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Vocabulary Word

Word: conclusive

Definition: decisive; ending all debate

Sentences Containing 'conclusive'

Although identifying the food is a general start to begin to identify the insect, it must be remembered that it is not always the most accurate method, but is mostly used as a guideline, as some insects are more likely than others to be found in certain types of grain, flour, etc. The type of food is not always conclusive to the type of insect found in it, as insects are not extremely picky, and many families and species are found on a wide range of different foodstuffs.
Although nothing conclusive was said, Black Sox pitcher Eddie Cicotte, who threw the 1919 World Series, has referenced the 1918 Cubs as having inspired the Black Sox.
But where the objects have not so exact a similarity, the analogy is less perfect, and the inference is less conclusive; though still it has some force, in proportion to the degree of similarity and resemblance.
Experimental evidence is not conclusive.
He died in exile in Flanders, though Professor Pim de Boer at the University of Groningen has found serious (though not entirely conclusive) indications that Gijsbrecht - after his exile, with a few followers - founded Pruissisch Holland (now in Poland), not far from Elbing (also now in Poland).
He proposed that Molly Childers had "the qualities to carry off such a dangerous role" and that she "consistently displayed intelligence, courage, decisiveness and single-minded determination", but acknowledged that there was no conclusive evidence.
However, in a later article published on 6 November, "The New York Times" said that "neither Georgia nor its Western allies have as yet provided conclusive evidence that Russia was invading the country or that the situation for Georgians in the Ossetian zone was so dire that a large-scale military attack was necessary" and that the phone intercepts published by Georgia did not show the Russian column's size, composition or mission, and that "there has not been evidence that it was engaged with Georgian forces until many hours after the Georgian bombardment."
However, no conclusive evidence was presented by Georgia or its Western supporters that Russia was invading the country before the Georgian attack, according to the New York Times.
In an essay specifically explaining this scene, Andrew Bernstein wrote that although there is much "confusion" about it, the descriptions in the novel provide "conclusive" evidence that "Dominique feels an overwhelming attraction to Roark" and "desires desperately to sleep with" him.
In examining those arguments, they were necessarily led to consider the difference between a probable and a demonstrative argument, between a fallacious and a conclusive one; and logic, or the science of the general principles of good and bad reasoning, necessarily arose out of the observations which a scrutiny of this kind gave occasion to; though, in its origin, posterior both to physics and to ethics, it was commonly taught, not indeed in all, but in the greater part of the ancient schools of philosophy, previously to either of those sciences.
is composed of concepts necessarily related to one another in specific manners, and likewise to the concept of existence.” In another paper, “Freedom,” Moore enthusiastically affirms his agreement with F. H. Bradley, writing: “I can only say that the arguments by which Mr. Bradley has endeavoured to prove the unreality of Time appear to me perfectly conclusive.” Regan’s second book, "The Elements of Ethics", is a series of ten lectures Moore delivered in 1898.
Magnetism in bar magnets and electromagnets does not arise from magnetic monopoles, and in fact there is no conclusive experimental evidence that magnetic monopoles exist at all in the universe.
Marxists respond that the social sciences are inherently unfalsifiable because they rely upon interpretation and analysis of complex events, which are never fully conclusive, unlike the experimentation of hard science.
Nevertheless, questions remain due to the lack of conclusive experimental proof of quantum entanglement inside D-Wave devices.
No conclusive proof only circumstantial evidence has suggested that the USBA was responsible.
Once Poland signed the Pact of Paris (the Kellogg-Briand Pact), the Soviet Government decided to propose to the Polish Government the conclusive part of the attached protocol, under which the Pact of Paris for the renunciation of the war would enter into force between the Soviet Union and Poland after its ratification.
Only the statement of Grete Mortensen could not be rejected, but the commission could not find that it showed any conclusive evidence either.
Schwartz claimed his experiments were indicative of survival, but do not yet provide conclusive proof.
She later returns to Matt, but he is arrested, as conclusive evidence that Matt is Daredevil has been discovered by the FBI.
The "satisfying and conclusive ending" in the form of the duel between Afdal Khan and El Borak, is also highlighted.
The 1998 NRL grand final was the conclusive and premiership-deciding game of the 1998 NRL season.
The 2007 NRL Grand Final was the conclusive, premiership-deciding match of the 2007 NRL season.
The Beam family, which owns the property on which the district is located, has never permitted any excavation of the mound; while this has prevented conclusive identification of its builders, they have ensured that the mound remains undisturbed and pristine in the fields above the Anderson Fork.
The CIA issued a report in August 2004 that concluded, according to Knight-Ridder reporters, that there was "no conclusive evidence that the regime harbored Osama bin Laden associate Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi."
The Department of Health and Human Services rejects the argument that laboratory animals' failure to self-administer cannabis is conclusive proof of its low potential for abuse: The Secretary disagrees with Mr. Gettman's assertion that "he accepted contemporary legal convention for evaluating the abuse potential of a drug or substance is the relative degree of self-administration the drug induces in animal subjects."
The effects of OP exposure on infants and children are at this time currently being researched to come to a conclusive finding.
The European Court of Justice held that the lack of any contractual link between transferee and transferor ‘is certainly not conclusive’.
The fact that the missile targets the Enterprise is seemingly conclusive proof that Kirk's actions have not only revealed the existence of his ship, but that his prior intervention has also prevented the Talin culture from learning the lessons needed to prevent nuclear self-destruction.
The first patrol was undertaken on 28 February 1917 and the first conclusive action took place on 27 May 1917, when an unidentified U-boat was spotted, on the surface, off Bryher.
The point about the signature is very suggestive --in fact, we may call it conclusive."
The results are not conclusive, and do not deny or confirm the existence of a large dark matter halo around the galaxy.
The test itself is positive if, after adding only Griess reagent to the second bowl, the solution there remains clear Due to the ability of many substances to produce nitrite ions, the test is not conclusive and eventually proved of limited value.
The war saw a series of indecisive battles in the Atlantic and Caribbean, in which the Navy failed to achieve the conclusive victories needed to secure the supply lines of British forces in North America and cut off the colonial rebels from outside support.
The words in the preface to the First Part of "Don Quixote" are generally held to be conclusive that he conceived the idea of the book, and wrote the beginning of it at least, in a prison, and that he may have done so is extremely likely.
There remains no conclusive evidence that the sovereignty movement derives significant support today because of anything that was promised back in the 1970s.
This is known as the CLAW hypothesis (named after the authors' initials of a 1987 "Nature" paper) but no conclusive evidence to support this has yet been reported.
This is later explained to be the result of cultural fugue, though the explanation is far from conclusive, especially since Xlv spacecraft were present in the Rhyonon system when the disaster occurred.
Thus, then, it is conclusive that to attempt things from which harm rather than advantage may come to us is the part of unreasoning and reckless minds, more especially when they are things which we are not forced or compelled to attempt, and which show from afar that it is plainly madness to attempt them.
Where the causes are entirely similar, the analogy is perfect, and the inference, drawn from it, is regarded as certain and conclusive: nor does any man ever entertain a doubt, where he sees a piece of iron, that it will have weight and cohesion of parts; as in all other instances, which have ever fallen under his observation.
``It is, nevertheless, conclusive to my mind.

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