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Vocabulary Word

Word: cipher

Definition: nonentity; worthless person or thing; zero; secret code; V.

Sentences Containing 'cipher'

A bit-flipping attack is an attack on a cryptographic cipher in which the attacker can change the ciphertext in such a way as to result in a predictable change of the plaintext, although the attacker is not able to learn the plaintext itself.
A GRU cipher clerk in Canada, Igor Gouzenko, defected to the West in Ottawa in September 1945; this was right around the time when Nunn May's Canadian assignment ended.
After Big Boss kills Gálvez in self-defense, Paz, revealed to be an agent of his old enemy Zero (aka Cypher), pilots a secretly-modified ZEKE to launch a nuclear strike on the Eastern Coast of the United States as part of an insurance policy if Big Boss refused to rejoin Cipher.
An attacker should not be able to find the key used in a modern cipher, even if he knows any amount of plaintext and corresponding ciphertext.
And some certain significance lurks in all things, else all things are little worth, and the round world itself but an empty cipher, except to sell by the cartload, as they do hills about Boston, to fill up some morass in the Milky Way.
Benedetto could read, write, and cipher perfectly, for when the fit seized him, he learned more in a day than others in a week.
Cherkashin married KGB cipher clerk Elena, with whom he has two children; Alyosha and Alyona.
Ciphertext is also known as encrypted or encoded information because it contains a form of the original plaintext that is unreadable by a human or computer without the proper cipher to decrypt it.
Ciphertext is not to be confused with codetext because the latter is a result of a code, not a cipher.
Depending on what information is available and what type of cipher is being analyzed, crypanalysts can follow one or more attack models to crack a cipher.
Each round function ends with a fixed permutation of all 64 bits, preventing the cipher from being broken down and analyzed as a system of simpler independent subciphers.
Even though the Patriots took great care to write sensitive messages in invisible ink, or in code or cipher, it is estimated that the British intercepted and decrypted over half of America's secret correspondence during the war.
For example, a change in the destination address might alter the message route in a way that will force re-encryption with a weaker cipher, thus possibly making it easier for an attacker to decipher the message.
He also invented the HAVAL hash function, SPEED cipher, and STRANDOM pseudo-random number generator.
I was a cipher in this August company, and felt subdued, not to say torpid.
In 1775, Charles Dumas designed the first diplomatic cipher that the Continental Congress and Benjamin Franklin used to communicate with agents and ministers in Europe.
In 1781, James Lovell, who designed cipher systems used by several prominent Americans, determined the encryption method that British commanders used to communicate with each other.
In cryptography, ciphertext (or cyphertext) is the result of encryption performed on plaintext using an algorithm, called a cipher.
In cryptography, CRYPTON is a symmetric block cipher submitted as a candidate for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
In cryptography, New Data Seal (NDS) is a block cipher that was designed at IBM in 1975, based on the Lucifer algorithm that became DES.
In order to read Alice's message, Bob must decrypt the ciphertext using formula_7 which is known as the decryption cipher, formula_8.
In the extreme, this could become a Denial of service attack against all messages on a particular channel using that cipher.
It is probable that the Soviet code generators started duplicating cipher pages in order to keep up with demand.
Its job was to develop and employ machine methods in Cryptanalysis of the Lorenz cipher.
Let formula_1 be the plaintext message that Alice wants to secretly transmit to Bob and let formula_2 be the encryption cipher, where formula_3 is a secret key.
Note that this type of attack is not—directly—against the cipher itself (as cryptanalysis of it would be), but against a particular message or series of messages.
One of its many achievements is that, for such a necessarily political work, no character becomes a mere cipher for suffering or victimhood.
So the duke said it WAS kind of hard to have to lay roped all day, and he'd cipher out some way to get around it.
Stream ciphers, such as RC4, are vulnerable to a bit-flipping attack, as are some block cipher modes of operation.
The cipher uses a block size of 128 bits, and a very large key size of 2048 bits.
The duke says: "Leave me alone to cipher out a way so we can run in the daytime if we want to.
The missing eighth character is replaced by Huizong's imperial cipher, 'First Man Under Heaven' (天下一人).
The pattern is often exceedingly light and dainty, and airy and graceful with a large cipher or monogram in the center, a delicate cobweb of baffling, intricate forms, wrought in steel.
The plaintext-recovery-under-chosen-plaintext-attack advantage (PR-CPA advantage) is defined as the probability that an algorithm with fixed computational resources can use a chosen-plaintext attack to decrypt a randomly selected message that has been encrypted with a symmetric cipher.
This finalization phase uses the Rabbit stream cipher and uses both key setup and IV setup by taking the finalization key final_key as formula_120.
“Memory req.” denotes the amount of memory required to store the internal state including key material and the inner state of the Rabbit stream cipher . “Setup” denotes the key setup, and “Fin.” denotes finalization with IV-setup.

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