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Vocabulary Word

Word: clipper

Definition: sailing vessel built for great speed

Sentences Containing 'clipper'

A clipper was a very fast sailing ship of the 19th century.
A pioneer of long haul passenger aircraft industry, the Commodore "Clipper" grew out of a Navy design competition in the 1920s to create an aircraft capable of nonstop flights between the mainland of the United States and Panama, Alaska, and the Hawaiian Islands.
All three Clipper Chip initiatives thus failed to gain widespread acceptance by consumers or support from the industry.
As only tooling for the Clipper was at hand, the Senior-series cars were not rescheduled.
At all events,' walking me briskly on, 'I have bought a boat that was for sale--a clipper, Mr. Peggotty says; and so she is--and Mr. Peggotty will be master of her in my absence.'
Available in just two body styles, "Town Sedan" (4-door sedan) and "Country Sedan" (4-door station wagon), they were powered by Studebaker's V8 with McCulloch supercharger, delivering the same as the 1956 Clipper Custom, although at higher revolutions.
Between 1851 and May 1852, "Seventy-four clipper-built vessels arrived in the port of San Francisco. An average passage was 125 days."
By 1996, the Clipper Chip was abandoned.
Casino charters continue to fly into Tunica growing passenger traffic despite the loss of the Clipper Connection service.
Designer Duncan McCrae managed to include the 1956 Clipper tail lights for one last time, this time in a fin, and under a canted fin.
For 1956, the Clipper became a separate make, with Clipper Custom and Deluxe models available.
George Law, Sr., furnished the clipper ship "Grapeshot" to pursue Baker.
He was promoted to lieutenant on January 1, 1882, and served on the clipper ship "Zhemchug" later that year followed by the clipper "Rogue" from 1882-1885.
He wrote extensive on the subject and his articles appeared in "Gibbons Stamp Monthly", the "China Clipper", the "Journal of Chinese Philately" and "The London Philatelist".
In 1861, the American merchant marine became world's largest.--> The final blow to clipper ships came in the form of the Suez Canal, opened in 1869, which provided a huge shortcut for steamships between Europe and Asia, but which was difficult for sailing ships to use.
In 1957, no more Packards were built in Detroit and the Clipper disappeared as a separate brand name.
In May 2006, Boston-Maine Airways operating as Pan Am Clipper Connection, began Tunica's first scheduled service with three Boeing 727 flights per week from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
In the United States, the term "clipper" referred to the Baltimore clipper, a topsail schooner that was developed in Chesapeake Bay before the American Revolution and was lightly armed in the War of 1812, sailing under Letters of Marque and Reprisal, when the type—exemplified by the "Chasseur", launched at Fells Point, Baltimore, 1814— became known for its incredible speed; a deep draft enabled the Baltimore clipper to sail close to the wind (Villiers 1973).
Instead, a Studebaker President-based car bearing the Packard Clipper nameplate appeared on the market, but sales were slow.
It is named after the clipper type of ship Barque.
It was an intermediate model using the Packard name, but built on the Clipper wheelbase and using the Clipper tail end fender treatment.
It was tried with design cues from the 1956 Clipper (visual in the grille and dash).
Many of his manuscripts were lost when the clipper Memnon sank in 1851.
Now the Packard-Clipper business model was a mirror to Lincoln-Mercury.
Originally named "Clipper America" it had logged 2,900 hours of operation at the time of the accident.
Packard that year (total production 89,796) comprised the bread-and-butter Clipper line (the 250 series was dropped), Mayfair hardtop coupes and convertibles, and a new entry level long-wheelbase sedan named Cavalier.
Prominent among those elements is the large statue of Mary standing over the altar, cradling a tuna clipper in her arms.
The "Doterel" class was designed by Nathaniel Barnaby as a development of William Henry White's 1874 . The graceful clipper bow of the "Osprey"s was replaced by a vertical stem and the engines were more powerful.
The "steam clipper" was developed around this time, and had auxiliary steam engines which could be used in the absence of wind.
The ability of a proposal such as the Clipper Chip to meet the stated goals, especially that of enabling better encryption to individuals, was disputed by a number of experts.
The Clipper Chip, which "Clinton inherited from a multi-year National Security Agency effort," was a method of hardware encryption with a government backdoor.
The Clipper complex has been developed as a nodal platform for the Galleon, Barque and Carrack Fields.
The clipper route fell into commercial disuse with the introduction of steam ships, and the opening of the Suez and Panama Canals.
The Clipper, although a graceful classic automobile, became outdated as the new envelope bodies started appearing led by Studebaker and Kaiser-Frazer.
These new designs hid their relationship to the Clipper.
This was to some confusing and went against what James Nance had been attempting for several years to accomplish, the separation of the Clipper line from Packard. However, as late as the cars introduction to the market, was there was reasoning for in 1957 this car was to be continued.
Traditionally the origin of tea-drinking lies in China and the famous Tea Clipper ships raced across the seas to bring tea to London.
While in Columbus, a reporter dubbed him the "Columbiana Clipper".
While the 1957 Packard Clipper was less Packard, it was a very good Studebaker.
While the Cadet Type B was one of the first small school buses (introduced in 1969), it was not until mid-decade that the company developed a Type A school bus (the Clipper, later the Classmate), the last among major manufacturers.

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