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Vocabulary Word

Word: cohesion

Definition: tendency to keep together

Sentences Containing 'cohesion'

2-The forces of cohesion and adhesion cause the water molecules to form a column in the xylem.
A second, potential negative consequence of group cohesion is group think.
Addressing national issues that led to conflict or that might trigger conflict again and efforts to improve the state's own security capacity is only two factors in achieving citizens’ security and social cohesion.
After the Second World War, keeping the cohesion within Stormont seemed impossible; increased economic pressures, solidified Catholic unity, and British involvement ultimately led to Stormont's collapse.
As then, in the USBA controversy, whatever Mennenga's intention, it came off as a desire to shift blame for his actions as well as being unlikely that this conspiracy could keep its cohesion for over two years.
At the opening of the National Convention in September 1792, the "Montagnard" group comprised men of very diverse shades of opinion, and such cohesion as it subsequently acquired was due rather to the opposition of its leaders to the Girondist leaders than to any fundamental agreement in philosophy among the Montagnards' own leaders.
Athens allied itself and provided arms to Argos, Elis et Mantineia (in the Northern Peloponnese) against Sparta in order to undermine the cohesion of the Peloponnesian peninsula and to occupy Sparta, opening the way to Thracia and Thessalia.
Both acts however did little to create cohesion between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
By different approaches it was demonstrated that SGOL2 is necessary for protecting centromeric cohesion during mammalian meiosis I. In vivo, the loss of SGOL2 promotes a premature release of the meiosis-specific REC8 cohesin complexes from anaphase I centromeres.
Despite this it was able to maintain an almost uninterrupted ascendancy over its rivals through superiority in financing, tactics, training, organisation, social cohesion, hygiene, dockyard facilities, logistical support and from the middle of the 18th century, warship design and construction.
Elasticity, gravity, cohesion of parts, communication of motion by impulse; these are probably the ultimate causes and principles which we shall ever discover in nature; and we may esteem ourselves sufficiently happy, if, by accurate enquiry and reasoning, we can trace up the particular phenomena to, or near to, these general principles.
Following the tour, the experience of "Songs of Faith and Devotion" and the subsequent supporting tour had taken too hard a toll on Wilder, who announced his departure from the band on his 36th birthday in 1995, highlighting a highly uneven workload distribution, lack of acknowledgement from his bandmates, creative differences within the band and overall lack of cohesion.
Following this, he advocates the expansion of the dialectical eco-socialist potential of groups through sustaining the confrontation and internal cohesion of human ecosystems, leading to an "activation" of potentials in others that will "spread across the whole social field" as "a new set of orienting principles" that define an ideology or "'party-life' formation".
Fonde has served as a committee member for Cohesion Glass Network and for the Contemporary Glass Society where he acted as editor of the newsletter.
Group cohesion is that property that is inferred from the number and strength of mutual positive attitudes among members of the group.
His 1992 thesis was on "The effects of cohesion on organizational performance: a test of two models" using performance data of unit battles at the U.S. Army's National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California.
However, the concept of group cohesion needs to be considered.
In processing, slivers lack fiber cohesion and single alpaca rovings lack strength.
In spite of this, the snow was able to retain cohesion due to favourable, relatively constant temperature.
Key to this integrity is cohesion between the mind and the body for "body without mind is brutish; mind without body... is a running away from our double being."
NATINADS has been and remains one cornerstone of Alliance solidarity and cohesion.
Shugoshin-like 2 (SGOL2) is one of the two mammalian orthologs of the Shugoshin/Mei-S322 family of proteins that regulate sister chromatid cohesion by protecting the integrity of a multiprotein complex named cohesin.
That means understanding and respect. Because everything now needs to be concentrated on and devoted to what is essential: the economic success of our country and national cohesion."
The likelihood of cohesion increases with decreasing size of the powder particles; particles smaller than 100 µm are generally cohesive.
The Normandy Youth Club–The N-Factor has been recognised for its work towards "community cohesion," both locally and nationally.
The show premiered to scathingly poor reviews from both amateur and professional critics, who found the show drenched in insipid humour and lacking in cohesion.
The subschool system aims to provide a greater focus on getting to know the students and build cohesion in the student group.
The weak van der Waals force that provides the cohesion of multilayer graphene stacks does not always affect the electronic properties of the individual graphene layers in the stack.
There are negative aspects of group cohesion that have an effect on group decision-making and hence on group effectiveness.
There is evidence of early Muslim sociology from the 14th century: Ibn Khaldun, in his "Muqaddimah" (later translated as "Prolegomena" in Latin), the introduction to a seven volume analysis of universal history, was the first to advance social philosophy and social science in formulating theories of social cohesion and social conflict. He is thus considered by many to be the forerunner of sociology.
Therefore, to achieve some sort of cohesion, teams must communicate and corporate with each branch.
This gene encodes a core centrosomal protein required for centriole-centriole cohesion during interphase of the cell cycle.
This molecular alteration is manifested cytologically by the complete loss of centromere cohesion at metaphase II leading to single chromatids and physiologically with the formation of aneuploid gametes that give rise to infertility.
Using another genetically engineered mouse that lacks Sgol2 function, and siRNA experiments in oocytes, it has been shown that disruption of the mouse SGOL2 does not cause any alteration in sister chromatid cohesion in embryonic cultured fibroblasts and adult somatic tissues.
Where the causes are entirely similar, the analogy is perfect, and the inference, drawn from it, is regarded as certain and conclusive: nor does any man ever entertain a doubt, where he sees a piece of iron, that it will have weight and cohesion of parts; as in all other instances, which have ever fallen under his observation.

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