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Vocabulary Word

Word: collage

Definition: work of art put together from fragments

Sentences Containing 'collage'

(De Lange n.d:1) Exploiting the disrupted, often politically inclined visual language of collage, Zero transposes abrasions and fractures into obsessively painted surfaces.
Among the musical ensembles that have performed his music are the John Oliver Chorale, the Pro Arte Orchestra, the Lydian String Quartet, Collage, Parnassus, New York New Music, New Millenium Ensemble, the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, Lontano (Great Britain), Interensemble (Italy), Speak Percussion (Australia), Emory University Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble, and Boston Musica Viva.
Anno's illustrations are often in pen and ink and watercolor, and occasionally incorporate collage and woodcuts.
By systematically and maniacally incorporating a huge range of influences (and by huge range, I do mean huge range), This Busy Monster have built a weird musical collage.
Furthermore it is the main hub for Bootia-Mahan Aviation Collage for commercial pilot training purpose for Mahan Air's cadet pilot program.
He has been incorporating collage elements and objects into his work, but his recent paintings have built upon his interest in materiality.
His highly textured semi-abstract paintings are often executed in mixed media incorporating collage and acrylics; he also brings an experimental approach to watercolour and oils.
However, critics pointed to production as the album's main weakness, noting a distinct lack of RZA-produced tracks, resulting in a messy collage of beats rather than a cohesive sound.
In 1930 he finished the Odessa film collage, worked as cameramen with Dovzhenko and taught courses in Soviet and foreign film history and theory at Kiev film-institute.
In 2004, she released her debut single on the wildly successful label Robbins Entertainment that was titled "The Air I Breathe," which featured freestyle artist Collage.
Joe McCullough of Comics Comics wrote, "In fact, I like literally everything about this cleverly revised, nipped tucked edition, apportioning and expanding upon Lee’s modular, time-skipping vignettes with text features crammed right between the ‘main’ story and Charles Vess-inked backup material..., creating a kind of call and response between different characters from different points in time, walking you carefully through Lee’s collage of varied femininity in a hazardous future.
Locke uses a wide range of media, including painting, drawing, photography, relief, fabric, sculpture and casting, and makes extensive use of found objects and collage.
Lydia Murman, art critic of the New Art Examiner, wrote about Bernal's 1981 solo exhibition of collage and assemblage: "Bernal's works involve the viewer because they resurrect the concern for art as a communicative force.
Other historical figures, the protagonist has direct dealings with, are: Aziru (ruler of Amurru kingdom), Thutmose (sculptor), Burna-Buriash II (Babylonian king), and, under a different name, Zannanza, son of Suppiluliuma I. Zannanza's bride is a collage of at least three historical figures: herself, first wife of Horemheb and, by him, mother of Ramesses I. Historical Horemheb died childless.
Reichel attended collage the McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California.
Reiter criticized her inconsistent characterization, which made her actions seem "like fragments pasted together to form a disjointed collage."
Rita Boley Bolaffio (Trieste, Italy, 7 June 1898 - New York, USA, 20 May 1995) was an artist who was instrumental in reintroducing collage and decoupage into the United States.
Since the late 80s, his music has been presented at festivals and concerts in Europe and America, performed by internationally acclaimed artists and ensembles, such as the Moscow Helikon Opera, the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, children's choir Maîtrise de Radio France, the Arditti String Quartet, the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Ensemble Wiener Collage, Mark Pekarsky Percussion Ensemble, pianist Yvar Mikhashoff, soprano Phyllis Bryn-Julson, a.o. Among the publishers of Shchetynsky are Alain Van Kerckhoven Editeur, Boosey Hawkes, Le Chant du Monde, and Gerard Billaudot Editeur S.A. Two "portrait" CDs with his music were released in the USA and France.
The original album cover consisted of a collage of autopsy photographs collected from medical journals.
The shock of unexpected elements, the use of Frottage, collage, and decalcomania, the rendering of mysterious landscapes and dreamed images were to become the key techniques through the rest of the 1930s.
They focused on rejecting the ideas formed by established artists and art creation and used methods such as collage, photomontage, and found-object construction to create their art.
Using "Melody Attack" as inspiration, the couple created a collage of red warplanes flying in formation over the Himalayas.
Working independently, Picasso and Georges Braque returned to and refined Cézanne's way of rationally comprehension of objects in a flat medium, heir experiments in cubism also would lead them to integrate all aspects and objects of day to day life, collage of newspapers, musical instruments, cigarettes, wine, and other objects into their works.
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