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Vocabulary Word

Word: constraint

Definition: restraint; compulsion; repression of feelings; reticence; V. constrain: hold back; restrain; compel; oblige; confine forcibly; imprison

Sentences Containing 'constraint'

'He would have risen against all constraint; but he found himself the monarch of the place, and he haughtily determined to be worthy of his station.
'Oh, really, Master Copperfield,' he rejoined--'I beg your pardon, Mister Copperfield, but the other comes so natural, I don't like that you should put a constraint upon yourself to ask a numble person like me to your ouse.'
A domain describes the set of possible values for a given attribute, and can be considered a constraint on the value of the attribute.
A sum-of-squares program is an optimization problem with a linear cost and a particular type of constraint on the decision variables.
And then, seeing that I smiled and shook my head, she suddenly threw aside her constraint and made a step forward, with her hands wrung together.
And when the time comes--may it come soon, if it be His merciful pleasure!--when my death shall release her from constraint, I shall close my eyes upon her honoured face, with unbounded confidence and love; and leave her, with no sorrow then, to happier and brighter days.'
Being the first in the field there were several major technical areas that required considerable development: However, the main constraint was to be the cost of the calculator.
But that trade which, without force or constraint, is naturally and regularly carried on between any two places, is always advantageous, though not always equally so, to both.
For a corner solution, however, utility is maximized at a point on one axis where the budget constraint intersects the highest attainable indifference curve at zero consumption for one good with all income used for the other good.
For instance, a constraint can restrict a given integer attribute to values between 1 and 10.
Gender and the Structures of Constraint (1994).
He was conscious of this, and put a constraint upon his head; but his keeping that immovable, and sitting rolling his eyes like a piece of machinery, did not mend the matter at all.
Her lips were tightly compressed, as if she knew that she must keep a strong constraint upon herself--I write what I sincerely believe--or she would be tempted to strike the beautiful form with her foot.
His constraint was so manifest, and it was so manifest, too, that it originated in an unwillingness to approach the subject, that Charles Darnay hesitated.
However, water scarcity is already a critical constraint to farming in many parts of the world.
I could not have borne to lose the smallest portion of her sisterly affection; yet, in that betrayal, I should have set a constraint between us hitherto unknown.
I have a father who knows you and loves me dearly, who without putting any constraint on my inclination will grant what will be reasonable for you to have, if it be that you value me as you say and as I believe you do."
I have done nothing actionable from the first, but as long as you keep that door locked you lay yourself open to an action for assault and illegal constraint."
I have, as you know, wealth of my own, and I covet not that of others; my taste is for freedom, and I have no relish for constraint; I neither love nor hate anyone; I do not deceive this one or court that, or trifle with one or play with another.
I remember well how sad and dreary those days and hours were to me; I remember well how I began to doubt as they went by, and even to lose confidence in the faith of Don Fernando; and I remember, too, how my maid heard those words in reproof of her audacity that she had not heard before, and how I was forced to put a constraint on my tears and on the expression of my countenance, not to give my parents cause to ask me why I was so melancholy, and drive me to invent falsehoods in reply.
If such a thing be difficult at the time, recollect that you who are not weary are being served by those that are; you who are eating and drinking by those who do neither; you who are talking by those who are silent; you who are at ease by those who are under constraint.
In strange contrast to the hardly tolerable constraint and nameless invisible domineerings of the captain's table, was the entire care-free license and ease, the almost frantic democracy of those inferior fellows the harpooneers.
In the refined concept maps we provide a constraint set of linking words along with the seed concepts and instruct the mapper to use the linking words from the given set only.
In the usual case, constrained utility is maximized on the budget constraint with strictly positive quantities consumed of both goods.
Lack of RAM proved to be a constraint to much multimedia software, and the RAM could not be upgraded.
Meaning nothing but a certain matured frivolity and selfishness, not always inseparable from full-blown years, I think she confirmed him in his fear that he was a constraint upon his young wife, and that there was no congeniality of feeling between them, by so strongly commending his design of lightening the load of her life.
Moreover, the technique can be further generalized in a straightforward way to also include an entropy constraint for vector data.
My occupation of Peggotty's spare-room put a constraint upon me, from which he was free: for, knowing how assiduously she attended on Mr. Barkis all day, I did not like to remain out late at night; whereas Steerforth, lying at the Inn, had nothing to consult but his own humour.
My visitors seemed to breathe more freely when he was gone; but my own relief was very great, for besides the constraint, arising from that extraordinary sense of being at a disadvantage which I always had in this man's presence, my conscience had embarrassed me with whispers that I had mistrusted his master, and I could not repress a vague uneasy dread that he might find it out.
Neglecting the entropy constraint: Lloyd–Max quantization.
Order of evaluation—including the order in which the expression in the operator position is evaluated—may be chosen by an implementation on a call-by-call basis, and the only constraint is that "the effect of any concurrent evaluation of the operator and operand expressions is constrained to be consistent with some sequential order of evaluation."
Other extremal principles of classical mechanics have been formulated, such as Gauss' principle of least constraint and its corollary, Hertz's principle of least curvature.
said Mr. Micawber, with an air of constraint, 'I speak of my friend Heep as I have experience.'
Secondly, official currency substitution imposes stronger financial constraint on the government by eliminating deficit financing by issuing money.
Some analysts suggest capturing business rules in a separate document using the Object Constraint Language or some other formal notation.
SQL implements constraint functionality in the form of check constraints.
The changes sought to Exco, previously dominated by civil servants, would remove one further constraint to the power of the chief executive.
The competitive equilibrium in an Incomplete Market is generally constrained suboptimal. The notion of constraint suboptimality was formalized by Geanakoplos and Polemarchakis (1986).
The constraint that had been put upon me, was quite abandoned.
The key hydrostatic constraint is that it must be able to support the entire weight of the boat, and maintain stability even with often unevenly distributed weight.
The more usual solution will lie in the non-zero interior at the point of tangency between the objective function and the constraint.
The refined concept mapping methodology proposes to use a constraint set of linking words while constructing the maps for a given domain.
The UK government's appeal failed, with the Court of Appeal holding that the decision had been unlawfully taken by a government minister "acting without any constraint".
The word "corner" refers to the fact that if one graphs the maximization problem, the optimal point will occur at the "corner" created by the budget constraint and one axis.
There was a curious constraint between her and Mr. Wickfield, I thought (of whom she seemed to be afraid), that never wore off.
There was a twitch of Miss Betsey's head, after each of these sentences, as if her own old wrongs were working within her, and she repressed any plainer reference to them by strong constraint.
These are usually defined using expressions that result in a boolean value, indicating whether or not the data satisfies the constraint.
These managers can then assemble teams with essentially no budget constraint.
Thus the following three lines may be displayed in any order by standard Scheme when the above example code is executed, although the text of one line may not be interleaved with another, because that would violate the sequential evaluation constraint.
Under the constraint that volume enclosed is constant, this is called surface tension flow.

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