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Vocabulary Word

Word: commemorative

Definition: remembering; honoring the memory of; Ex. commemorative stamp

Sentences Containing 'commemorative'

A commemorative bench for Kormiltsev was installed at Lincoln's Inn Fields in London.
A commemorative book chronicling 10 years of YRP was also launched at the 2013 ceremony.
A commemorative postage stamp on her was issued on 03-December-2010.
A commemorative stamp on him was released in 1987.
A commemorative stone was even laid within the tower base to signal recommencement of the tower building but nothing more was done.
A complete list of all released commemorative coins can be found in the ""Liste der Gedenkmünzen der DDR"".
A consular diptych was commissioned by a "consul ordinarius" to mark his entry to that post, and was distributed as a commemorative reward to those who had supported his candidature.
A special commemorative reissue of this album, including rare tracks and a DVD, was released upon its 10th anniversary.
activists also organized a few official commemorative gatherings.
After 1967, the dollar coin was made of nickel, except for non-circulating commemorative issues for the collector market, which continue to contain silver.
Also, when a commemorative stamp was released to mark the Tamil conference, Annadurai expressed his dissatisfaction that the stamp contained Hindi when it was for Tamil.
American Arts Commemorative Series medallions
American Arts Commemorative Series medallions are a series of gold bullion medallions produced by the United States Mint from 1980 through 1984.
As of 9 October 2008, 2 variations of Slovak commemorative coins have been scheduled to be minted in 2009.
Commemorative reunions and usage of Otpor!
Current works were displayed at the 1905 and 1906 Salon d'Automne, followed by two commemorative retrospectives after his death in 1907.
Euro gold and silver commemorative coins (Slovakia)
For the 75th Anniversary (2010-11 Season) of the chorus a commemorative book was published by the longest serving member Bill Smyllie.
However, a number of commemorative items had already been made for the event, the demand for which and the value of which was greatly inflated by the Jamboree's cancellation.
In 1639, a commemorative chapel was erected to house the arms seized from the Tibetans who were defeated by the Bhutanese on this spot.
In 1905 the Royal Scottish Academy held a commemorative exhibition.
In 1987 and 1989 Marquardt was commissioned by the Reserve Bank of Australia to produce maritime drawings for the commemorative $10 and the current $20 notes.
In 1995, "Alley Oop" was one of 20 strips showcased in the Comic Strip Classics series of commemorative US postage stamps.
In 1997 a Commemorative Edition was released to mark the Transfer of Sovereignty of Hong Kong.
In 2004, a commemorative Jersey pound note was put into circulation depicting Mont Orgueil.
In addition to this, fans were shown nightly video tributes, and a commemorative book was published.
In addition, a commemorative neckerchief slide was made for Boy Scouts and for the Cub Scouts.
In June 2009 the Czech Mint issued a commemorative coin marking the same milestone.
Indian Post and Telegraphs Department feels privileged to bring out a commemorative postage stamp in honour of this great son of India.
It was commissioned as one of the commemorative public works in honour of the first centenary of the independence of Chile.
It was Lovekin's idea to honour WA's war dead by planting rows of commemorative eucalypt trees in the Park.
It was not until 1984 and the introduction of the Australian Bicentennial commemorative program that funds became available for the completion of the tower and spire.
Limited supplies were offered both with and without a commemorative tin, celebrating the original formula's popularity.
Over the years the king gave the abbess a few commemorative gifts which are on display today in the convent, yet there seems to be no undue favoritism to the region because of their friendship.
Quote from a commemorative poem from "Pjaltetider", Borgen (1997):
Some of the commemorative coins were produced in very large volumes, especially the one that is shown above.
Tennō Kōgō Commemorative Cup is given the champion of the tournament.
The Commemorative Cup was given the winner of Kurowashiki All Japan Volleyball Championship until 2006.
The Confederate Memorial in Mayfield is a commemorative monument and fountain located on the courthouse lawn in downtown Mayfield, Kentucky.
The hip flask is popular as a commemorative item, often being engraved.
The middle inscription contain the letters "Léal Souvenir" ("Loyal Memory") indicating that the portrait was completed after the man's death and was probably intended as commemorative.
There is a commemorative plaque on site stating that Boland was killed in action there.
There were 123 commemorative coins all together, which had a nominal value of 5, 10 or 20 Mark.
These special high-value commemorative coins are not to be confused with €2 commemorative coins, which are coins designated for circulation and do have legal tender status in all countries of the Eurozone.
They practice Shamanistic rituals and still erect menhirs (monoliths) as commemorative symbols for the deceased from the megalithic tradition [http://www.junglezebindia.com/].
This means that the commemorative coins made of gold and silver cannot be used as money in other countries.
This was a staging point of the Trafalgar Way, and a commemorative plaque can be seen there.
Today it is still in use as the city court of Copenhagen. In 2007, the National Bank of Denmark issued a 20 DKK commemorative coin of the tower.
Voyageur Commemorative silver dollar series.
While there they attended the first commemorative event at the cemetery.

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