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Word: cognitive

Definition: having to do with knowing or perceiving related to the mental processes; N. cognition: the mental process of knowing

Sentences Containing 'cognitive'

A cognitive diagnostic assessment (CDA), is designed to measure specific knowledge states and cognitive processing skills in a given domain.
An accurate cognitive model is crucial for two reasons.
An AHM analysis must begin with the specification of a cognitive model of task performance.
and cognitive deficits in visuospatial construction.
Antipsychotics, however, fail to significantly ameliorate the negative symptoms and cognitive dysfunction.
CAS is used for understanding cognitive development of typical and atypical children, as well as cognitive impairment in adults.
Cognitive behavioral therapy may reduce the risk of psychosis in those at high risk after a year.
Cognitive biases have been identified in those with the diagnosis or those at risk, especially when under stress or in confusing situations.
Cognitive diagnostic assessment for education: Theory and applications.
Cognitive processes as motions in a multi-dimensional space: A general linear model.
Cognitive therapy is most useful when there is no history of panic.
Dream content seems to be evolved simultaneously with cognitive and emotional development during childhood.
During this stage, the cognitive knowledge, processes, and skills are identified and organized into an attribute hierarchy or cognitive model.
First, a cognitive model provides the interpretative framework for linking test score interpretations to cognitive skills.
For the fear that they demonstrate cognitive-behavioral approaches, such as therapy, are the recommended treatment.
He is best known for his two books: "The Human Factor" and "Cognitive Work Analysis".
He is co-founder and was head of the Department of Cognitive Biology at the University of Vienna.
How are cognitive models created and validated?
However, the availability of these theories of task performance and cognitive models in education are limited.
Identification of the cognitive attributes.
Implications of AHM for Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment.
In the cognitive approach, the passenger learns to separate arousal from fear, and fear from danger.
In this way, each component of the cognitive model can be evaluated systematically.
It has also permeated other disciplines, notably ergonomics, marketing, cognitive engineering.
Items can then be constructed to systematically measure each attribute combination within the cognitive model.
Joshua Tenenbaum is Professor of Cognitive Science and Computation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
More recently he developed the EPIC (cognitive architecture) cognitive architecture with David Kieras.
Music is one of the oldest, and most basic, socio-cognitive domains of the human species.
Perceptual psychology is a subfield of cognitive psychology that is concerned specifically with the pre-conscious innate aspects of the human cognitive system: perception.
Prior to any further analysis, the cognitive model specified must accurately reflect the cognitive attributes used by the examinees.
Psychologists can help patients with TBI by guiding them in cognitive remediation and dealing with family.
Regina Integrative Cognitive Experimentation (RICE) Lab.
Reporting cognitive diagnostic results using the AHM.
Role of the cognitive model in item development.
Second, a cognitive model provides a link between cognitive and learning psychology with instruction.
Studies have investigated its efficacy for cognitive disorders including stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.
The AHM is a promising method for cognitive diagnostic assessment.
The cognitive model can be represented by various hierarchical structures.
The cognitive model in the form of an attribute hierarchy has direct implications for item development.
The effect of color is believed to be due to cognitive expectations.
The Galileo System: A theory and method for analyzing cognitive processes.
The score is based on a combination of timed tests of walking, arm function, and cognitive ability.
The South has the highest rates of cognitive decline.
Then, these attributes are structured using a hierarchy so the ordering of the cognitive skills is specified.
There are both cognitive and affective aspects, which need not be in correspondence with each other.
Therefore, other means are used to generate cognitive models.
These cognitive attributes organized into a cognitive model becomes not only representation of the construct of interest, but also the cognitive test blueprint.
This activation increases cognitive analysis, increasing the strength of the memory representation.
This stage also encompasses validation of the cognitive model prior to the test development stage.
Why is the accuracy of the cognitive model important?
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