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Vocabulary Word

Word: consolidation

Definition: unification; process of becoming firmer or stronger; V. consolidate: merge; strengthen

Sentences Containing 'consolidation'

"Rail Companies: Prospects for Privatization and Consolidation".
790 is a preserved steam locomotive, the only Illinois Central Railroad 2-8-0 Consolidation type of its class to survive into the diesel age of train transportation.
790 is the only Illinois Central 2-8-0 Consolidation type of its class to survive.
A brief period of consolidation followed.
A study of Pennsylvania public school spending, conducted by Standard and Poor's, examined the consolidation of Halifax Area School Administration with neighboring Millersburg Area School District. The study found that consolidation of the administration with an adjacent school district would achieve substantial administrative cost savings with Halifax Area saving over $1,100 per pupil.
After the consolidation was complete on September 1, 1896, the work of building the railroad for larger Syracuse was begun.
At the time of the consolidation in 1896, the People's Railroad Company had a first mortgage of $750,000 dated January 1, 1891, and due in 1921.
Consolidation of two central administrations into one would not require the closing of any schools.
Consolidation was a way to strengthen this small and financially insecure institution.
During the period many small banks came to the verge of collapse shaking the confidence of the public and what followed was a process of consolidation.
Great Western 60 is a 2-8-0 consolidation built in August 1937 by the American Locomotive Company in Schenectady, New York.
He has claimed that these reforms strengthen parliament, while some opposition socialist lawmakers have described it as a "consolidation of a monocracy".
He was a nephew of Robert Van Wyck, the first Mayor of New York City after the consolidation of the five boroughs in 1898.
His company also received the Compass Communications Excellence Award for the Green Consolidation Program.
In 1902, the company became a subsidiary of United States Steel as part of the Steel Trust consolidation.
In 1981, Portland Savings declared a loss and recognized a pressing need for consolidation in the local banking market.
In 1992, Aérospatiale and MBB, among other companies, merged to form the Eurocopter Group; this led to considerable consolidation of the aerospace industry and the Tiger project itself.
In 2011, the Oklahoma Legislature passed the Government Administrative Process Consolidation and Reorganization Act of 2011.
In a survey of 88 superintendents of small districts, 42% stated that they thought consolidation would save money without closing any schools.
It also voted to change its name to “Trackbed Consolidation Ltd (TCL).
It served students from 1913 until the consolidation of Minidoka County high schools into Minico High School in 1956.
It was established in 1964 as a consolidation of Clayton, Amo, and Stilesville High Schools.
It was established in 1996 through the consolidation of the old Huntington and Huntington East High Schools.
Lawrence Seaway in 1959; assisted in the consolidation of the reserve fleets in 1960; and towed APL-41 from Mayport, Florida, to Holy Loch, Scotland, in 1961.
One Parma Library will be a consolidation of two branches and the new library will be built near Parma City Hall.
Operations at Anzac in early June returned to consolidation, minor engagements and skirmishing with grenades and sniper-fire.
Páez occupied Barinas and, from New Granada, Bolívar invaded Venezuela. Consolidation of independence.
She remained in the Philippines to join in the consolidation of those islands.
The Club was created from an unprecedented event that was held in October 2001 in Madrid, a four day Conference on Democratic Transition and Consolidation (CDTC).
The college was closed, however, during a consolidation of small Methodist colleges in Missouri in 1927.
The consolidation of the democratic election process will only be fully tested in a more competitive environment, once a genuine level of political pluralism is re-established."
The district was created in 1936 following the consolidation of several smaller schools.
The district was established in 1914 as consolidation of three earlier school districts in the region that were established as early as 1891.
The district was formed in 1968, as the result of the consolidation of "Germantown High School" and "Farmersville High School."
The line remained independent, due to the poor performance of the line, until it was taken over by the Southern Railway well after consolidation in 1923.
The modern BCSS was formed after a consolidation of County Sheriffs by the New Democratic government in 1974, and placed under the Ministry of the Attorney General. Scope of authority.
The park was the last stop on the Lake Line streetcar and a favorite destination in the early years following Bellingham's consolidation.
The protein also seems to be involved, through the nucleus accumbens, in the consolidation and reconsolidation of the memory related to drug addiction.
The railway began as the consolidation of bankrupt railroads on 1898.
The second Ashland High School building, which opened in 1919 and closed in 1981 because of parish school consolidation, has since been razed.
The study also considered a consolidation of Halifax Area School District with Upper Dauphin Area School District which also has low enrollment.
The Triad District was formed by consolidation in 1954.
The unit was organized from the consolidation of two understrength Arkansas units in May 1862.
There is a grass roots movement to continue the consolidation of services in order to reduce taxes.
There were several stages in the consolidation of the parties.
They describe the coming years as "a time of consolidation", with a focus on retention and development of new programs.
This is known as a name change and consolidation (i.e. using a different ticker symbol for the new shares).
This locomotive was built in 1903 by American Locomotive Company as a 2-8-0 Consolidation type.
Trackbed Consolidation Ltd (see above) had, for some time time, been attempting to revive the original WHR 1922 company.
With the consolidation of public finances and the creation of a reliable administration, he laid the foundations for the reform policies of his grandson, Charles Frederick.

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