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Vocabulary Word

Word: contraband

Definition: illegal trade; smuggling; smuggled goods; ADJ.

Sentences Containing 'contraband'

A certain portion of his time was passed at Cambridge, where he read with undergraduates as a sort of tolerated smuggler who drove a contraband trade in European languages, instead of conveying Greek and Latin through the Custom house.
``Why,''replied he,``I think it just possible Dantes may have been detected with some trifling article on board ship considered here as contraband.''
He had scarcely been a week at Leghorn before the hold of his vessel was filled with printed muslins, contraband cottons, English powder, and tobacco on which the excise had forgotten to put its mark.
In the meantime, my dear Lucien, here are cigars contraband, of course try them, and persuade the minister to sell us such instead of poisoning us with cabbage leaves.''
Some part is sent annually by the Acapulco ships to Manilla; some part is employed in a contraband trade, which the Spanish colonies carry on with those of other European nations; and some part, no doubt, remains in the country.
Its principal object was to prevent the search of the colony ships, which carried on a contraband trade with the Spanish Main.

More Vocab Words

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