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Vocabulary Word

Word: comatose

Definition: in a coma; extremely sleepy

Sentences Containing 'comatose'

According to Regan, there would be more harm in the death of a normal, healthy dog than there would be in the death of a person who was irreversibly comatose, as the dog would have more opportunities for satisfaction than the irreversibly comatose human.
After Tintin, Captain Haddock, and Professor Calculus are each visited in their nightmares by the mummy, the three awaken to find Professor Tarragon comatose with the telltale shards of crystal by his bed.
As it crossed over into the mainstream, the concept was becoming increasingly generic and comatose (as seen with the hip hop supergroup the Firm, which rhymed almost exclusively about mafioso fantasies).
Darcy, albeit comatose, begins appearing in Izzy's nightmares for a while.
He is then taken into a room to have intercourse with two hidden comatose bodies under a sheet.
Her boyfriend becomes comatose and in his dreams he tries to contact Ayumi via letters, not realizing that his letters would never reach her.
However, Wakana's comatose state forces Kazu to wait until her power resurfaces.
Their song 'Comatose' was used in the trailer for the Samuel L. Jackson thriller 'Lakeview Terrace'.
When Alyssa is almost raped by a lust filled soldier she descends into a magically protected comatose state, and Terrel leaves Haven to find answers.
When Darcy is transferred back to Erinsborough Hospital in a private room, he wakes up but keeps up the pretence of being comatose when crooked nurse Gareth Peters (Philip McInnes) walks in.
While comatose, Wendy is visited in this state by her father, Noah Kuttler (aka The Calculator), who swears revenge on the Titans for allowing this to happen to his children.

More Vocab Words

::: vociferous - clamorous; noisy; V. vociferate: cry out loudly (when complaining)
::: metaphysical - pertaining to speculative philosophy; of metaphysics; N. metaphysics: branch of philosophy that examines the nature of reality
::: entreat - plead; ask earnestly
::: euphoria - feeling of exaggerated or unfounded(ungrounded; baseless) well-being; feeling of great happiness or well-being (when unreasonable); ADJ. euphoriaric
::: impugn - dispute or contradict (often in an insulting way); attack as false or questionable; challenge; gainsay; CF. fight
::: squelch - produce a splashing sound (when stepping through mud); crush; squash; CF.
::: gouge - overcharge (with high price); extort from; Ex. gouge the public; CF. usury
::: persevere - continue steadily in spite of difficulties
::: distraught - upset; distracted by anxiety; very anxious and troubled almost to the point of madness; Ex. distraught with grief/worry
::: shear - remove (fleece or hair) by cutting; remove the hair or fleece from; cut with or as if with shears; N: shears; pair of scissors