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Vocabulary Word

Word: contingent

Definition: dependent on something uncertain or in the future; conditional; happening by chance; accidental; N: a group of soldiers, ships to a larger force; CF. contingency: future event that may or may not occur; possibility; Ex. prepare for every contingency

Sentences Containing 'contingent'

A Canadian report prepared for the commander of the SMERSH contingent numbered 470 Georgian and 2,347 German casualties on Texel.
A contingent of 80 reformed ex-offenders also participated in the Run.
An artillery commander replaced the artillery brigade headquarters, the cavalry was further reduced, and the engineer contingent was increased.
Andres Medina, grandson of the Cacique of La Guajira and loyal to the Spanish monarchy, confronted Garcia and the contingent from Valledupar, defeating them.
Differences between the sexes should never be used to unilaterally discriminate except in cases when a task is subjectively contingent upon a person being of a certain sex.
During the summer of 1172, a Nubian army along with a contingent of Armenian refugees were reported on the Egyptian border, preparing for a siege against Aswan.
Fighting their way past Soviet T-34s, this German contingent was able to lodge itself into Kharkov's northern suburbs.
Final Olympic section will occur several days before this test and his inclusion in the series will be contingent upon being selected.
Fluellen is a Welsh Captain, a leader of a contingent of troops in the small army of the English King while on campaign in France during the Hundred Years' War.
From July 2003 to July 2004, he was the commander of the Philippine Humanitarian Contingent in the Iraq War.
Hailar is discernibly an ethnic minority town with a strong Han contingent.
He argued that people forget that values are not absolute, but are contingent and subjectively determined.
He commanded a contingent of Flemish soldiers.
Henry Ford used an enormous one on his camping trips in the 1920s to avoid bringing a full contingent of servants along with his guests.
Henry Tudor landed in southern Wales with a small contingent of French troops, and then marched through his birthplace, Pembrokeshire, recruiting more soldiers.
His effort would lead to a large contingent of Northern Cheyenne eventually surrendering at the Tongue River Cantonment.
Hours later, a 500-strong Russian contingent re-occupied Perevi, and Georgian police withdrew after the Russians threatened to fire.
However, he was eventually defeated and the peasant contingent fled, forcing him to abandon the expedition.
However, the Tennessee militia's East Tennessee contingent, led by John Cocke, had arrived around the same time, and was unaware of the peace negotiations.
In 278 BC, a Greek army with a large Aetolian contingent resisted the Gauls at Thermopylae and Delphi, inflicting heavy casualties and forcing them to retreat.
In November, she joined a 20-submarine contingent that departed Newport, Rhode Island, on 3 November for service in European waters.
In October 2004, the Australian Army training contingent in Iraq was renamed the "Australian Army Training Team Iraq" in honour of the AATTV.
It is not probable that variability is an inherent and necessary contingent, under all circumstances.
Jose Eugenio Garcia then asked the Cabildo to authorize a contingent of 200 troops to liberate the village of San Juan del Cesar.
Leading a substantial Byzantine army, he was defeated at the Battle of Sebastopolis when a large Slavic contingent deserted and left his remaining forces exposed.
Let us, then, look at this matter, along with some interesting items contingent.
Li Hongzhang, the governor of the Jiangsu province, requested Staveley to appoint a British officer to command the contingent.
Murray and her Ferryhill comrades became Pistols devotees, earning for themselves by late 1976 the title of 'Durham Contingent' (coined by the "NME").
Natynczyk returned to Bosnia in 1998 as the Canadian Contingent Commander.
No sooner had he landed in 1687 than he set off with his contingent on a campaign against the Senecas.
On the particular point of contingent feeding — offering treats on condition that a certain unpopular food is eaten — it has been specifically noted that "contingent feeding encourages children to argue and practice 'gaming' the system...fighting over the fine print."
Promoted to Colonel the same year, he commanded the Jodhpur contingent during the Boxer Rebellion and was promoted to an Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB).
Rotherham brought a 1,000 strong contingent, almost all of whom were sat in the North Stand at Sixways, in what was virtual segregation.
She stands 4th in the Indian contingent.
Starting in December 1902, "Vineta" participated in the German naval contingent in the Venezuela Crisis of 1902–1903.
Such objections as the above would be fatal to my view, if it included advance in organisation as a necessary contingent.
The 4th Company of the 1st Regiment of reserves and the naval contingent captured the village, after only a slight skirmish with the enemy.
The Army contingent is cap-badged The Rifles and was formerly Devonshire and Dorset Regiment.
The band was formed from two other local punk bands, The Contingent and TV Brakes.
The CCF has a Army contingent as well as an RAF section.
The contingent nature of future profits in real option models is captured by employing the techniques developed for financial options in the literature on contingent claims analysis.
The election occurs under the Sri Lankan form of the contingent vote.
The group was further bolstered by Garci López de Padilla, the contemporary grand master of the Order of Calatrava and a contingent of his knights.
The main contingent of the expedition reached Hoquiam in October 1890.
The naval contingent were also enabled to participate in the engagement, and with their two quick-firing guns did much execution.
The regiment finally left on September, 27 from Quebec City on board the "Royal George" for England in company with the rest of the first Canadian contingent.
The small contingent of Delta took up position on Alpha's left flank.
This is because the proposition "You are going to throw me into the water" is a future contingent that could be true or false depending on what Plato is going to do.
When the time came, there was no mingling whatsoever between the Soviet contingent and Flyers staff and players.
With Complete Markets there are two state contingent claims: Before the realization of the uncertainty, the two agents can trade the state contingent securities.
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