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Vocabulary Word

Word: compute

Definition: reckon; calculate

Sentences Containing 'compute'

"Compute!" stated that "Enchanter" had "nothing strikingly original about it, but you'll appreciate its high level of challenge and meticulously maintained continuity".
3) Long-period orbits are difficult to compute because most trajectories are unstable and sensitive to roundoff errors and details of the numerical integration.
According to Dr. Geordie Rose, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of D-Wave, NP-complete problems "are probably not exactly solvable, no matter how big, fast or advanced computers get" so the adiabatic quantum computer used by the Orion system is intended to quickly compute an approximate solution.
are still used in practice in Egypt to compute stresses in building columns and bridge piers.
As mentioned above, at the same time we start discussing the design and application of an inverse Q-filter, we need to specify a mathematical Q-model that can compute benchmark data similar to Wang’s benchmark data that can be used for inversion later.
But, if you can by any means obtain a list of the regiments left upon the island, we can compute the number of men within a few hundreds, over or under."
By early 1985 "Compute!" magazine advised readers to avoid using the command.
CompHEP is able to compute basically the LO cross sections and distributions with several particles in the final state (up to 6-7).
Compute The result is strongly universal on formula_111 bits.
Compute, in any particular place, what is likely to be annually gained, and what is likely to be annually spent, by all the different workmen in any common trade, such as that of shoemakers or weavers, and you will find that the former sum will generally exceed the latter.
Fieller's theorem can be used to compute confidence intervals of these ratios.
For instance, Placidus Fixlmillner (1721–1791) was the first astronomer to compute the orbit of Uranus.
Given a system of polynomial equations, it may be difficult to compute the dimension of the algebraic set that it defines.
Global value numbering is distinct from local value numbering in that the value-number mappings hold across basic block boundaries as well, and different algorithms are used to compute the mappings.
If the events {"A"1, ..., "An"} are determined by a finite collection of mutually independent random variables, a simple Las Vegas algorithm with expected polynomial runtime proposed by Robin Moser and Gábor Tardos can compute an assignment to the random variables such that all events are avoided.
If there exists a probability distribution for "λ", it is often desirable to consider the likelihood function only in terms of "ψ", by marginalizing out λ: Unfortunately, marginal likelihoods are generally difficult to compute.
If we are given only the SRM value for a beer we can compute the approximate transmission spectrum if the beer has average spectral characteristics simply by taking the antilog of formula_13: This can be used with E-308 to calculate tristimulus color in any path, for any illuminant, for either observer in any colorspace derivable from CIE XYZ space.
If we would compute in how many years the whole of this capital is likely to come back to Great Britain, we must add to the distance of the American returns that of the returns from those other countries.
In some games such as video poker, it is possible to compute an optimal playing strategy based on the frequency for each payoff versus the odds of hitting that payoff.
Kerry Emanuel created a mathematical model around 1988 to compute the upper limit of tropical cyclone intensity based on sea surface temperature and atmospheric profiles from the latest global model runs.
Note too that this procedure computes the CO2 content and can indeed be combined with a complete standardization of the base, using the definition of formula_39 to compute formula_9.
One could compute the cumulative variance for all 7 options easily and choose the absolute best placement.
Pixel shaders, also known as fragment shaders, compute color and other attributes of each fragment.
Rather than dealing with the computational difficulties surrounding long-period orbits to try and find the density of states (energy levels), one can use standard quantum mechanical perturbation theory to compute eigenvalues (energy levels) and use the Fourier transform to look for the periodic modulations of the spectrum which are the signature of periodic orbits.
The absorption of 1 cm of a beer with "average spectral characteristics" (average here means the average of the absorption spectra of the ensemble of 99 beers as described in) at wavelength formula_11 is well described by While it is clear that one could use this formula to compute A530 from the SRM measured at 430 nm and thus interconvert between SRM and old EBC this is not where its value lies.
The B* search algorithm has been used to compute optimal strategy in a sum game of a set of combinatorial games.
The method involves randomly simulating a sample, formula_14, then using it to compute the posterior formula_15 and maximizing utility based on formula_15.
The real dimension is more difficult to compute than the algebraic dimension, and, to date, there is no available software to compute it.
Then we must regard the forward Q-filtering process as our solution of (1.2) which means we must compute the inversion of (1.2) as a Q-forward filtering process.
There is no farmer who does not compute beforehand what the church tythe, which is a land tax of this kind, is, one year with another, likely to amount to.
Therefore, 2L matrix multiplications are needed to compute formula_47terms of the sum.
Therefore, if one wishes to compute formula_47 terms, one merely need the moments formula_48 which can be found through L matrix multiplications.
They were in all not above twenty-five thousand foot, and six thousand horse; but it was impossible for me to compute their number, considering the space of ground they took up.
This allows, through a Gröbner basis computation to compute the dimension of the algebraic set defined by a given system of polynomial equations This allows to prove easily that the dimension is invariant under birational equivalence.
This formula could, for example, be used to compute color patches to be printed on transparency or card stock for use in evaluating the SRM of actual beers but color swatches prepared in this way are only valid for the illuminant, observer and path used in the E-308 calculation.
This makes it useful as a tool for characterizing spectra which require large numerical efforts to compute.
This program additionally can compute (by a separate, non-linear least-squares process) a 'correction' for the base concentration.
Thus, The equivalence volume is used to compute whichever of formula_9 or formula_10 is unknown.
To negate a number, compute 0 minus the number.
Using the trace formula to compute a spectrum requires summing over all of the periodic orbits of a system.
We compute the _Tramecksan_, or high heels, to exceed us in number; but the power is wholly on our side.
We may compute the angle between the circular arc whose endpoints ("ideal points") are given by unit vectors "u" and "v", and the arc whose endpoints are "s" and "t", by means of a formula. Since the ideal points are the same in the Klein model and the Poincaré disk model, the formulas are identical for each model.
We will look at two options and compute the cumulative variance of those options.
web tools to compute molecule masses isotopic distribution
Without further information on the system, there is only one practical method that consists to compute a Gröbner basis and to deduce the degree of the denominator of the Hilbert series of the ideal generated by the equations.
Zembly was run as a product within Sun Microsystems's cloud computing organization, with the hosting of the website and developer applications provided by Network.com's compute cloud.

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