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Vocabulary Word

Word: compulsive

Definition: resulting from compulsion

Sentences Containing 'compulsive'

"Compulsive Gambling God" (爛賭神君) Sequel.
A paracosm is an extremely detailed and structured fantasy world often created by extreme or compulsive fantasizers.
A recent study reports on 90 excessive, compulsive or maladaptive fantasizers who engaged in extensive periods of highly-structured immersive imaginative experiences.
Boxcar Satan's first full-length studio recording, "Days Before the Flood" was released in July 1999 on Compulsive Records.
Cannabinoid medication might be useful in the treatment of the symptoms in patients with TS, but the 2009 review found that the two relevant studies of cannibinoids in treating tics had attrition bias, and that there was "not enough evidence to support the use of cannabinoids in treating tics and obsessive compulsive behaviour in people with Tourette's syndrome".
Children with SMS are often given psychiatric diagnoses such as autism, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit disorder (ADD) and/or mood disorders.
Common side effects of pramipexole may include: Several unusual adverse effects of pramipexole (and related D3-preferring dopamine agonist medications such as ropinirole) may include compulsive gambling, punding, hypersexuality, and overeating, even in patients without any prior history of these behaviours.
Compulsive and repetitive use may result in tolerance to the effect of the drug and withdrawal symptoms when use is reduced or stopped.
Compulsive gambler Charlie Gordon, hiding out from his various bookies and loan sharks, cons his close friend and brother-in-law, widower Herb Sullivan, whose recently deceased wife, Susie Gordon-Sullivan, was Charlie's sister, into an all expenses-paid luxury Holland America cruise.
Dopamine agonists (e.g. pramipexole (Mirapex) and ropinirole (ReQuip)) resulted in some improvement in a minority of patients, but numerous side effects, including the onset of impulse control disorders like compulsive gambling and shopping, have led to concern about this approach.
During her tenure at Channel 7, Brenon was credited with breaking the story about Clint Malarchuk's obsessive compulsive disorder.
During the early 1980s, Rourke starred in "Diner", alongside Paul Reiser, Daniel Stern, Steve Guttenberg, Tim Daly and Kevin Bacon, and yet again drew further critical notices for his portrayal as the suave compulsive gambler "Boogie" Sheftell; The National Society of Film Critics named him Best Supporting Actor that year.
In 1990, he argued the case of Erickson v. Desert Palace, Inc., before the Ninth Circuit, on behalf of a 19-year-old boy who was denied a million-dollar slot machine jackpot by Caesars Palace, and asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the appeal. Rose was instrumental in getting governments and operators to put in place protections for compulsive and underage gamblers.
In Act II, Ravenal sings it to his little daughter Kim, just before he deserts her and Magnolia because of his compulsive gambling.
It is characterized by compulsive drug craving, seeking, and use that persists even if the user is aware of severe adverse consequences.
Linklater also called the novel 'strange to the point of uniqueness' with a 'powerful and at times compulsive appeal'.
Manfred and Flora are compulsive gamblers who can gamble on anything 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
On September 29, 2009, while promoting the album on the syndicated radio show "World Cafe", Smith disclosed she had dealt with obsessive compulsive disorder.
Onychotillomania is a compulsive neurosis in which a person picks constantly at the nails or tries to tear them off.
Other compulsive behaviors such as excessive shopping have been reported.
Schizophrenia occurs along with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) considerably more often than could be explained by chance, although it can be difficult to distinguish obsessions that occur in OCD from the delusions of schizophrenia.
Some are highly prone to cause physical dependency, while others rarely cause any form of compulsive need whatsoever.
Some of his writings include: “Of Course It’s a Depression”, “Casinos on Cruse Ships, Why Not on Airplanes?”, “The New UIGEA Regulations: Opportunities for Operators”, "Betting on Beanie Babies", "The Rise and Fall of the Third Wave: Gambling Will Be Outlawed in Forty Years”, “Compulsive Gambling and the Law”, and “Prohibition 2.0: The Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006 Analyzed”.
Substance dependence, commonly called drug addiction, is a compulsive need to use drugs in order to function normally.
The California Supreme Court adopted his testimony on what constituted a banking game, closing down the State lottery’s Keno. In “Compulsive Gambling and the Law”, Rose described how the views of society, and thus of the law, toward problem gambling are changing.
The compulsive hoarding of cats, a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), has long been associated with "crazy cat ladies".
They may include limb weakness or numbness, loss of memory, vision, and/or intellect, uncontrollable obsessive and/or compulsive behaviors, delusions, headache, cognitive and behavioral problems and sexual dysfunction.

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