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Vocabulary Word

Word: check

Definition: stop motion; curb or restrain

Sentences Containing 'check'

"Check My Brain" features the lyric "California's all right/Somebody check my brain...".
"Mic Check" reached 35 in the Billboard Hot 100.
A periodic check of susceptible foodstuffs is necessary, especially in summer months when most insects are more active.
A vessel safety check is provided at no charge and is not a law enforcement boarding.
After this check, a more patient strategy of encirclement and investment was pursued.
Because, when we were playing just now, you watched just as if you understood it: and when I said "Check!"
Bobby asks what's going on and they pretend to check the receipts.
Cameraphone lovers should definitely check this one out."
check page 9 and Point no 4 of this below document
Did you check?", to which he was forced to respond "I can't think about that right now".
Do not dream of going, Watson, for I very much prefer having a witness, if only as a check to my own memory."
During his term, Customs border check point have been renovated.
Each Check Point is manned by Medical Assistants a coordinator.
Either the spelling has changed, or Kerr didn't bother to check the spelling.
Farmer strongly disapproved of card check.
For a list of employees, check the Staff Listing Page.
For complete listing check: Kimera's Discography and CDBABY [http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Kimera
Gandolfo pays for the stamps with a certified check, but the bank crashes the next day, making the check worthless.
Happily, she bethought herself of the consequences of what she did, in time to check herself and go back.
He finds a flier for the Tennis Club and decides check it out.
He has no time to fully check if the stamps are authentic but he hires an expert to do a quick check and is satisfied.
He says that "America has given the Negro people a bad check", but that "we've come to cash this check" by marching in Washington, D.C. Similarities and allusions.
House suggests from the observation deck that they check her IV.
I thought this sentiment so incompatible with the establishment of any system of check on Mary Anne, that I frowned a little.
If a claimant were successful, the lawyer would give him or her the check.
If none were successful, the check would be returned to Randi.
In fact, he was in prison for check forgery.
In some areas it's common for people to check a square box with a cross rather than a check mark, while in others the check mark (✓) or even a v mark is used.
In some states, proof of a previous background check can be used to bypass the NICS check.
In TPR Storytelling, teachers check comprehension early and often.
Later, a stress check on both rails must be carried out.
Madame Danglars mechanically took the check, the bond, and the heap of bank notes.
Meghan Sweenie has her routine check-up.
Multiple transmission is used to check the data integrity.
My friend Copperfield will perhaps do me the favour to check that total?'
One critical activity of the United States Power Squadrons is Vessel Safety Check.
Record pattern syntax allows to check for a given constructor and check specific fields or bind them to local variables.
Rivers and levees were holding the rising waters in check, but they were full.
She asks him to check Beth's calendar for any way to reach her.
She does so but goes to check on Jimmy in his alcove.
SQL implements constraint functionality in the form of check constraints.
Stubb no more strove to raise a smile; Starbuck no more strove to check one.
Their timely arrival helped check the Soviet advance.
There are 4 Check points along the route.
There was something in its touch that gave Lucie a check.
Unlike a software review, this check is only formal; no deep check on the contents of applicable documents is conducted in a Quality Gate.
We can now check explicitly that the supertrace is basis independent.
``Fix your own hour for to morrow, and my cashier shall call on you with a check for eighty thousand francs.''
``I did not say that I feared it; I only said that death alone could check the execution of my plans.''
• Fancy color identification, authenticity check of color and certification.

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