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Vocabulary Word

Word: contend

Definition: struggle; compete; assert earnestly; state strongly

Sentences Containing 'contend'

Additionally the best ten finishes at the nationals plus the Grand Nationals (making it eleven races) would count toward the pros eligibility to contend for the Pro #1 plate.
Again I contend that we are no farther advanced than we were before.'
Alboreto, in third, had also been trying to save his brakes, but he now had to contend with a charging Bellof.
Although Brigham Young minimized the importance of this doctrine and declined to elaborate on the doctrine much further, there are those who contend that he continued to assert the doctrine until his death.
Appellant does not contend that procedural due process is not applicable to the termination of welfare benefits.
As soon as Penavong and Sovann Pancha meet, they contend in a battle.
At work, he has to contend with a dim secretary, two fawning but ambitious junior executives, and an overbearing boss, Chris Jackson.
Because list MPs gain their positions by virtue of being on a party list, rather than by winning votes personally, some contend that the party, not the MP, is the rightful "owner" of the seat.
Bereave matter of all its intelligible qualities, both primary and secondary, you in a manner annihilate it, and leave only a certain unknown, inexplicable _something_, as the cause of our perceptions; a notion so imperfect, that no sceptic will think it worth while to contend against it.
Both climbers had to contend with a strong wind in the summit area.
But while the LSM editorial section did not aim for obscurity, they contend that "the deep things of God are not simple for human language, that the mind of Christ is not shallow or easily explained, and that the content of the Bible comes not merely through our renderings but by the Spirit through spiritual words."
Christian apologists contend that a grave robber would probably have stolen everything, especially since Joseph of Arimathea was a man of means and the wrappings were likely to have been valuable.
Critics further contend that food energy excess, rather than the consumption of specific novel foods, such as grains and dairy products, underlies the diseases of affluence.
Critics of the first-to-file system also contend it would create a “race to the mailbox,” and would result in sloppier, last-minute patent applications.
Economists of some presidential candidates for the 2010 elections contend that development should focus on the service sector which employs 45% of the work force.
Environmental advocates have raised concerns about the adequacy of existing laws for managing these wastes, and they contend that enforcement is weak.
Furthermore illustrated with scientific theories and Quranic scripture, Ahmadis contend that the processes of life on Earth started from one single point of species (bacteria) with a mixture of water and a viscous clay-like substance.
Greater things than the Doctor had at that time to contend with, would have yielded before his persevering purpose.
Half a dozen lifeless steamboats, a mile of empty wharves, a negro fatigued with whiskey stretched asleep, in a wide and soundless vacancy, where the serried hosts of commerce used to contend!
He did not expect to contend for victory, but was confident of a top-ten placing.
He was affiliated with the King James-Only Movement, which accepts the Authorized King James Version of the Bible, the manuscript which supporters contend is more conducive to the reception of the Holy Spirit and more helpful in memorizing and understanding scripture.
However, even if some aspects of cyberspace resemble real space, detractors contend that cyberspace is not like real land at all because "the 'placeness' of cyberspace is a matter of ongoing social construction."
However, proponents contend that privatization would allow for a more efficient and flexible use of the company's funds that would help revitalize Japan's economy, which is still recovering from a series of four recessions since 1991.
However, some people contend that the changes made to the Agreement while good in principle, lack the "hard number goals, and actions to reach them."
In later years, he would give Gehrig some credit: "Pitchers began pitching to me because if they passed me they still had Lou to contend with."
Mohammad suffered from an eye affliction that rendered him nearly blind, and so in accordance with Persian Royal culture could not contend for the throne.
Others contend that it is best to nip such problems in the bud by addressing them while they are small, since signs of neglect encourage anti-social behaviour such as vandalism and fly-tipping.
Police Chief William Blair and Mayor David Miller asked for additional resources and asked for diligence from residents to contend with this issue.
Proprietists contend publicly owned companies generally self govern through principals of mob rule and often become much too powerful to be controlled or regulated in any meaningful way.
Saloman, Bishop of Bassorah, and the later Universalist historian Hosea Ballou II claimed Theodore as a Universalist, but others contend his views of "apokatastasis" do not clearly demonstrate this.
Shelby, along with Sumava Resorts and other small Kankakee River communities, has historically had to contend with periodic flooding from the Kankakee River.
Some critics contend that Fischer placed Germany outside the proper historical context.
Some Reer-Aw-Xassan clans would further contend that such beliefs originate in some Sheekhaal subclans.
Stephanie is also forced to contend with an official anthropological survey team arrives in the kingdom with the express purpose of studying the treecats to determine whether or not they are sentient.
The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 (also called the Inspiron 910), was announced on 4 September 2008, as a netbook set to contend with other low cost ultra-portables such as the ASUS Eee PC and Acer Aspire One.
The inspector could not contend against this accusation; he simply wrote,``Nothing to be done.''
The Japanese claim that their whaling is legally research, which Sea Shepherd and others contend is a cover for banned commercial whaling.
There are such in the world, and God will doubtless reward them in heaven for their resignation on earth, but those who mean to contend must not lose one precious moment, but must return immediately the blow which fortune strikes.
These plans were however not carried out when it was found that there was no enemy to contend with, and Colonel Gage rode into Basing House to the great joy of the defenders.
They are wonderfully virtuous, I dare say--some people contend for that, at least; and I am sure I don't want to contradict them--but they have not very fine natures, and they may be thankful that, like their coarse rough skins, they are not easily wounded.'
They contend that in order to fully understand behavior, it must be analyzed in terms of evolutionary considerations.
This circumstance led the Voivode to discount the threat lurking behind the Habsburgs' candidacy: that Hungary would have to contend not only with the Ottomans, but also with an attack from the west. Thus Zápolya took no notice of his rival's protests, nor of those voiced by the few Hungarians who rallied to Ferdinand.
Throughout the game, Goliath will contend with the Vikings who ransacked Castle Wyvern in the past, as well as new, robotic foes who attack him in the present across various venues, such as Manhattan rooftops and a subway.
Thus modern science has recently uncovered proofs about the universe which contend with these verses, so this is indication that the verses were revealed from the God that created the universe.
Unfortunately he hardly could contend this title as he suffered of many injuries.
When "Starstruck" moved into the sights of mainstream comics buyers during the Epic Comics run in 1985, the series had to contend with the attitudes of a predominantly young male market.
When they stop for the night, the friends contend with a group of toy jesters who also want the train, but advise them to leave Toyland.
Whether one is a cop, a longshoreman, a drug dealer, a politician, a judge or a lawyer, all are ultimately compromised and must contend with whatever institution to which they are committed."
You persist in imagining, that, if we grant that divine existence, for which you so earnestly contend, you may safely infer consequences from it, and add something to the experienced order of nature, by arguing from the attributes which you ascribe to your gods.
``You will then submit to what fate decrees for you without even attempting to contend with it?''

More Vocab Words

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::: judicious - sound on judgment; wise
::: prodigious - enormous; marvelous; extraordinary; Ex. prodigious amount/memory
::: destitute - extremely poor; lacking means of subsistence; utterly lacking; devoid; Ex. destitute of any experience
::: infernal - pertaining to hell; devilish; N. inferno: place of fiery heat or destruction
::: protrude - stick out; jut; project; Ex. protruding teeth
::: reprobate - morally disapproved person; person hardened in sin, devoid of a sense of decency; CF. disapproved by God ?
::: expansive - (of a person) outgoing and sociable; broad and extensive; able to increase in size
::: ingenue - ing\'enue; young innocent girl
::: notch - V-shaped cut in a surface; V.