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Vocabulary Word

Word: collaborate

Definition: work together; cooperate treasonably with the enemy

Sentences Containing 'collaborate'

About the same time he began to collaborate with the French engraver Étienne Dupérac, who continued to provide illustrations for posthumous printings of Panvinio's works.
All the members continue to collaborate and make music together.
Around the same time, Whannell returned to collaborate with Wan and they wrote a film called "Dead Silence", which Wan directed.
Around this time, Maher first met Matt Johnson, with whom he would later collaborate.
Dixon stated in an interview "Jay and I have been good friends for a while now and we have always said that we wanted to collaborate together.
During his detainment, Gallinari was one of the few BR terrorists who did not collaborate with the Italian justice.
During their time in the story, they collaborate to stage many shenanigans, including pretending to be the brothers of a deceased man so they can steal the money left to them in the will.
Engaged partnership means that leaders at all levels collaborate to develop shared response goals and align capabilities.
Flaherty then agreed to collaborate with F. W. Murnau on another South Seas picture, "Tabu" (1931).
GLG operates a technology-enabled platform for institutions to consult and collaborate with experts in various industries and disciplines around the globe.
He also traded on the notoriety Websnark afforded him by putting out an open call for an artist to collaborate on a new webcomic (having decided against trying to draw it himself).
He is the author of the book, "Collaborate!
He left Monster Magnet in 2010 to "collaborate with new producers, songwriters and musicians".
Hibbs was the editor assigned to collaborate with Eisenhower in producing these articles.
In 1779 Coulomb was sent to Rochefort to collaborate with the Marquis de Montalembert in constructing a fort made entirely from wood near Ile d'Aix.
In 1959 he began to make friends with and collaborate with poets who would later make up the "Generation of 1950".
In 2003, he wanted to collaborate with Izumi, one of his favorite artists, and remembered his earlier concept that would become "Hibiki's Magic".
In 2011, it was reported that Jiiva will collaborate with "Vaamanan" director Ahmed.
In December 2004, Hansard appeared on stage to collaborate with Paddy Casey and The Dublin Gospel Choir.
In non-competitive manner, either single individuals will participate in crowdsourcing or multiple individuals can collaborate to create software.
In October 2011 Hortonworks announced Microsoft would collaborate on a Hadoop distribution for Windows Azure and Windows Server.
In order to plan out the two alignments, Metro will have to collaborate with Madison County Transit.
In response, Jodubajab, intimidated, began to collaborate with Japan's territorial designs on Inner Mongolia, sparking the ire of Mongol nationalists.
In the beginning of 2012, Bosquito started to collaborate with the legendary drummer Ovidiu Lipan Ţăndărică, of Phoenix fame.
In this work, they collaborate with scientists from many other government and academic institutions from around the globe.
Initially intended to feature British singer Estelle, the duo ultimately decided to collaborate with Buena on the song following her departure from girl group Sugababes in December 2005.
Instructables- Instructables is website where members collaborate with each other and share DIY projects.
It also allows educators to collaborate and share resources, such as lesson plans, organizers and activities for students.
Kring and Loeb would collaborate again when producing "Heroes".
Kristian Lundin and John Amatiello did also collaborate on their self-titled debut album which was released in 1996.
Lamberton would never again collaborate with the English and Edward even attempted to have him ousted from the See of St Andrews in 1318 by writing letters to the Pope charging Lamberton with treason.
Learning did not stop for Sam as he and Tim Coltrane decided to collaborate as The Tribute; the track was picked up by Soundpiercing Records and it included a remix by Sam and Backer.
Mýa began consulting a few other producers to collaborate on the album, renamed "Liberation", and in mid-2006, a buzz track entitled "Ayo!" was released onto the internet.
Once they arrived in New York City, many of these Dadaists decided to collaborate, making art to display to the public.
Philip's brother, Glenn Rahman, urged Tierney to collaborate with him on "The Gardens of Lucullus" which eventually appeared in 2001.
Players had to collaborate, not compete, to complete such levels.
Prosecutors claimed that Demjanjuk volunteered to collaborate with the Germans and was sent to the camp at Trawniki, where he was trained to guard prisoners and was given a firearm, a uniform, and an ID card with his photograph.
The album is one of the few releases on which the band did not collaborate with Ian Catt in some way.
The Army and Police in India collaborate and both Ranvir and Jaideep are asked to work together.
The scandal not only put a stain in the CIA's relations with SIDE, but also made the Americans distrust the Argentine intelligence community which they had come to collaborate extensively during the Carlos Menem administration.
The two choirs currently share service duties and occasionally collaborate.
The two congregations continued to collaborate on children's Sunday school for a time and had a combined youth group until 1986.
Then Joel asks Denise and Cheryl to collaborate on writing a song for closeted lesbian ingenue singer Kelly Porter (Bridget Fonda).
Then-newcomer Kanye West exclaimed his sessions with Jackson were "unbelievable," having previously expressed desire to collaborate.
There are groups of humans who are aware of the Dominants and collaborate with them.
These pollen zones collaborate the dating of Big Bay by OSL and radiocarbon dating.
This also caused rifts between Anand-Milind and Alka Yagnik, thereby causing them to not collaborate for 2 years.
Through research, education and modules on global governance, or sustainability and the environment, international students collaborate on research projects.
Unable to collaborate with Gandhi, however, Roy was to stick to his own conviction.
When the band convened to resume recording in late 1966, there was still a camaraderie and desire to collaborate as musicians.

More Vocab Words

::: homage - honor; tribute; great respect; Ex. pay/do homage to
::: equilibrium - balance of opposing forces; balance of the mind; equanimity
::: accost - approach and speak first to a person
::: mischief - behavior (of children) causing trouble with no serious harm; damage; harm; Ex. mischief to the crops; ADJ. mischievous: causing mischief; playfully troublesome
::: dutiful - (duteous) (of people or their behavior) respectful; obedient (filled with a sense of duty)
::: economy - efficiency or conciseness in using something; thrifty management of resources
::: canter - slow gallop; V. CF. trot
::: humanitarian - one devoted to the promotion of human welfare; CF. humanism
::: slink - move furtively; ADJ. slinky: stealthy; furtive; sneaky (as in ambush)
::: nihilist - one who considers traditional beliefs to be groundless and existence meaningless; absolute skeptic; revolutionary terrorist; CF. nihilism: belief that nothing has meaning or value; belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement