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Vocabulary Word

Word: convert

Definition: one who has adopted a different religion or opinion; V: change into another form; (persuade to) adopt a particular religion or belief

Sentences Containing 'convert'

"That lively cry upon this deadly calm might almost convert a better man.--Where away?"
After the war it was rebuilt relatively fast. As the system was practically built from scratch the occasion was used to convert it to standard gauge.
Antonio wishes to moderate the extremes of both young women's characters, and convert them into a balanced gentility.
As an adolescent, Smith was an early convert to the Church of Christ that was established by his brother Joseph in 1830.
At Oxford he was a classmate at Balliol College of the novelist Graham Greene, also a convert to Catholicism.
At the same time he admits that Caffyn took pains to convert Socinians.
Badger was born in Waterford, Vermont and was a convert to Mormonism.
By 1903 plans were drafted to convert the system to electric trams, which was done by 1908.
David Baron (1855 – 1926) was a Jewish convert to Christianity.
Decades later, the federal government acquired the building from the family to convert it into the museum that is here today.
Domingue, the British took charge of the ship in November 1793, renaming it HMS "Convert".
For by these the mind doth turn and convert any impediment whatsoever, to be her aim and purpose.
He asked the ATB to convert the outstanding amount, about $120 million into a conventional mortgage he could pay down.
He felt that the area had been so heavily evangelized as to have no "fuel" (unconverted population) left over to "burn" (convert).
He served as an obedient administrator to the king until he was asked to convert to Arianism.
He tries to convert him to anarcho-egoism and anarcho-primitivism views.
He was the first Muslim convert from the Janjua Rajput dynasty.
He was very zealous in his efforts to convert Protestants.
He will increase in strength and honor by struggling with adversity, which he will convert into prosperity.
His wife, Tiffany Rivers is a religious convert to the Catholic Church.
I endeavoured to convert what might have been between myself and Agnes, into a means of making me more self-denying, more resolved, more conscious of myself, and my defects and errors.
In 1782, Moravian missionaries from Germany arrived in the area to convert the population.
In 1974 a planning application was submitted to convert the house and grounds into a country club but the application was declined due to the disturbance to the historic parkland and architecture.
In Baghdad, Christians have been told to convert to Islam, pay the jizya or die.
In order to convert this intermittent discharge into a steady stream, an air chamber is installed near the discharge tube, as in Figure 135.
In the buildup to battle, the two leaders corresponded, each attempting to convert the other to his faith, but neither would accede.
In this case, natural selection would tend to add to the stature of the plant, to whatever order it belonged, and thus first convert it into a bush and then into a tree.
It can convert Hiragana to Kanji as per the language rules.
Massignon, also a convert, had met de Menasce at the "La Revue juive".
Montreal's CKO applied to convert from the AM dial to the FM dial to operate on the frequency 95.1 MHz.
Patrick arrived on the island and, in the years that followed, worked to convert the Irish to Christianity.
Planning permission to convert the potting shed and greenhouse into a visitor entrance, funded separately, was granted in December 2011.
Some Jews were only given four months and ordered to convert to Christianity or leave the country.
Some of the innovative villagers had a try to convert this waste to fertilizers and the outcome was not so good.
Students were given homework assignments to try to convert a member of their family to atheism.
Technologically, the Dominants use genetic engineering in an attempt to "convert" humans into members of their own species.
The council intends to convert the building into a Richard III museum.
The country was one of the last to convert its coinage.
The final solution on the line was to convert the most restricted of the tunnels to single-line working.
The others convert to Christianity; Gestr resists but at the king's personal entreaty is primsigned.
The queen-regent of France, who was extremely prejudiced against the Port-Royal, sent her own physician to examine the miracle, who returned an absolute convert.
Then convert those values to equivalent lengths of the cable actually used.
There are occasional reports of the NSCN using force to convert locals of neighboring states to Christianity.
There have been numerous reports of Islamic attempts to forcibly convert religious minorities in Iraq.
These facilities convert the methane gas into natural gas.
They also planned to convert the upper floors to luxury condominiums.
Those that stayed behind were asked to convert to Islam.
To convert his dreams into absolute realities, Consortium financed his start up.
Want to convert pro-choicers to the pro-life cause?
With a "Convert" watchman yelling, "Breakers ahead.

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