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Vocabulary Word

Word: consensus

Definition: general agreement; opinion reached by a group

Sentences Containing 'consensus'

"The consensus in the community of psycho-physiologists is that the P300 effect is valid."
A consensus was not reached, and religious tensions mounted in the colony.
A consensus was reached to create a board for control of cricket in India.
After some talks with several state officials and from Ministry of sport a consensus was found.
Although the consensus among aviators and even the N-9s manufacturer was that the N-9 could not be looped, Evans believed it was possible.
Although the proposal was adopted by consensus, some conservation groups objected on the grounds that rational analysis was being usurped by sentiment.
Although there was consensus for complete independence, they were also for friendly relation with the Ottoman Empire.
Arguments were solved by consensus or by duels rather than warfare, but at the first sign of bloodshed, the fight was over.
Consequently, the current consensus is that "Menes" and "Narmer" refer to the same person.
Davis was selected as a consensus All-American at the end position in 1901.
Decision could only be made by consensus.
He played college football at Princeton University and was a consensus All-American in 1901.
He said that there was consensus that a mystery with several suspects was optimal and that it should be a sudden event.
He should long be remembered as the man who pulled together a national consensus for economic growth."
He told the "Washington Post" that his office produced "a criticism of the consensus of the intelligence community," and he acknowledged that he "was not endorsing its substance."
He was selected as a consensus All-American at the tackle position in 1909.
He was the consensus prep All-America selection at Westlake High School.
Holdsclaw was named a consensus All-American, as was freshman Tamika Catchings.
However, no consensus as to the validity of this term has been reached.
In the Islamic World the Caliphs, successors to Muhammad, were originally elected by consensus of the community.
INFOTAB was used to formulate and publish a consensus position on the part of the industry.
It is a consensus code considering suggestions from interested parties.
It saw the disestablishment of religion in all the states, and a consensus on a "pursuit of happiness" based political philosophy.
Lavelli and Bill Willis were consensus second-team all-AAFC.
On the more specific question of whether Saddam Hussein was behind the attacks of September 11, 2001, the consensus view is that there is no credible evidence of his government's involvement.
Only the Visuddhimagga and the commentaries on the first four nikayas are accepted by a consensus of scholars as Buddhaghosa's.
Signatories of the consensus agreed to respect each other's preachers and sacraments.
Taylor's refusal to consider a consensus government was used against him in the campaign.
The consensus was made for the complete independence.
The consensus was that - without a full band - Doherty seemed out of place at such a big venue.
The consensus was that Brooks, who did good dramas about people, didn't have what it took to make a classic story.
The difference in interpreting the difference between religious and spiritual, humanist and naturalist and free will and determinism also needs a consensus.
The evidence of evolution is not determined by petitions or polls, but by scientific consensus.
The general consensus is that these hill-forts are associated with a more intensive exploitation of the iron resources of the Weald.
The general consensus was that many wanted the costume to more accurately reflect the depiction of WU in the school's logo.
The industry consensus is that growth is at an inflection point.
The Mohonk Agreement was an informal consensus for the harmonization and development of a common baseline for sustainable tourism and ecotourism certification.
The movie gained positive critical consensus.
The site's consensus states ""We're the Millers" squanders its potential with an uneven, lazily assembled story."
The theory of evolution is accepted by overwhelming scientific consensus.
There is a consensus in the public health community that regular hand-washing is one of the most effective defenses against the spread of foodborne illness.
There is however consensus on the fact that Dionysius, who was not involved in any of the two factions, became Patriarch due to the intervention of Mara on his behalf.
There is no clear consensus as to what Cain's mark refers to.
There is no consensus as to assigning Arachnomorpha a formal Linnean rank.
There is no consensus of scholarly opinion on the authorship of "King Leir".
There is no consensus on the time of fabrication.
There is no scientific consensus on the benefits of brain training for medical conditions in the clinical environment.
There's not always time for consensus and debate.
Through a process of grassroots consultation and consensus building, organizers aim to develop a party and candidates who are guided by the values of "INclusiveness, INtegrity, INvolvement and INnovation".
Today, this notion has been discarded and there is a consensus that ichthyosaurs are Amniota and descended from terrestrial egg-laying Tetrapoda during the late Permian or the earliest Triassic.

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