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Vocabulary Word

Word: commonplace

Definition: ordinary; N: something ordinary or common; trite remark

Sentences Containing 'commonplace'

"As to the letters," he continued, glancing over them, "they are very commonplace.
A Biden spokesperson said that "Some repayment is commonplace after presidential campaign audits and the repayment ordered here is relatively small.
An office camera typically has a compact form factor in order to be a commonplace desktop item.
And assuming one to be a commonplace man and the other a great artist, what a difference will there be in their work.
Burlesque lingered on elsewhere in the U.S., increasingly neglected, and by the 1970s, with nudity commonplace in theatres, American burlesque reached "its final shabby demise".
But it is not enough#encouraged#, and the prize is generally given to the drawing that is most complete and like the model in a commonplace way.
Cervantes at times makes it a kind of commonplace book for occasional essays and criticisms, or for the observations and reflections and gathered wisdom of a long and stirring life.
Dangerous vapors and fumes from burning materials can be inhaled, and dusty asbestos-laden areas around such breakdown locations are commonplace.
Depend upon it, there is nothing so unnatural as the commonplace."
Despite the commonplace setting the scene is rather macabre: conversations alternate between lighthearted pleasantries and equally dismissive discussions of the treatment of Jews.
Female astronauts went on to become commonplace in the 1980s.
For how can the draughtsman, who does not know how to draw accurately the cold, commonplace view of an object, hope to give expression to the subtle differences presented by the same thing seen under the excitement of strong feeling?
For however commonplace the subject seen by the artist in one of his``flashes,''it is clothed in a newness and surprise that charm us, be it only an orange on a plate.
For in the continual observation of anything you have set your easel before day after day, comes a series of impressions, more and more commonplace, as the eye becomes more and more familiar with the details of the subject.
Goat's cheese, pigeons, subsidized and home-baked bread and homegrown tomatoes are commonplace among the majority of its residents.
His byline was commonplace on pulp covers.
How they react to each other’s views, and how will they affect each other in commonplace situations?
I killed Brown every night for months; not in old, stale, commonplace ways, but in new and picturesque ones; ways that were sometimes surprising for freshness of design and ghastliness of situation and environment.
I was so ashamed to allude to a commonplace thing like my box, to a scholar and a master at Salem House, that we had gone some little distance from the yard before I had the hardihood to mention it.
If he can not paint the commonplace aspect of our mountain, how can he expect to paint any expression of the deeper things in it?
Ignorance about the disease, and how it is spread, is commonplace; this is particularly true among people performing high-risk behavior such as prostitutes.
Intimidation and bribery were commonplace, and the electoral campaign saw the comeback of regional loyalties.
It can be taken as a straightforward satire on nuclear weapons and the Cold War or a commentary on how commonplace and mundane technology has become in our lives.
It can reproduce what it is called upon to reproduce, and if human nature demands the commonplace, the instrument will be made to satisfy the demand.
It is not a commonplace river, but on the contrary is in all ways remarkable.
It is the mean, prosaic, commonplace character of all the surroundings and circumstances that gives a significance to Don Quixote's vigil and the ceremony that follows.
It is your commonplace, featureless crimes which are really puzzling, just as a commonplace face is the most difficult to identify.
Many of the adages have become commonplace in many European languages, and we owe our use of them to Erasmus.
Napoleon is the Mahomet of the West, and is worshipped by his commonplace but ambitions followers, not only as a leader and lawgiver, but also as the personification of equality.''
or some such commonplace comment before we resumed; or, maybe, we would see a shell poising itself away high in the air overhead.
Our visitor bore every mark of being an average commonplace British tradesman, obese, pompous, and slow.
Primarily, each piece uses commonplace items (comic strips, soup cans, road signs, and hamburgers) as the subject matter of their pieces.
Recently, as the number of tourists at peak times reach 100,000 in Budva, electricity shortages also became commonplace.
Rewriting the Homeric Epics was commonplace and accepted in Biblical times.
Since timber framing techniques were not yet commonplace, Jacobsen was restrained to building with logs that were paneled with cut planks on the exterior walls.
So that to say of a drawing, as is so often said, that it is not true because it does not present the commonplace appearance of an object accurately, may be foolish.
Stobäus's "Commonplace Book," containing songs, instrumental music and drawings of instruments, is preserved at the British Library (Sloane MS 1021).
The commonplace is not the true, but only the shallow, view of things.
The more featureless and commonplace a crime is, the more difficult it is to bring it home.
The notion of patron saints providing protection was already commonplace throughout the Mediterranean world in the seventh century.
The recipes were gleaned from an older time and tradition when rendered fat and drippings, raw eggs, and unpasteurised milk products were commonplace.
The sound has since become commonplace in country and Hawaiian music.
The throaty, soulful timbre of her voice was uncharacteristic of Japanese vocalists of the 1980s (although it has become more commonplace today).
Then Sherlock Holmes pulled down from the shelf one of the ponderous commonplace books in which he placed his cuttings.
They are full of that wise selection by a great mind that lifts such work above the triviality of the commonplace to the level of great imaginative painting.
This principle was commonplace in Spanish scholasticism and rationalist philosophy, but had never been applied in case law.
This sounds very commonplace, but it is surprising how few students make it their aim.
Why, the thing has lost color, snap, surprise; and has become commonplace.
You can not take me for a commonplace man, a mere rattle, emitting a vague and senseless noise.
``Certainly you give a most commonplace air to your explanation, but it is not the less true that you Ah, but what do I hear?''

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