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Vocabulary Word

Word: conventional

Definition: ordinary; typical; not nuclear; Ex. conventional weapons

Sentences Containing 'conventional'

1250 BCE), Velikovsky had to revise the conventional chronology.
A Heatbar is an electronic 'cigarette' that has been developed by the tobacco industry as a replacement for conventional cigarettes.
Biodegradable polymers can be melt processed by conventional means such as compression or injection molding.
Both nuclear and conventional designs would be considered.
Conventional fixed landing gear, with a rear skid, or two Short floats.
Conventional fixed landing gear, with a rear skid.
Conventional fluorescence microscopy can only establish sizes to around the conventional optical resolution limit of approximately 200 nm (lateral).
Divergence from conventional Christian thought.
Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munition
For the fourth prototype and for the B-1B, this was changed to use conventional ejection seats.
He had the conventional background for a member of Bourbaki: the École Normale Supérieure, agrégation, and then study in Germany.
However, formula_14 does not have an unambiguous conventional interpretation, so this expression is ill-defined.
In a conventional MFC, this voltage is used to generate electrical power.
It began in 1977 as a conventional motoring magazine programme.
It had a conventional landing gear with a tailwheel.
It had a conventional tailwheel undercarriage and had two separate tail assemblies, which were standard MB-3 empennages.
It is a concept vehicle capable of using natural gas or conventional petrol fuel.
It was a conventional design, an unequal-span biplane of wooden construction and with tailskid undercarriage.
It was a conventional, low-wing cantilever monoplane of wooden construction throughout.
Other card slots on the backplane may be standard Conventional PCI and PCIe connectors.
Pictures are blamed for being conventional when it is lack of vitality that is the trouble.
She has a conventional fixed bulb keel and was launched in mid-2008.
Small-scale conventional fruit farming is common.
ST's have two major advantages over conventional designs.
Subsequent aircraft have had conventional tails.
The Ace had an unusual 'steering wheel' control arrangement which eliminated the conventional rudder bar.
The conventional title of the work is owed to this scribe.
The CR-4 is a low-wing monoplane with conventional landing gear.
The devices were made with conventional silicon-manufacturing equipment.
The goals of both of these changes is to improve efficiency over a conventional PSA process.
The M.23 was a small conventional low-wing cantilever monoplane.
The process is very similar to aerobic conventional sewage treatment, as the same organisms are used, except that conventional treatment systems require artificial aeration.
The rear had conventional leaf springs with solid rear axle.
The Shuttle stack launched vertically like a conventional rocket.
The spherical tokamak is an offshoot of the conventional tokamak design.
The three bonus tracks provide more conventional synthpop.
The V.1's conventional undercarriage was completed by a small tailskid.
There is much foolish talk about conventional art, as if art could ever get away from conventions, if it would.
There is no support for this theory, or for the existence of the "temple" in any form, from conventional archaeologists or mainstream historians.
There they met with CAA personnel, then replaced the propeller and returned to Oklahoma in the conventional manner.
They are used where contact erosion would be a problem for conventional relay contacts.
This allows the lens to be more compact, albeit heavier and much more expensive than a lens of conventional design.
This choice underlies the "conventional" definitions of electricity and magnetism.
This leads to attacks on conventional views.
This substrate consists of much smaller circuitry than that found on conventional types.
Those that use a zero must be rewritten, so for example 10 becomes A, conventional 20 becomes 1A, conventional 100 becomes 9A, conventional 101 becomes A1, conventional 302 becomes 2A2, conventional 1000 becomes 99A, conventional 1110 becomes AAA, conventional 2010 becomes 19AA, and so on.
Tragically, that point became all too clear--and the conventional wisdom--after 9/11.
Usually for most of the conventional purposes, column chromatography is used to achieve purification.
White also printed more conventional fiction, however, much of it of high quality.
Wooden construction biplane, conventional in layout.

More Vocab Words

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::: discount - disregard; regard (a story or news) as unimportant; deduct from a cost
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::: demerit - fault; bad quality
::: mannered - affected; not natural; Ex. mannered way of speech
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::: panegyric - formal praise; encomium; Ex. I don't deserve such panegyrics.
::: omnivorous - eating both plant and animal food; devouring everything
::: incredulity - tendency to disbelief