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Vocabulary Word

Word: confidence

Definition: self-assurance; calm unworried feeling based on a strong belief in one's abilities; strong belief in the ability of a person or plan; trust or faith in a person or thing; something confided; secret; Ex. confidence in your ability; Ex. I'm telling you this in confidence; Ex. exchange confidences about their boyfriends; ADJ. confident

Sentences Containing 'confidence'

"He told it to me in confidence, and I will not utter it to anyone".
'We have perfect confidence in you, Mr. Micawber,' said I, 'and will do what you please.'
And in the confidence of renewed day it almost seemed to me that my fear had been unreasonable.
And you have, I am sure, the fullest confidence in my honor.
But here,' said Traddles, breaking off in his confidence, and speaking aloud, 'ARE the girls!
But there are too many gaps in the record to use these materials with complete confidence."
But, instead of believing in the astrologer's words, he believed in his son's confidence.
Confidence in the excellence of imperial "régime" vanished.
continued the count in French,``it is necessary to excite this man's confidence.''
Do you call that confidence, my love, towards Doctor Strong?
Formerly his paper, at any date, was taken with confidence, and was even in request.
Have you considered what it is to undermine the confidence that should subsist between my daughter and myself?
He complimented her confidence, but said the underwear joke was "unnecessary and overstated".
He had the confidence of all the members of the Group except Perlo.
He starts breaking her confidence, then dominates and overpowers her.
He was as kind as he could be--you could feel that, you know, and so you had confidence.
I found a tremendous blank, in the place of that smiling repository of my confidence.
I vividly remember the first time he took me into his confidence.
I was unwilling to damp my good friend's confidence, and therefore assented.
If he abuses my confidence, he commits a dishonourable action, Mr. Copperfield.'
In some countries, for example Finland and Slovenia, interpellations are more or less synonymous with a motion of no confidence because they are automatically connected with a vote of confidence and their express purpose is to determine the confidence enjoyed by the government or a minister.
It gave us confidence moving forward, and now we don't have to hear about it."
It is not suspected that the revenue suffers by this confidence.
It was his first victory of , but it would not translate into renewed confidence.
It was not for his friend to abate that confidence.
Its exegetical value is diminished by Theodore's absolute confidence in the Septuagint.
Just back him away from the edge and see if we could get his confidence up."
Often they reflect a confidence in all-seeing Providence.
Relieved as his mind reverted to that, he answered:``Your confidence in me ought to be returned with full confidence on my part.
said the passenger, in a tone of quiet business confidence.
Still more so, by the stipulation of implicit confidence which I beg to impose.
Such confidence could not safely be reposed in people of a very mean or low condition.
That, he called with confidence on the jury to come and do likewise.
The communication has been made to you in consequence of the confidence placed in you, and which does you honor.
The hospital system has lost public confidence.
The lack of confidence can raise the risk premium (CDS).
There is such an uneasiness in Paris, that we have actually a run of confidence upon us!
To repay my confidence with systematic deception, for her sake, and quit me for her!
We have great confidence in your ability to achieve them.
What a pity, Master Copperfield, that you didn't condescend to return my confidence!
You shouldn't have allowed me or anybody else to shake your confidence in that knowledge.
``And grandpapa has become my physician, and I have the greatest confidence in him, because he knows everything.''
``Do not mention reports, duke, to me, for I know now what confidence to place in them.
``I do not seek your confidence, my dear friend.
``I have confidence in the remedy I propose, and only ask you to permit me to assure you of its efficacy.''
``I said a million,''replied Danglars, with the confidence of ignorance.
``I wish it, that I may the better deserve your confidence, and have no secret from you.''
``Is it the immediate object of this confidence, that you may at once ascertain that, with my knowledge?''
``Is there one of my brethren in whom you have equal confidence with myself?''
``Listen,''continued Villefort;``you can now have confidence in me after what I have done.''

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::: jingoist - extremely aggressive and militant patriot; warlike chauvinist; N. jingoism: extreme nationalism
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::: amphitheater - oval building with tiers of seats; CF. arena
::: prevaricate - lie; hide the truth (by equivocating)
::: acclivity - sharp upslope of a hill; OP. declivity
::: chalice - goblet; consecrated cup
::: illicit - illegal
::: emancipate - set free; liberate
::: embroider - decorate with needlework; ornament (a story) with fancy or fictitious details; embellish