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Vocabulary Word

Word: concerted

Definition: mutually agreed on; done together by agreement; Ex. concerted effort; CF. in concert: working together

Sentences Containing 'concerted'

After the move to Heslington East, the Goodricke JCRC has made a concerted effort to create a new class of events with the lack of a bar in the new college.
Aimed at reintegrating ex-prisoners into society, the Yellow Ribbon Project advocates a second chance for ex-offenders and their families through concerted efforts.
Before the war ended, Britain made two concerted efforts to implement Home Rule, one in May 1916 and again with the Irish Convention during 1917–1918, but the Irish sides (Nationalist, Unionist) were unable to agree to terms for the temporary or permanent exclusion of Ulster from its provisions.
Besides, how do I know that this was not a political trick, that the minister enraged at seeing me in the opposition, and jealous of the popular sympathy I excite, has not concerted with M. Debray to ruin me?''
Calculations by Qiao et al suggest that the water assisted stepwise proton transfer from Gar-N to THF-N is 80-100 kj/mol more favorable than the concerted transfer suggested by Klein.
During this period, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal became the first religious-political leader, following his concerted efforts to unify the country into one unit as Bhutan.
Farmer argued in "Honolulu Rapid Transit Co." that an employer's retaliatory actions should be limited to those activities which interfered the least with employees' concerted activities.
He was by no means satisfied with the relation I gave him of the manner I came into his kingdom, but thought it a story concerted between Glumdalclitch and her father, who had taught me a set of words to make me sell at a better price.
He was the inventor of the "magic square", depicting Economic equilibrium, and of the "Concerted activity" ("") to reflate the German market.
He worked together with Franz Josef Strauß, then Federal Minister of Finance, in the "Concerted activity".
In the large rDNA array, polymorphisms between rDNA repeat units are very low, indicating that rDNA tandem arrays are evolving through concerted evolution.
In the transition state leading to the iminium ion (σ-complex), the methyl group migrates to the nitrogen atom in a concerted reaction and the hydroxyl group is expulsed.
It accused McCully and Rudd of being "driven by [a neo-colonial and personal agenda", and denounced "a concerted effort by the Australian Government in the form of Kevin Rudd/Stephen Smith followed by McCully on their coattails to subvert the path towards the holding of truly democratic elections in Fiji".
Namely, a concerted emission of phonons can lead to coherent sound and an example of concerted phonon emission is the emission coming from quantum wells.
On the third day (23 August), the Australians made a concerted effort to dismiss Hutton before he broke Bradman's 1930 record Ashes score of 334; although the record score in a Test match was Hammond's 336 not out against New Zealand, it was compiled against what was perceived as inferior bowling, and Bradman's total was more prestigious.
Reeves subsequently nominated and won the presidency of the Northern Territory branch of the ALP in 1985 over concerted opposition from the party's left wing.
Safi has been outspoken about what he has described as a "concerted attack on the Muslim American organizations by the members of the far right."
She has always been opposed to this marriage, and I should not be at all surprised if what we have just seen and heard is nothing but the execution of a plan concerted between them.''
Starting in 2008, Cisco Systems began a concerted effort to jump-start the nascent Palestinian IT sector with a holistic ecosystem approach, encompassing venture capital, private equity, capacity building and direct outsourcing to Palestinian companies.
The Battle of Britain represented a concerted attempt by Germany to establish "air superiority" over Britain, which it never achieved.
The gang was composed of two classes: the Heads or Council, as they were called, who planned and concerted, but seldom acted; they amounted to about four hundred.
The migrations were certainly not a sudden, concerted military operation, but the expansion of disconnected tribes and cultures, spanning many generations.
The pectic layer could be washed off, although complete removal of this layer requires a concerted effort.
There was a concerted effort by Tout and other Labour politicians supporting him to make clear the contradictions in Wiggins’ position as a Free Trader reliant on the votes of supporters of a Conservative government which generally favoured tariff reform.
This stands in similar paths with the laser where a coherent light can build up by the concerted stimulated emission of light from a lot of atoms.
Unlike the Sunningdale Agreement the Anglo-Irish Agreement withstood a much more concerted campaign of violence and intimidation, as well as political hostility, from the loyalists.
With the cyclohexanone-oxime, the relief of ring strain results in a third reaction mechanism, leading directly to the protonated caprolactam in a single concerted step without the intermediate formation of a π-complex or σ-complex.

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