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Vocabulary Word

Word: conscript

Definition: draftee; person forced into military service; V.

Sentences Containing 'conscript'

Applicants are typically young men (18–20 years old) who have already been assigned a place to complete their mandatory conscript service, but voluntarily want to apply for international training in addition to national defence training.
ATU servicemen differ from the Pori Brigade servicemen in that they have already served a period of their conscript service in the Nyland Brigade before applying.
ATU servicemen may wear the Navy or Coastal Jäger beret during conscript training, they do not receive the international beret.
However, whereas the classical "Bildungsroman" would conclude by having "formed" Castorp into a mature member of society, with his own world view and greater self-knowledge, "The Magic Mountain" ends as it has to for "life's delicate child" as a simultaneously anonymous and communal conscript, one of millions, under fire on some battlefield of World War I. Major themes.
In 1916 two armies, nine corps and fought the Battle of the Somme, without the benefit of the decades of staff officer experience, that continental conscript armies could take for granted.
In contrast to the weak conscript soldiers used in Chechnya, Russia's force in Georgia was largely composed of professional soldiers.
In UN operations, the standard UN blue beret is used, but in NATO-led operations such as KFOR and ISAF the FRDF beret is used (notably also by peacekeepers who have no conscript FRDF training).
Its authority to conscript was also diminished.
Nzeogwu's control over his troops was so little that he had to conscript young soldiers from the Nigerian Military Training College at Kaduna.
The force, which initially consisted of five divisions with another en route, was a conscript force, and was commanded by Otto Liman von Sanders, a German officer who had been head of the Military Mission sent to Turkey as advisors.
The FRDF service itself does not differ radically from the standard Finnish conscript service.
The Garde mobile ("Mobile Guard"; also called Garde nationale mobile though it had nothing to do with the "Garde nationale") was intended to be the body which would in effect conscript all who had been able to avoid military service.
Upon completion of conscript service with sufficient service marks, conscripts are eligible to apply for commissioned officer training, NCO/Warrant Officer or from 2007 stay in the Army as a professional private, mainly to be employed in the Nordic Battle Group.
What's father was a teenage conscript who fled Stalin's Red army as Berlin was being partitioned at the end of WWII.
When the Confederate Congress passed the first of its three conscription acts on April 16, 1862, the intent was to provide conscript replacements or fillers for those regiments already in Confederate service, not to raise new regiments.

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