a straight or slightly convex profile, strong, wide jaw, and good width between the eyes.
Hence "h""A" is differentable at all points "u" ≠ "0" if and only if "A" is "strictly convex" (the boundary of "A" does not contain any line segments).
In common with many fells the western slopes are smooth and convex while the eastern side exhibits crags.
In geometry, the trapezo-rhombic dodecahedron is a convex polyhedron with 6 rhombic and 6 trapezoidal faces.
In recent years attention has turned towards convex and coherent risk measurement.
In the next interstice they are concave and at last convex towards the basal liration.
It is rounded at the periphery, but convex at the base.
Lenses are very similar to prisms; indeed, two prisms placed as in Figure 69, and rounded off, would make a very good convex lens.
Let "f"("N") denote the minimum "M" for which any set of "M" points in general position must contain a convex "N"-gon.
Let a convex lens be placed near a candle -LRB- Fig.
Like the N9, it has a convex-curved Gorilla Glass AMOLED PenTile screen with a ClearBlack antiglare filter.
Solving the unconstrained problem is equivalent to finding a point on the convex hull of the family of solutions to an equivalent constrained formulation of the problem.
Suppose we place an arrow, A, in front of a convex lens -LRB- Fig.
Supposing there is a convex curve on the one side, you will often have a concave form on the other.
Symbols and inscriptions are embossed, with convex letters.
The body whorl is elongated, rounded in the middle, appressed below the suture, convex beneath.
The body whorl is rounded, with a strong peripheral keel, being the basal one of the upper whorls, and a convex base.
The cap is 3–9 cm in diameter, convex to flat in shape, with a sticky, gelatinous surface (in moist conditions).
The cap is across, shape ranging from convex to flat.
The color is a bright tawny orange, darker towards the base of the columella. The shell has 5½ slightly convex whorls.
The compiler was based on the Convex Fortran (and C) compiler.
The distance of the principal focus from the lens is called the focal length of the lens, and from the diagrams we see that the more convex the lens, the shorter the focal length.
The dorsal and ventral profiles are straight except for a convex head.
The fin was almost triangular, with a slightly convex leading edge; it carried a pointed rudder on a vertical hinge extending to the bottom of the fuselage.
The forewing outer margin is also similar to that of "Xylophanes dolius" but more convex, and more excavate below the apex, making the apex conspicuously falcate.
The fruit body has a cap that is initially convex before flattening out in age, reaching a diameter of . The cap may have a shallow umbo.
The large, convex body whorl contains 17 radial riblets.
The latter architect solved the problem of the disparate registers of the collegio and the adjacent church, with a convex facade.
The mine consists of a convex rectangular plastic main body, supported by two pairs of scissor type legs.
The mine's cases are made from moulded plastic have convex faces.
The original solution to the Happy Ending problem can be adapted to show that any five points in general position have an empty convex quadrilateral, as shown in the illustration, and any ten points in general position have an empty convex pentagon.
The Phragmen–Lindelöf theorem implies that μ is a convex function.
The Sakhalin sole is elongate to oval in shape, with a small mouth and a convex space between the eyes.
The support function is a convex function on formula_1.
The yellowish-white, perforate, conical shell has slightly convex sides, The six whorls are slightly convex.
This august hump, if I mistake not, rises over one of the larger vertebrae, and is, therefore, in some sort, the outer convex mould of it.
This can be used to describe certain geometric properties of convex sets analytically.
Tree islands form on convex topography, which tends to gather less snow and shed it sooner than surrounding level or concave topography.

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