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Vocabulary Word

Word: conduit

Definition: aqueduct; passageway for fluids

Sentences Containing 'conduit'

39 Conduit Road is a residential development by the company situated in the mid-levels in Hong Kong.
A conduit for information in particular areas of law, sections provide newsletters, programs and the chance to exchange ideas with other practitioners.
A curator should be a conduit for democratic dialogue, not a "decider".
At about Tenth Street, the creek enters a conduit near , which then takes the flow underground to its mouth at the Missouri on the western edge of the downtown riverfront area.
Due to selective numbering, a total of 42 intermediate floor numbers are missing from 39 Conduit Road: these include 14, 24, 34, 64, all floors between 40 and 59.
During his tenure, the First Sino-Japanese War took place, and Dun made efforts to negotiate peace, using the American diplomatic service as a conduit for the Japanese and Chinese governments to send messages and conduct negotiations.
Escutcheons are most often used in conjunction with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components and fixtures where a pipe, tube, or conduit passes through a wall other material surface.
French colonial affairs fell within the purview of the Ministry of the Marine at that time, since the navy was the only conduit of supplies, defense and communication, this seemed natural enough.
He stated "the milkers may not enter the dairy, a tin receiver is placed outside the house, into which the milk is poured and conveyed to the cheese tub by a conduit, at each end of which is a strainer to prevent any filth from the yard from passing into the cheese-tub".
IITP is represented on most ICT-related advisory groups, panels and public ICT-related boards in New Zealand, and was a founding member of the Digital Development Council, a body set up by the New Zealand Government to help achieve New Zealand's digital potential. The Institute is engaged with government (both ministerial and official level), industry and academia and works as a catalyst and conduit for these three important sub-sectors to work together in the interests of the overall ICT Sector, both in the area of ethics and professional practice as well as to solve issues such as the current ICT skills shortage and drop in tertiary ICT enrolments.
It is not uncommon to see trucks and dumpers laden with stone using this town as conduit for these banned activities which incidentally comes from Bhiwadi in Rajasthan.
It was situated at 1 Conduit Road, Hong Kong, and constructed 1901–1904 from imported European marble.
Lau was once suspected of being a conduit to funnel money for the ponzi scheme, and there were allegations that Lau's bank account was used as part of the fraud committed by Jones and Tri Energy.
Major OPDS components are: the OPDS tanker with booster pumps and spread mooring winches, a recoverable single-anchor leg mooring (SALM) to accommodate four tankers up to 70,000 DWT, ship to SALM hose lines, up to four miles of six-inch (internal diameter conduit for pumping to the beach, and two BTUs to interface with the shoreside systems.
Ohatsu's close family ties to both the Toyotomi clan and the Tokugawa clan uniquely positioned her to serve as a conduit between the rivals.
Other types of sealed connections without moving parts are also sometimes called glands; for example, a cable gland or fitting that connects a flexible electrical conduit to an enclosure, machine or bulkhead facilitates assembly and prevents liquid or gas ingress.
Power or communications cables (e.g., computer networking) that are routed in or through air-handling spaces (plenums) of office buildings are required under the model building code to be either encased in metal conduit, or rated for low flame and smoke production.
Since China bordered Vietnam, it was an immensely important conduit of material on land, although the Soviets also delivered some of its aid by sea.
The Conduit toolbars are based on a BHO that can be used on Internet Explorer 7 and up.
The journal became a significant conduit for the ideas of Herbet Spencer across India.
The nierika is a reciprocal magical conduit or path: the ‘eye’, 'hole' or 'mirror' is the magical portal through which humanity and deity perceive each other.
The outlet works tunnel through the dam from an elevation much lower than that of the spillway; the conduit terminates at a culvert exit, a design commonly seen on storm drains but rarely seen on dams, at the base of the dam.
The stolen property included electrical conduit, fence post, and mesh fencing valued at approximately $1,545.
The Wonder Twins have a pet Space Monkey called Gleek who had a useful prehensile tail and who could act as a conduit for the twins to activate their powers should they be out of reach.
They have little flexibility and behave more like rigid conduit rather than flexible cables.
This is in contrast to a "pedicled" flap in which tissue is left attached to the donor site and simply transposed to a new location keeping the "pedicle" intact as a conduit to supply the tissue with blood.
This is the first of a series of Boland Amendments prohibited the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the principal conduit of covert American support to the Contras, from spending any money "for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Nicaragua."
This magazine became a conduit for a new generation of writers, artists, and intellectuals to stage a revolution against imperialist and colonial cultural domination.
This may be a specialized bendable pipe, called a conduit, or one of several varieties of metal (rigid steel or aluminium) or non-metallic (PVC or HDPE) tubing.
Water from Whiskeytown Lake is diverted through the Spring Creek Tunnel, a conduit roughly long and in diameter.

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