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Vocabulary Word

Word: coalition

Definition: partnership; league; union of separate political parties

Sentences Containing 'coalition'

"The Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui" was formed in defense of his rights, with Coalition launching a campaign for his release.
15 was capital to the winning of the pro-independence coalition.
A # denotes candidate who was endorsed by the Coalition Government.
A coalition government was formed between neutralists, communists and rightists on November 18, 1960.
A Democrat, he was a member of the conservative coalition in Congress.
After more than a year of negotiations a coalition government was formed under the leadership of Souvanna Phouma.
As a result of internal disagreements the coalition fell apart in 1992.
As a result, the Coalition Government partners agreed not to jointly endorse either candidate.
Barry supported the coalition, and served as a government backbencher.
Coalition air-strikes; tanks continue to advance.
Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking
During the Hundred Days both the Coalition nations and Napoleon I mobilised for war.
During World War II, the political parties in the Coalition Government agreed not to contest by-elections in seats held by the other parties in the coalition.
Erwin Teufel remained Minister-President, in a CDU-FDP coalition.
Following the election the MPRP formed a coalition government with the MDC.
Future of the Trust. The BBC Trust has already come under severe pressure by the coalition government.
He expressed support for David Lloyd George and his Coalition Government, as did his Unionist opponent.
He fought during the War of the First Coalition, becoming Oberst in 1794.
He had destroyed the anti-British coalition and created a division between the Shinde, the Bhonsle, and the Peshwa.
He represented the constituency Jarlsberg and the Coalition Party.
He served in Churchill's wartime coalition cabinet.
He was a central figure in the failed coalition negotiations with the Labour Party the same year.
He was a Deputy Minister for Works in the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition government.
He was designated a Coalition Liberal, standing in support of the Coalition government of David Lloyd George and had presumably been issued with the Coalition coupon as he faced no official Unionist opponent.
He was elected as a deputy in 1939 and sat as a member of a Nazi coalition group.
He was the founder of Market Umbrella and the Farmers Market Coalition.
In 2013 he will run for congressman of 2nd district of Palawan, under the Liberal Coalition.
In the 1996 election, however, the Coalition narrowly missed out on entering Parliament.
In the 1996 general election, after the collapse of Berlusconi's coalition, the PDS was part of the winning coalition, The Olive Tree, led by Romano Prodi.
Instead Voroshilov established a coalition government with the communists holding some of the key posts.
It is often granted to the deputy prime minister in coalition governments.
It was captured by Coalition forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.
It was seized by Coalition forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.
Opposition parties formed the "Centrolew" coalition to oppose the government of Sanation.
Shinde was secretly planning with the Peshwa and the Nepal Ministry to form a coalition against the British.
The CDU/Green party coalition was the first coalition government between the two parties in Germany.
The council remained under no overall control with the Conservative and Independent Ratepayer and Residents coalition continuing.
The following year, during the War of the Sixth Coalition, Coalition forces defeated the French in the Battle of Leipzig.
The leader of the coalition was the famous dissident Jože Pučnik.
The Liberal-NCP Coalition was defending three seats.
The P.R. firm provided all the staff work for the Coalition.
The previous coalition regrouped at Harzam some 140 km from Harran.
The REC was a coalition of religious organizations, the most significant of which was the United Church).
The strongest power in North America is the Coalition States (CS).
Third was PCD, a member of the ruling coalition, with 7 seats.
This is bitterly opposed by a coalition of environmentalists, farmers and local residents.
Today's wise use coalition has appropriated a nineteenth-century term.
Until 1982, Sir Seewoosagur was Prime Minister, his Labour Party in coalition with Duval's PMSD.
Von Beust was a popular mayor and was seen as the guarantor for the coalition government.
Wolf is a former member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition.

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