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Vocabulary Word

Word: cleave

Definition: split or sever; cling to; remain faithful to; N. cleavage; ADJ. cloven

Sentences Containing 'cleave'

"Cleave's Weekly Police Gazette (also known by contemporaries simply as the Weekly Police Gazette") was a British weekly newspaper published by John Cleave between 1834 and 1836.
An hour passed, during which Dantes, excited by the feeling of freedom, continued to cleave the waves.
As he said to himself, "If, for my sins, or by my good fortune, I come across some giant hereabouts, a common occurrence with knights-errant, and overthrow him in one onslaught, or cleave him asunder to the waist, or, in short, vanquish and subdue him, will it not be well to have some one I may send him to as a present, that he may come in and fall on his knees before my sweet lady, and in a humble, submissive voice say, 'I am the giant Caraculiambro, lord of the island of Malindrania, vanquished in single combat by the never sufficiently extolled knight Don Quixote of La Mancha, who has commanded me to present myself before your Grace, that your Highness dispose of me at your pleasure'?"
As Maureen Cleave puts it John's suicide 'haunts the book' as it builds towards a life-affirming conclusion.
But suppose that that for the general substance, and more solid part of it, should still cleave unto thee never so close, yet what is that to the proper qualities and affections of it, by which persons are distinguished, which certainly are quite different?
Cleave published the newspaper from his bookshop in Shoe Lane, London.
Cleave suffered imprisonment for refusing to pay stamp duty on his publications; his fines were partly paid by the Association of Working Men to Procure a Cheap and Honest Press, which later became the Working Men's Association.
Cleave went on to found "Cleave's London Satirist and Gazette of Variety" the following year.
If thou shalt intend that which is present, following the rule of right and reason carefully, solidly, meekly, and shalt not intermix any other businesses, but shall study this only to preserve thy spirit unpolluted, and pure, and shall cleave unto him without either hope or fear of anything, in all things that thou shalt either do or speak, contenting thyself with heroical truth, thou shalt live happily; and from this, there is no man that can hinder thee.
In a classic experiment, he showed that ribonuclease A could be entirely denatured by being submerged in a solution of urea (to disrupt stabilizing hydrophobic bonds) in the presence of a reducing agent (to cleave stabilizing disulfide bonds).
Many Black Mormons say they are willing to look beyond the former racist teachings and cleave to the church in part because of its powerful, detailed teachings on life after death.
Maureen Cleave writing in the Daily Telegraph implies that it inclines more towards fiction, 'She quotes Rudolph Valentino.' writes Cleave, '"There's no substitute for what you really want."
Seated (from left): Carolyn Huntoon (JSC's first female director), Ellen Baker, Mary Cleave, Rhea Seddon, Anna Fisher, Shannon Lucid, Ellen Ochoa, Sandra Magnus.
These words rang in Dantes'ears, even beneath the waves; he hastened to cleave his way through them to see if he had not lost his strength.
This also thou must observe, that whatsoever it is that naturally doth happen to things natural, hath somewhat in itself that is pleasing and delightful: as a great loaf when it is baked, some parts of it cleave as it were, and part asunder, and make the crust of it rugged and unequal, and yet those parts of it, though in some sort it be against the art and intention of baking itself, that they are thus cleft and parted, which should have been and were first made all even and uniform, they become it well nevertheless, and have a certain peculiar property, to stir the appetite.
This is accomplished via protease enzymes that cleave a protein called "membrane-bound sterol regulatory element binding protein", which migrates to the nucleus and causes increased production of various other proteins and enzymes, including the LDL receptor.
To Him will I cleave as His minister and attendant; having the same movements, the same desires, in a word the same Will as He.

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