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Vocabulary Word

Word: confluence

Definition: flowing together; the place where two rivers flow together; crowd; gathering together

Sentences Containing 'confluence'

A force of 5,000 additional Marathas was located at the confluence of two rivers—the Mula and the Mutha—under the leadership of Vinchurkar, but they remained idle.
Below the confluence, the Cowlitz continues for , entering the Columbia River about from its mouth on the Pacific Ocean.
Close to the Dampoort is "Portus Ganda", the yachting area of the city, which opened in 2005, at the former confluence of the rivers Schelde () and Leie.
Flowing out of the confluence of seven fountains, called SAPTADHAR – it has an average width of 12 ft. No man made tributary can flow into it.
For the Araguaia River, the bird's range continues only downstream to the Tocantin confluence, then down the Tocantins to the Pacific, (500 km east of the Amazon River outlet; the Xingu River confluence range connects to the Tocantins range.)
From the confluence of the canal, the Kuloy flows north, crosses from Pinezhsky District into Mezensky District, where it accepts the Nemnyuga from the right.
He had succeeded in establishing a line of way stations from the Sobat confluence on the White Nile to the frontier of Uganda, where he proposed to open a route from Mombasa.
In 1786, White and fellow explorer James Connor erected White's Fort on a hill overlooking the confluence of First Creek and the Tennessee River.
It begins at the confluence of the Mangatokerau and Hikuwai Rivers, and meanders south for about 10 kilometres before flowing into the sea at Tolaga Bay.
It ends at its confluence with the Niobrara River about west of Butte, Nebraska.
It flows for about to its confluence with the Willimantic River.
It flows south from Sweetwater County, Wyoming to a confluence with the Green River just north of the Gates of Lodore in Moffat County, Colorado.
It flows southeast to a confluence with Spruce Creek in Spruce Canyon.
It is located at the confluence of the Birs river with the Rhine river.
It is sited on Upper Greensand at the confluence of the River Frome with its tributary of equivalent size, the Hooke.
It is situated on the right bank of the rerouted Alfeios river, near its confluence with two smaller tributaries.
It lies in a valley near the confluence of two rivers, the Medway and the Eden.
John's Church, which is visible from afar, belongs to Gerolfingen. In the west is Wittelshofen with about 1,300 inhabitants and an area of , at the confluence of Wörnitz and Sulzach rivers.
Located 49°23'N, 27°37'E on the main road between Khmelnitsky and Vinnitsa at the confluence of the Volk and the Southern Bug rivers.
Located at the confluence of the Saint-François (St.
Logan to its confluence with the Missouri River for public access for recreational purposes.
Lower Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge, part of the U.S. National Wildlife Refuge system, is a area of wetlands associated with the confluence of the Hatchie River and the Forked Deer River in West Tennessee near the confluence of the Hatchie River with the Mississippi River.
Martin parishes by a confluence of small bayous flowing from St.
Newport is drained by the Sugar River and its South Branch, with the town center at their confluence.
Northam is a town in Western Australia, situated at the confluence of the Avon and Mortlock Rivers, about north-east of Perth in the Avon Valley.
Obvious vestiges of the Roman occupation are situated near Figueira, in the zone of Abicada, in the confluence of two rivers, where the remains of various rooms were unearthed.
Other hot springs were located near the confluence of the north and south forks of the Shoshone, now drowned under the reservoir created by Buffalo Bill Dam.
Pateros River then enters the confluence where the Napindan Channel and Marikina River meet.
Plumas Lake is located north of the city of Sacramento on the Feather River, just prior to its confluence with the Bear River and the Sacramento River.
Sherbrooke is situated at the confluence of the Saint-François (St.
Stanza 7 locates his grave at the confluence of the Gwenoli, which is where the stream meets the Felenrhyd.
The city of Pushkalavati was situated at the confluence of Swat and Kabul rivers.
The community is located at the confluence of the Liard and South Nahanni Rivers in the southwestern part of the NWT.
The creek arose at the confluence of two smaller streams in a pond around the present-day intersection of Sixth and Thompson Streets.
The Dzong is located at the confluence of the Pho Chhu (father) and Mo Chhu (mother) rivers in the Punakha–Wangdue valley.
The fortress itself is located on the confluence of the Morača river in Lake Skadar.
The Halloween Tree itself, with its many branches laden with jack-o'-lanterns, serves as a metaphor for the historical confluence of these traditions.
The headwater of Weymouth Fore River is formed by the confluence of the Monatiquot River and Smelt Brook in the Weymouth Landing area of Braintree.
The history of Assam is the history of a confluence of people from the east, west and the north; the confluence of the Indo-Aryan, Austroasiatic and Tibeto-Burman cultures.
The lake was formed in 1944 by the damming of the Youghiogheny River upstream from Confluence, Pennsylvania.
The municipality is located in the Zofingen district, at the confluence of the Murg river into the Aare river.
The river becomes the Pee Dee River at the confluence of the Uwharrie River.
The river flows from the confluence of its North and South forks in the San Juan National Forest to a confluence with the East Mancos River that forms the Mancos River.
The ruin is situated about 60 m above the confluence of the Hürbe and Lone rivers in the Lone valley.
The Sound is located at a confluence of the cold Labrador Currents and the warm Gulf Stream.
The South Philadelphia Planning Analysis Section is bounded by South Street on the north and the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers to their confluence.
The stream then descends the through Macclesfield and Wilmslow where it has a confluence with the River Dean, near to Styal Prison.
The stream's source is the confluence of Rock Creek and the East Fork in the White River National Forest. It flows through Crystal Canyon to a confluence with the North Fork Crystal River that forms the Crystal River.
This region covers the arid catchments of the Paroo River (Peery and Poloko Lakes) and the Paroo-Darling confluence to the south.
Within a year, however, he had moved to his tract along the confluence of First Creek and the Tennessee River, and built what became known as White's Fort.

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