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Vocabulary Word

Word: complicity

Definition: participation; involvement (in a questionable act or a crime)

Sentences Containing 'complicity'

"Prewar assessments expressed uncertainty about Iraq's complicity in their presence, but overestimated the Iraqi regime's capabilities to locate them.
According to the Moynihan Commission on Government Secrecy, the complicity of both Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White is conclusively proven by Venona, stating "The complicity of Alger Hiss of the State Department seems settled.
Autocephalist complicity may have contributed to the killing of Patriarchal Metropolitan Vladimir in Kiev in 1918.
Dawidowicz criticized what she considered to be revisionist historians as incorrect and/or sympathetic to the Nazis, as well as German historians who sought to minimize German complicity in the Nazi era attempt to annihilate Europe's Jews.
Despite lacking evidence of Monica's complicity in the embezzlement, Jessica deems Monica a liability and demands her immediate resignation from the firm, which Louis Litt accepts from Monica on Jessica's behalf.
Despite unconfirmed reports that some customs or migration officials were complicit in human trafficking, the government did not report efforts to investigate such officials for trafficking related complicity.
Despite widespread conspiracy theories of CIA complicity in drug trafficking, an investigation by the US Senate found no evidence of CIA involvement.
Film critic Ruth Stein also credits director Martel for capturing the mood of the film, and wrote, "Martel is especially good at capturing a claustrophobic environment, and she wisely leaves ambiguous the question of the doctor's complicity in Amalia's frenzied state.
He led General Directorate of Security's special forces unit, the Special Operations Department () and, following dismissal in 1996 for associating with ultra-nationalist drug trafficker and contact killer Abdullah Çatlı, was tarnished by complicity in the wide-ranging government conspiracy which became known as the Susurluk scandal. The event, which began with the November 1996 car crash which killed Çatlı and other prominent individuals, resulted in Şahin's arrest and subsequent acquittal. His career, however, was effectively ended, and there were additional weapons-related charges in 1999, with a six-year prison term imposed in 2001.
Her mother admitted to her complicity in the crime but her father maintained his innocence.
His wife Celine directly accused Jeanne of complicity and Jeanne took an extended trip to Switzerland until the hue and cry had died down.
However, we can discount the ballad's claim that Moray was the Queen's lover (hinting at a possible motive for James's complicity).
In the NBC series Hannibal the character of Hannibal Lecter's psychiatrist, played by Gillian Anderson, whose complicity with, and knowledge of his crimes is uncertain, is called Bedelia DuMaurier in reference to this work.
In yet other cases the marriages are arranged by criminal enterprises, sometimes involving the complicity of corrupt immigration officials who accept payment for describing the marriage as legitimate in immigration paperwork.
King, in his first major speech on South Africa, spoke against the evils of the apartheid regime (comparing it to Nazi Germany), criticizing US complicity with apartheid, and highlighting the obligations of black Americans to support those opposed to apartheid.
Noting that Montford has not made any relevant scientific contributions, he commented that the book "might serve a psychological need in those who can't face their own complicity in climate change, but at the end of the day it's exactly what it says on the box: a write-up of somebody else's blog" and criticised the book as "at worst, ... a yapping terrier worrying the bull; it cripples action, potentially costing lives and livelihoods."
On April 29, 2007, former Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet said on "60 Minutes", "We could never verify that there was any Iraqi authority, direction and control, complicity with al-Qaeda for 9/11 or any operational act against America, period."
Preliminary issues trial. The High Court proceedings at the Royal Courts of Justice, opened up an argument to the defendants of 'preventing war crimes', that allowed them to put forward evidence of EDO’s complicity in war crimes, and refer to the International Criminal Court Act. The Brighton protester's war crimes legal argument was taken seriously by the court for the first time.
She was the first woman to be brought to trial by an international tribunal. She was indicted 9 August 1999, on the charges of conspiracy to commit genocide, genocide, complicity in genocide, direct and public incitement to commit genocide, crimes against humanity, and violations of Article 3 common to the Geneva Conventions and additional protocol 3.
Suspicions of complicity with the Moslems were alive and well as Jews immigrated from Moslem territories, speaking the Moslem tongue.
The charges include complicity in the torture of a group of seven non-Serb civilians, including two arrested in Dalj on 11 November 1991.
The crime was attributed by police to an unidentified anarchist, and five anarchists were found guilty of complicity for the crime, and sentenced to death.
The degree of complicity which the Jews had in the Islamic invasion in 711 is uncertain.
The five Anarchists sentenced to death for complicity in the dynamite outrages here during the Corpus Christi procession last year were shot at 5 o’clock this morning in the moat of Monjuich Castle.
The group was also charged with treason--complicity with Japanese occupiers during the war--and within a few years was largely destroyed on mainland China."
The head of the investigating commission, Justice M. P. Thakkar, described Mr. Dhawan's responses to questioning on the assassination as unreliable and said that the "needle of suspicion significantly points to his complicity or involvement".
The King's reaction in the ballad is to condemn Huntly's action (in verse 2): Nevertheless, James did not punish Huntly, prompting rumours of his own complicity in the murder.
The play draws the audience into a labyrinthine story which reflects complicity in civic responsibility.
The Real IRA were suspected of complicity in the murder in December 2006 of drug-dealer Martin 'Marlo' Hyland.
Walt Cummings comes to Logan and admits his complicity in Palmer's murder and the airport incident, and further confesses his involvement in an imminent terrorist attack involving the dispersal of nerve gas.

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