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Vocabulary Word

Word: compartment

Definition: one of the parts into which an enclosed space is divided

Sentences Containing 'compartment'

A compartment space is anatomically determined by an unyielding fascial (and osseous) enclosure of the muscles.
A compartment syndrome is an increased pressure within a muscular compartment that compromises the circulation to the muscles.
A free standing rotating mast stepped far forward in the front buoyancy compartment supports a mainsail.
A second docking compartment, "Stykovochniy Otsek 2" or SO-2, was initially planned with the same design.
Additionally a single piece hatch covers the top of the troop compartment.
After disabling the net, Jayne fires at the window of the net's crew compartment, causing it to rupture and killing the net's two operators.
After the spores have been dispersed into a suitable growing environment, they germinate and develop into homokaryotic hyphae, with a single nucleus in each cell compartment.
After three years, Sridhar returns from abroad to find Preeti in the same compartment.
Again the vehicles had a closed operator's compartment and were adapted for the harsh climatic conditions.
An old woman is found in a compartment in the ship.
Anterior compartment syndrome of the lower leg
As a result, approximately 12% of blood plasma volume crosses into the extravascular compartment.
At the front is the drivers' cab, followed by the clean air compartment, engine room, cooling group, and compressor room at the rear of the locomotive.
But this car had a completely different layout . Compartment of the power unit was located in the rear of the vehicle and cargo compartment housed the middle.
Compelled to leave the compartment, he proceeded to the forward engine room to investigate conditions there.
Her bow planes were rigged out, and in order to rerig them, it would be necessary to enter the flooded compartment.
However, the resulting hole flooded the low power switchboard compartment and eventually shorted out two of "Lion"s three dynamos.
Jayne wakes up and pulls the curtain off of his weapons compartment, but just uses it as a blanket and returns to sleep.
Kelly offered him a cup of tea and went to get them, but when he returned, he found the man just after killing Jacqui in her compartment.
Later versions had the fuel carried in a box-shaped tank mounted above the L3's engine compartment.
Next day this was accomplished by putting pressure in the forward battery compartment, and opening the water-tight door into the forward torpedo room.
On the trip to the shop, David learns that Don Fitzgerald is a DEA agent after finding his badge and gun in the glove compartment.
Purification of integral membrane proteins requires disruption of the cell membrane in order to isolate any one particular protein from others that are in the same membrane compartment.
The "Pirs" docking compartment was manufactured by RKK Energia.
The 5 Ps of Anterior Compartment Syndrome:
The anterior compartment of the leg is supplied by the deep fibular nerve (deep peroneal nerve).
The anterior compartment syndrome of the lower leg (often referred to simply as anterior compartment syndrome), can affect any and all four muscles of that compartment: tibialis anterior, extensor hallucis longus, extensor digitorum longus, and peroneus tertius.
The compartment of the leg is supplied by anterior tibial artery.
The Docking Compartment has two primary functions: Provide a docking port and serve as an airlock.
The Docking Compartment is similar to the Mir Docking Module used on the Mir space station.
The docking compartment's planned lifetime as part of the station was five years.
The doors to the passenger section were recessed like those of their predecessors, however there was only a single door to the engine compartment on the right hand side of the vehicle.
The food vacuole is the specialized compartment that degrades hemoglobin during the asexual erythrocytic stage of the parasite.
The luggage compartment offers up to 408 liters for the standard, expandable up to 1,183, by lowering the rear seat backrest. C4 Aircross.
The muscles of the compartment are Action.
The muscles of the compartment are dorsiflexors of foot.
The single-class passenger vehicles had one compartment reserved for ladies and two compartments reserved for smoking.
The space was completely flooded, and in order to surface the submarine, it was necessary to blow water out of the compartment with compressed air.
The spare tire was relocated from the side of the cargo compartment to under the floor.
The superficial perineal pouch (also superficial perineal compartment/space/sac) is a compartment of the perineum.
The superficial perineal pouch is a fully enclosed compartment:
The transformer and the switching ("Schaltwerk") was therefore installed in an engine compartment.
The troop compartment is at the rear of the hull; a large power operated ramp allows access through the rear of the vehicle, a door is also provided in the ramp.
The true compartment syndrome arises due to increased pressure within the unyielding anterior compartment of the leg.
These hyphae are homokaryotic, containing a single nucleus in each compartment; they increase in length by adding cell-wall material to a growing tip.
They were also slightly longer and wider, and had an extra compartment.
This breakup was achieved by the two seats at either end, two full and one partial-compartment provided for each class.
This consisted of a rake of two carriages that would be attached to an engine, with a driving compartment and controls built into the rear carriage.
This process constitutes the fundamental event of signal transduction through a membrane, in which a signal in the extracellular compartment is "sensed" by a receptor and is converted in the intracellular compartment to a different chemical form, i.e. that of a phosphorylated tyrosine.
Unbeknownest to them, Plankton hid in the Atlantis bus compartment on the way here.

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