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Vocabulary Word

Word: complement

Definition: complete; consummate; make perfect; N.

Sentences Containing 'complement'

"U-11" was equipped with two torpedo tubes located in the front and carried a complement of two torpedoes.
A complement to this list can be found at List of books of the Authorized King James Version.
A specific example of a set with an enumeration but not a computable enumeration is the complement of the halting set.
After the full complement was achieved in December 1995, there were no further launches until December 1999.
Ames told the "Los Angeles Times" he hoped "Emerge" would "complement", rather than replace, those magazines.
and his predecessors; and he saw that the complement was not half empty.
And style assessment can also complement the search for personality disorder.
Beam - The width of the ship Complement - The full number of people required to operate a ship.
Before dawn on 7 September "Washtenaw County" debarked her complement of marines which made up the first and second waves of the first phase.
Bookchin later developed a political philosophy to complement social ecology which he called "Communalism" (spelled with a capital "C" to differentiate it from other forms of communalism).
But the ship, having her full complement of seamen, spurned his suit; and not all the King his father's influence could prevail.
But this complement may be much inferior to what, with other laws and institutions, the nature of its soil, climate, and situation, might admit of.
China seems to have been long stationary, and had, probably, long ago acquired that full complement of riches which is consistent with the nature of its laws and institutions.
Complement activation leads to destruction of the basement membrane.
Eventually the ship was crushed and sunk, stranding its 28-man complement on the ice.
Finally, individual study maps are meta-analyzed using different tests to complement the main outcome with sensitivity and heterogeneity analyses.
For warships, the number of people assigned to a ship in peacetime may be considerably less than her full complement.
In 1977, a three-door hatchback version appeared to complement the existing two-door booted car.
In 1997, Alliance bought Classic Security and acquired a lighting and electrical company as a complement to the First Quality division.
In addition there was the usual complement of quartermaster and sanitary and medical detachments.
In like manner, the Greenland whalers sailing out of Hull or London, put in at the Shetland Islands, to receive the full complement of their crew.
It had, perhaps, even long before his time, acquired that full complement of riches which the nature of its laws and institutions permits it to acquire.
It uses narrative sources to complement its discoveries.
Its normal crew complement is 38 civilians and no military personnel.
James O'Connor argues for a "second contradiction" of underproduction, to complement Marx's "first" contradiction of capital and labor.
KPSS type tests are intended to complement unit root tests, such as the Dickey–Fuller tests.
Let us now complement our economic achievements with social, cultural, and spiritual development.
On the rocky moors the various lichens and mosses complement each other in colorful picturesque scenery.
SDM provides several different statistical analyses in order to complement the main outcome with sensitivity and heterogeneity analyses.
Ships of this class were long, displaced and had a complement of about 35.
Since the 1970s, there have been various proposals to complement or replace Heathrow by a new airport located in the Thames Estuary.
Some of her complement of 220 men served in the field with the Naval Brigade.
Tennis was merely another game to complement baseball and basketball, but his potential carried him beyond his roots into the national arena when he was 14.
The building is located opposite the Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, which dates from around 1361, and was architecturally conceived as a complement to the older structure.
The complete protein complement of a cell or organism is known as the proteome.
The dashboard, with the now ever-present display is also modern in styling, and has some ribs, especially at the top, which complement the external lines of the bodywork.
The fort's military complement was 176 men, including officers and artillerymen.
The novel also deals with significant business and financial aspects which complement the adventure.
The ones' complement plus the 1 is the two's complement.
The P-51H was designed to complement the P-47N as the primary aircraft for the invasion of Japan, with 2,000 ordered to be manufactured at Inglewood.
The packing house was built in 1924 by the Union Pacific Railway to complement its neighboring train station.
The program provides a strong foundation of vendor-neutral, systems level credentials that will integrate with and complement individual vendor certifications."
There was proposal to develop a new, Pickering Airport northeast of the city, to complement Pearson on the west side of Toronto.
These activities are described as co curricular, as they are intended to complement and supplement the regular academic program.
This field laboratory was intended to complement the MSU College of Fisheries program in freshwater aquaculture.
This strategy is particularly advantageous if A is diagonal and D−CA−1B (the Schur complement of A) is a small matrix, since they are the only matrices requiring inversion.
This train will run midday to complement the Piedmont and Carolinian and include stops in Greensboro, Burlington, and High Point.
To complement the lake aeration project, with the help of scientist from the Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar.
To complement the running stock a collection of over 210 carriages and wagons of various origins has been compiled and many are still being restored.
When "g"("x") generates a cyclic code "C", then the reciprocal polynomial "p"*(x) generates "C"⊥, the orthogonal complement of "C".

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