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Vocabulary Word

Word: complementary

Definition: serving to complete something

Sentences Containing 'complementary'

A functional graphene integrated circuit was demonstrated – a complementary inverter consisting of one p- and one n-type graphene transistor.
Air purifiers and air sanitizers are therefore complementary air treatment solutions.
Although the technique measures the energy required to change the vibrational state of a molecule as does infrared (IR) spectroscopy, the two methods are actually complementary.
As a testament to the complementary nature of these two styles, there is a proverb that goes: "When pigua is added to baji, gods and demons will all be terrified.
CMOS helmet cameras are based upon the complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor.
Combining the complementary outputs using a maximal ratio combining (MRC) algorithm results in a transfer function with a flat response in the frequency domain.
Complementary gender differentiation (BS) places importance on traditional gender roles for women (e.g., mother wife) and assumes that men depend on women to fulfill these roles.
For certain wide band materials such as graphite, RIXS has been shown to (nearly) conserve crystal momentum and thus has found use as a complementary bandmapping technique.
For illustration, two calculated complementary transfer functions from a typical phase-diverse time-stretch configuration are plotted in Fig.
Good when used either solely or in combination with complementary fruity hops such as Cascade in American pale ales.
Gothic has three nasal consonants, of which one is an allophone of the others, found only in complementary distribution with them.
He also was familiar with the way that complementary colors, such as red and green, strengthened each other when they were placed next to each other.
He described the history of psychology according to a view that differing schools of psychology are complementary and not incompatible.
He studies monetary systems and promotes the idea that communities can benefit from creating their own local or complementary currency, which circulate parallel with national currencies.
His work in medicine led to the development of a broad range of complementary medications and supportive artistic and biographic therapies.
However, fragments that are different between the two species will not anneal to a complementary counterpart and will be amplified by PCR.
Imperial provincial subdivisions and shogunal domain subdivisions were complementary systems.
In this work, he describes his belief that men and women are formed as complementary human beings, whose purpose, strengths and weaknesses are reflected in the physical make-up of their bodies.
It is orthogonal and complementary to DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), which signs the contents (including headers).
It saw the systematic study of color theory, and particularly the study of how complementary colors such as red and green reinforced each other when they were placed next to each other.
It was fabricated by International Business Machines (IBM) in their 0.18 µm, seven-level copper complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) process.
Nearly contemporary to the "Quenta Silmarillion" are the "Annals of Beleriand", a complementary, separate account with a different point of view.
Plutarch notes that Caesar wrote to Crassus from Gaul, endorsing the plan to invade Parthia — an indication that he regarded Crassus's military campaign as complementary and not merely rivalrous to his own.
Synergy usually arises when two persons with different complementary skills cooperate.
The Atacama Cosmology Telescope has similar, but complementary, science objectives.
The Church held that there is only one truth, and that both faith and reason are two paths that lead to this one truth, making them complementary instead of antagonistic.
The convention was historic in that it marked a meeting point of feminists and Marxists, and in a speech to the convention the president of the IPF Women's Cell declared that Marxism and feminism were not antagonistic but complementary ideologies.
The couples in the group wear complementary colors, and Rhonda Wilcox interprets the color-coding and choreography to represent the "tension between the individual and the group".
The dhol is used as well as complementary percussion instruments such as the dholak, tabla and others.
The dhol is used as well as complementary percussion instruments such as the dholak, tabla, et cectra.
The enclitic personal pronouns are in complementary distribution with them; they may represent the object of a transitive verb, a nominal or verbal complement or adjunct in a prepositional phase, or indicate possession on the noun.
The FinP gene encodes an antisense RNA product that is complementary to part of the 5' UTR of the traJ mRNA.
The fresco in the Grundemann Chapel is complementary to the altar-piece of the chapel, whose subject is the wiping out of the original sin by Christ’s redeeming blood.
The programme builds on the strengths and the complementary expertise in Earth Science at the three universities.
The purpose of having a variety of miRNAs in a single peace of RNA processing machinery is to act as complementary strands to the recognition elements of a variety of target RNA molecules.
The school colors are royal blue and white with black commonly used as a complementary color.
The title is based on the Gnostic notion of an Æon – emanations of God – specifically the Valentinian notion of a syzygy, a sexually complementary pair of emanations, here the two main characters.
The two methods are complementary because some vibrational transitions that are observed in IR spectroscopy are not observed in Raman spectroscopy, and vice versa.
Their assessment of the approach taken and methods used by their predecessors was less than complementary.
These three major international drug control treaties are mutually supportive and complementary.
This effect is due to a self-complementary hydrogen bonding between these residues, which would go unsatisfied if an N were paired with, for instance, an L on the opposing helix.
This hospital is a complementary health service provider in Iran's Social Security organization (SSO) chain of hospitals.
This makes it complementary to other methods that are most sensitive to planets with small orbits.
This scale is composed of 11 items that aim to assess an individual's position on the dimensions of protective paternalism, complementary gender differentiation, and heterosexual intimacy, as previously defined.
To better address less regulated products, in 2000, US President Clinton signed Executive Order 13147 that created the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
Von Hildebrand argued against the "terrible anti-personalism" of his age, stating that it is the "general dissimilarity in the nature of both which enables... a real complementary relationship".
Within his books he describes and draws from the perceptions of freiwirtschaft. He is the originator of a complementary currency called the terra.
Yin Yoga as taught by Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers is not intended as a complete practice in itself, but rather as a complementary practice to balance the effects of more active forms of yoga and exercise.
Yin Yoga is based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang, opposite and complementary principles in nature.
Yoga for Hope is a nationwide initiative born out of City of Hope’s awareness of the vital role complementary and integrative therapies play in healing the whole person.

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::: expletive - meaningless word; interjection; profane oath; swear-word
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