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Vocabulary Word

Word: concede

Definition: admit; acknowledge as being true (often reluctantly); yield; grant; Ex. concede a goal

Sentences Containing 'concede'

"Glött" was 3-0 behind after 18 minutes but then managed to stem the tide and concede only two more goals, both through penalties.
Alongside Kerstin Stegemann, Annike Krahn and Ariane Hingst, Bresonik was part of Germany's defence which did not concede a single goal in the entire tournament.
Although some experts are convinced that poor-fitting footwear is the main cause of bunion formation, other sources concede that footwear only exacerbates the problem caused by the original genetic structure.
At Royal Ascot on 17 June he started 11/10 favourite for the thirteen furlong Prince of Wales's Stakes in which he was required to concede weight to seven opponents.
Both later concede that Bruce is too devoted to his cause as Batman to give her the relationship she wishes for, but the pair reaffirm their bond as close friends.
Derek Pringle took 5-108, one of four England bowlers to concede over 100 runs.
During his last years, he was struggling with his son, Stephen who was crowned during his lifetime and obliged his father to concede the eastern parts of the kingdom to him.
Edwards, recognizing he faced certain defeat, made the surprise announcement on election night that he would concede the race to Roemer.
Having sat on the substitutes bench for a number of games, Ray finally played his one and only Football League game on 30 January 1988, as a substitute for Tony English, where he handled the ball to concede a penalty and allow Scarborough to score their third in a 3–1 defeat for Colchester at the McCain Stadium.
He did concede, however, that "they...sometimes stuck out unexpected truth" and that their work is often intellectually, if not emotionally, stimulating.
However, Britain was jointly administering Sudan with Egypt, and did not want to pressure Egypt to concede Sudanese territory since relations were poor after Sir Lee Stack, the British Governor-General of Sudan, was assassinated in Cairo in November 1924.
However, Goldsmith did concede that 'a court might well conclude that operative paragraphs 4 and 12 do require a further Council decision in order to revive the authorisation.'
However, in the long run, some of them will wise up and concede when none of their conservative plans are implemented.
Hutton's contribution to the second Australian innings was to bowl four overs and concede 30 runs.
I always suppose anything people please, and, besides, you must concede something to diseased minds.
I asked Kippax what he thought...He said "If Hutton, Compton and Hammond are anywhere near their pre-war form I would be willing to concede them 250 runs an innings and ask them not to bat"." Opening batsmen.
If they don't concede, their opponent will get a chance to attack them next.
In 1872, Denver refused to concede the prison to Pressly C. Hyman, who had been appointed the new warden under legislation that repealed that responsibility from the lieutenant governor.
In his second season in Turkey, he played twenty-nine league games and conceded thirty-three goals, helping his team concede the sixth-fewest number of goals in the 2012–13 Süper Lig season.
In particular, they decided that they would not concede the point that smoking has adverse health effects and would instead attempt to create controversy, lest they be held legally liable for the deaths of smokers.
In the collector's DVD, interviews with the staff and writers concede that Ninja Ninja is indeed imaginary.
In the Goodwood Cup, Le Moss started 4/7 favourite, despite being required to concede two pounds to Ardross.
In the Larkspur Stakes at Leopardstown Racecourse in September, Storm Bird, ridden by Steve Cauthen, was required to concede weight to his five opponents but won easily beating Band Practice by four length despite being eased down in the closing stages.
It can have no pure right over my person and property but what I concede to it.
King Béla III bequeathed his kingdom intact to his elder son, King Emeric (1196–1204), but the new king had to concede Croatia and Dalmatia in appanage to his brother Andrew, who had rebelled against him.
On the other hand, Robert L. Weinberg argued in "The Nation" in 2000 that Gore actually had the U.S. Constitution in his favor on this, although he did concede that Gore's "use of the phrase was judged by many commentators to have been a political mistake of the first order" and noted that it was used often in stump speeches by George W. Bush when Bush was campaigning against Gore in that year's presidential race.
Over the five games Dunwoodie failed to score any points, managing only to concede only 18 penalties in minutes, while Australia finished fifth only ahead of Belgium.
Refusing to concede to the Baron's demands, Danilo offers to eliminate any non-Pontevedrian suitors as a compromise.
Rynio had reportedly agreed to join Dortmund in the summer, and Wenauer felt that the keeper had conceded at least one stoppable goal. Rynio later claimed that he had been unlucky to concede the goal, and although he subsequently did sign a contract with Dortmund at the end of the season, the club had not made him an offer until after the game between the two sides.
The following year, both rulers had lost: the "von Raron" had not succeeded in ousting the bishop, who in turn had to concede far-reaching rights to the "Sieben Zenden" in the treaty of Seta in 1415.
The German response to British complaints about violations of Part V were that they were merely unilaterally exercising rights the British delegation at Geneva were prepared to concede to the "Reich".
The Oliver twins and Codemasters who both own 50% of the intellectual property have expressed interest in resurrecting the series, although the twins concede; The Oliver twins's software company, Blitz Games (with the permission of Codemasters) have experimented with their artists to demonstrate what the Dizzy series might look and feel like if revisited and produced a one minute video clip with an online petition to see if there was consumer interest. The online petition was later moved to Yolkfolk.com.
The other, Takeminakata ("Brave-August-Name-Firm") would not concede without testing his feats of strength against Takemikazuchi.
When King Ladislaus I died, his elder nephew Coloman was proclaimed king (1095–1116), but he had to concede the "Tercia pars regni" in appanage to his brother Álmos.
When she refused to concede to their demands, a group of Qizilbash conspirators burst into the harem and strangled her on 26 July 1579.
Yet historians have recently modified the picture and concede Elisabeth was not the massive spinner of intrigues less critical polemicists previously made her out to be, as if to scapegoat.
“I concede defeat and I would like to congratulate my dear friend Beng Climaco,” Fabian said in a press statement.

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