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Vocabulary Word

Word: choreography

Definition: art of representing dances in written symbols; arrangement of dances

Sentences Containing 'choreography'

"Todo, Todo, Todo" has a choreography which is a staple at Filipino informal/formal (hall) parties.
Already on 23 September 1962, the fans displayed their first big choreography on the first league match against Red Star Belgrade.
An Indian totem dance with choreography by Busby Berkeley (his last) takes the place of the original number "Totem Tom Tom".
Basil won an Emmy Award in 2007 for her choreography in the commercial "MC Hammer: My Braves".
Before its official release, a choreography video in which "Day by Day" can be heard in was leaked onto YouTube in late May 2012.
Brimmer's approach to fight choreography focuses on the reality of pain; an often overlooked element to stage and Hollywood fights.
Choreography for "The Jealous Lover" was by Frederick Ashton.
Cinematography is handled by Satheesh Kurup, editing is by Manoj and stunt choreography is by Stunt Silva.
Collegiate teams compete at various national competitions, where they are judged on various factors including traditionality, creativity, choreography, and production elements.
Dale was nominated for the Tony Award twice, for his choreography of "Billy", a musical version of "Billy Budd" and his direction of "The Magic Show".
Despite this 'no-rules' mandate, couples are frequently disadvantaged if they use extensive choreography in their performance.
Early in their career together, they were coached by Natalia Pavlova in Saint Petersburg, with choreography by Svetlana Korol.
Erener performed the single as a medley at the 2004 final in Istanbul using male dancers but the same choreography, and included it in her first English album No Boundaries.
For this album Vollenweider himself directed and produced two music videos, for which he was also heavily involved in writing the storylines, the choreography, and the design of sets and costumes.
He also received an Emmy Award nomination for his choreography of Barry Manilow's 1985 television musical "Copacabana".
He then tells Hilda that he will pass Justin if Justin help out with the choreography for the cheerleading squad.
Her numbers were remembered for sexually provocative lyrics and elaborate choreography.
Here is where the choreography veers from classical ballet, with jazz forms and modern dance dominating.
Hermes Pan collaborated with Astaire on the choreography throughout and Harry Losee was brought in to help with the ballet finale.
His choreography has been nominated for a Douglas Fairbanks Award for Excellence in Theater and his work is currently on file at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.
His first assignment for the Barn was choreography for Jack Ragotzy's South Pacific.
His quirky choreography has turned up in music videos for artists such as Matt Mays and Jenn Grant.
In 1992, the Vadim Pisarev School of Choreography was established at the theatre, providing higher training in the technical aspects of choreography.
In 2000 she graduated with a Dance Theory Choreography degree from the University of California in Los Angeles.
In Choreography, teams had to perform a traditional dance routine.
In July 1994, Ms. Valdes graduated from the National School of Art (ENA) with a degree in Dance and Choreography, and gold honors.
In June 2007, Valdes branched out into contemporary dance choreography, working with the British director Sebastian Doggart.
In the '50s, '60s, and '70s, Barnes taught music and choreography at several colleges and high schools in Illinois and Wisconsin.
In the heats, they were awarded awards for Choreography, Stage Use and Performance Skill, and progressed into the premier division grand final, but did not gain any awards or a place.
In this Detour, teams chose between Choreography or Calligraphy.
In this version most scenes of the first version choreography can be seen, but Aguilera appears singing next to a red chair.
It also offers the Intensive Training Program (ITP) for more serious study of dance, choreography and performance.
It was directed by Jack Minster, with choreography by Frank Staff and Keith Lester.
Jack Kroll in Newsweek said that Pacino had "the choreography of a hood, with a poetic soul."
Johansen was criticised for having paid too much attention to choreography and not enough to the song.
Marco da Silva, a former backing dancer of the group, handled the video's choreography.
Noted among many reviews was de Mille’s highly evocative choreography, described as "film sensibility" and renowned for its realism.
Petersburg, performing as Kitri in Don Quixote, with choreography by Alexander Gorsky, based on the original by Marius Petipa.
Practicing what she describes as "social choreography", her work is informed by her background in professional ballet and modern dance.
SMRTV said that they believed that choreography was as important part of the group's performance as the song itself, deciding to use "emotional impact" for the performance.
The backing dancers had the same choreography as before.
The choreography from here resembles that of the 1960s male groups.
The couples in the group wear complementary colors, and Rhonda Wilcox interprets the color-coding and choreography to represent the "tension between the individual and the group".
The film's choreography was by Danny Dare.
The national dances are all preserved in Petipa and Ivanov's original choreography with the exception of the "Spanish Dance", which is only preserved in Alexander Gorsky's 1913 version.
The notation documents Petipa's original choreography - one of his signature lavish dances for a massive "Corps de Ballet".
The program of the Gala ranges from the well-known ballet classics to cutting-edge contemporary choreography.
The video also reveals the action choreography to have been handled by Varma himself.
There are three specialties: performance, choreography and dance studies.
These performances were accompanied by a choreography made for the first time in Farmer's career by the singer herself.
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