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Vocabulary Word

Word: conclave

Definition: private secret meeting

Sentences Containing 'conclave'

A letter dated February 6 from Henry II, advising Guise to support a neutral candidate, never reached the conclave before its conclusion.
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College was inducted as a participating school at the 2013 Conclave and is set to host the event in 2018.
According to Prof. Toman, this conclave saw the last appearance of a compromise committee tasked with the selection of a suitable candidate.
Although the conclave nearly elected Reginald Pole, the late arrival of additional French cardinals pushed the conclave back into deadlock, and eventually Giovanni del Monte was elected Pope Julius III as a compromise candidate.
Among the supporters of this point of view was Cardinal Protodeacon Ludovico Fieschi, who did not attend the conclave and later did not recognise its result. In spite of this, nine cardinals present in Rome entered the conclave on October 10.
An in-demand speaker, he has keynoted and addressed the Dan O'Day Creative Summit, The Conclave,The NAB, and RadioDays,Scandinavia.
Before and during the conclave, many Roman bankers offered betting spreads on the "papabili" (cardinals likely to be elected).
Before participating in the conclave of 1914, Cassetta was named Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of the Council on 10 February of that same year.
Carlo Ventresca is the Camerlengo and faithful servant to the Roman Catholic Church during the papal conclave in the Vatican City.
During the papal conclave in the Vatican City, Olivetti is in charge of protecting the Cardinals during the traditional services.
During this time period, he hired an assassin to kill the four Cardinals held in the highest regard by the college, papabili or preferiti),thus ensuring a confusion in the Conclave as to who should be elected to the papacy.
Eight forestry schools participated in the first Conclave in 1958, which was sponsored by the University of Georgia.
Fewer than 100 students competed in the first Conclave's mainly physical events.
Having reached the age of 80 in 2002, he did not participate in the ensuing conclave as he was no longer eligible to vote in papal elections.
He did not participate in the papal conclave of 1534 that elected Pope Paul III.
He participated in both the papal conclave of 1521-22 that elected Pope Adrian VI, and in the papal conclave of 1523 that elected Pope Clement VII.
He participated in both the papal conclave of September 1503 that elected Pope Pius III and the papal conclave of October 1503 that elected Pope Julius II.
He participated in the papal conclave of 1534 that elected Pope Paul III.
He participated in the papal conclave of 1691 that elected Pope Innocent XII.
He participated in the papal conclave of 1700 that elected Pope Clement XI.
He was a conclavist for Cardinal Sforza at the papal conclave of September 1503 that elected Pope Pius III and at the papal conclave of October 1503 that elected Pope Julius II.
In particular, Angelo Massarelli, the secretary of Marcello Cervini, devotes his entire fifth diary to the conclave. The "papabili".
Initially, they subscribed the conclave capitulation, which obliged elect to do everything possible (including abdication) in order to restore the unity of the Church.
It was the second-longest papal conclave of the 16th century, and (at the time) the largest papal conclave in history in terms of the number of cardinal electors.
Locals say that within the woods near Muskego, Wisconsin lives a conclave of dwarves whose homes are built-to-scale and in the woods.
On 7 March 2013, Mẫn was the last cardinal to arrive to attend the 2013 papal conclave to select the successor to Pope Benedict XVI.
On January 22, the odds quoted against the conclave finishing during January were 9 to 10, against February: 1 to 2, against March: 1 to 5, and never: 1 to 10.
Papal conclave of October 10 to October 17, 1404 – the papal conclave of the time of the Great Western Schism, convened after the death of Pope Boniface IX, it elected Cardinal Cosimo Gentile Migliorati, who under the name of Innocent VII became the third pope of the Roman Obedience.
Planning the Conclave requires considerable cooperation among the participating forestry clubs for it to be successful.
Portuguese Cardinal Miguel de Silva, irked by the presence of ambassadors from both Charles V and Henry II, complained to Dean de Cupis that the conclave was "more open than closed" ("non conclusum sed patens conclave").
Scores from individual events are combined to determine the overall winning school of each year's Conclave, which is a highly sought after honor.
Some unauthorized persons are known to have been present in the conclave, leaving through the small door left open ("per portulam ostio conclavis relictam").
The conclave is historically unique because all of the cardinal electors were the creation of a single pontiff: Urban VI, the very pope who was being replaced.
The conclave proceeded to deadlock around the nominations of Pellegrue, Mondagout, and Fredol.
The Conclave promotes spirited competition among the forestry students representing their respective schools and clubs, and participation in the Conclave helps students develop high standards and professionalism.
The conclave subsequently elected Pope Francis.
The first conclave was held following the death of Pope Alexander VI on August 18, 1503.
The first scrutiny was held on December 3, the fifth day of the conclave in the Cappella Paolina (not the Sistine Chapel, which had been divided into nineteen cells for infirm cardinals).
The following day, during a fan conclave, Chikara held a contest to see if anyone could be able to bodyslam the BDK member Tursas.
The Forestry Conclave is hosted by the participating schools on a rotating basis and is sponsored by the Association of Southern Forestry Clubs.
The fraternity adopted cystic fibrosis as a national philanthropy at the 1990 National Conclave. Chapters support the fight against Cystic Fibrosis in many ways.
The papal conclave from May 1, 1314 to August 7, 1316, held in the apostolic palace of Carpentras and then the Dominican house in Lyon, was one of the longest conclaves in the history of the Roman Catholic Church and the first conclave of the Avignon Papacy.
The papal conclave of 20 December 1565 to 7 January 1566 was convened on the death of Pope Pius IV and ended in the election of Pope Pius V.
The papal conclave, 1389 was convened from October 25, 1389 to November 2, 1389 after the death of Pope Urban VI.
The Prophecy of the Popes was possibly forged in order to support Simoncelli's bid for the papacy in the second conclave of 1590.
The rules of the conclave, as laid out in "Ubi periculum" and codified into canon law were nominally observed, but also blatantly disregarded, especially with respect to the rules prohibiting communication with the outside world.
The second conclave followed the death of Pope Pius III on October 18, 1503.
The Southern Forestry Conclave is an annual competition among students from 15 southern forestry schools in a variety of physical and technical events.
This conclave lasted from October 31, 1503 to November 1, 1503 and ended in the election of Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere, who took the name of Pope Julius II.
This conclave lasted from September 16, 1503 to September 22, 1503 and ended in the election of Cardinal Francesco Todeschini Piccolomini, who took the name of Pope Pius III.

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