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Vocabulary Word

Word: chronicle

Definition: report; record (in chronological order)

Sentences Containing 'chronicle'

"Chronicle of a Summer" is a landmark in direct cinema history.
"I advertised for him in last Saturday's Chronicle," said she.
(2010) • “In Praise of Tough Criticism.” "Chronicle of Higher Education."
8); both the "Large" and the "Small Chronicle" contain references to him.
According to chronicle sources, Shemyaka was buried in the Church of St.
According to Cosmas' chronicle, Slavník was a happy man all his lifetime.
Already in Pelayo's chronicle the influence of this interpretation, abetted by hindsight, are evident.
Cameron then spent eight years with the "News Chronicle".
Circulation had begun to fall in the 1970s and by the early 1990s only the Glossop Chronicle retained any buoyancy.
Clifton Maybank is also mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle of 1001.
Costa hires AV-student Dax to chronicle the night's events.
Critics such as Bobby Hankinson of the "Houston Chronicle" appreciated the episode's early "Glee" aesthetic.
He is best known as Jesse on the HBO series "In Treatment" and as Andrew in the 2012 film "Chronicle".
He was the editor of "The News-Chronicle's" commentary pages until 1996.
Here he built his reputation and began writing a column, "About books", in the local newspaper, "The Doncaster Chronicle".
His "magnum opus," written in Latin, is called Chronica Boëmorum (""Chronicle of Bohemians"").
However, this myth is just their stories and not recorded in the chronicle.
In 1937 the group took on the Glossop Chronicle.
In 1968, he began contributing editorial cartoons to the "Brown County Chronicle," a weekly newspaper.
In 2012, DeHaan starred in the camcorder drama film "Chronicle", and as Cricket in "Lawless" (2012).
Initially, the High Peak Reporter was absorbed by the Glossop Chronicle, but a few months later was reinstated.
It received recognition on the Houston Chronicle when it was released in April 2012.
It was formally described a year later by John Lindley in "The Gardeners' Chronicle".
Kandula is a famous war elephant mentioned in the Sinhala chronicle Mahavamsa.
Kelefa Sanneh of "The New York Times" described it as a "glorious chronicle of romantic misery".
Maryovo (Maryova) was mentioned in a chronicle in 1495.
Not only do oral historians chronicle history but they also create a means to communicate.
Nothing of Bernard himself is known save what little can be gleaned through his "Chronicle".
Peart wrote "" as a chronicle of his geographical and emotional journey.
Serialised in The Camperdown Chronicle, Melbourne, 1893.
She wrote a "chronicle" of the experiences of her nuns.
The battle is not mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and it has been speculated that this is because Wessex was defeated.
The Bychowiec Chronicle presents a legendary version of Erdvilas' life.
The chronicle of Galbert of Bruges attributes his failure to his illegitimate birth.
The Chronicle of the Kings of Alba appears to say that they overwintered in Scotland.
The commission updated the chronicle up to 1854, right after the second war.
The events of the time are narrated in a chronicle by Flodoard, who was close to Artald.
The Glossop Chronicle office was sold in 2012.
The Hampshire Chronicle described the play as 'the most powerful production seen in Winchester for many years'.
The local newspapers are: the "Evening Chronicle", "The Journal".
The Lvov Chronicle (Russian: Львовская летопись) is a Russian chronicle from the sixteenth century that was originally published in the eighteenth century by Nikolay Lvov, for whom it is named.
The Lvov Chronicle is very similar to the Sofia Second Chronicle and the latter is thought to have been based on the former.
The most important source for this period is the "Nabopolassar Chronicle", which, however, is quite fragmentary for this period.
The number of titles was quickly reduced to two - the Tameside Reporter and the Glossop Chronicle.
The production received positive reviews in The Stage and the Hampshire Chronicle.
The relevant year (867) of the "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle" says merely: "Knútsdrápa".
The second chronicle in ten volumes was completed in 1869.
The standard official chronicle at the time was "Maha Yazawin" (The Great Chronicle), the standard chronicle of Toungoo Dynasty that covers from time immemorial to October 1711.
The stories were originally published in the "News Chronicle" under the pseudonym of “Flying Officer X”.
Unless otherwise stated, the following list is based on the records of the "Chronicle of Edessa" (to c.540) and the "Chronicle of Zuqnin".

More Vocab Words

::: sanctimonious - displaying ostentatious or hypocritical devoutness; N. sanctimony: hypocritical piety
::: plaintive - expressing sorrow; mournful; Ex. plaintive song
::: trident - three-pronged spear
::: preamble - introductory statement
::: symmetry - arrangement of parts so that balance is obtained; congruity; ADJ. symmetrical
::: cursive - (of writing) flowing; running; having the successive letters joined
::: dote - be excessively fond of; show signs of mental decline
::: optician - maker and seller of eyeglasses
::: peerless - having no equal; incomparable
::: embryonic - undeveloped; rudimentary; N. embryo: organism in the early stage of development