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Vocabulary Word

Word: chassis

Definition: framework and working parts of an automobile; framework to which components are attached

Sentences Containing 'chassis'

"R170" and R171 chassis production is handled by Karmann of Germany.
A limitation of the Micro Bird was that its van chassis restricted the overall width of the bus body.
A one-make series for Renault Clio RenaultSport 182 cars, using the Cup chassis.
A “tongue’’ connected the chassis to the pintle.
As per the donor Toyota, this was later updated in 1978 to the "4K-J" engine (and now receiving the KD11 chassis code).
Chassis and engines must be approved by the CIK-FIA.
Far more modern than its predecessor, the Coach featured a Spartan Motors chassis.
Ferrari had an advisory role with regard to chassis production, meaning that Ferrari themselves did not supply the chassis.
For cars competing with a different make of engine to that of the chassis, the FIA gave prominence to the engine over the chassis when naming a “Manufacturer”.
For this series, the mechanicals were largely carried over (hence the retention of the R20/R30 chassis codes), but the styling fully refreshed.
Had Studebaker's been built in Detroit on a Packard chassis, the outcome might have been positive.
He also experienced success in Formula Three and Formula Two, and designed a test chassis for Renault's initial foray into Formula One.
However there was no chassis damaged, but needed major panel work repair.
In 1952, Blue Bird became the first school bus manufacturer to produce its own chassis rather than rely on outside suppliers for the All American; today, Blue Bird builds the chassis for every full-size bus produced.
In their first foray into team ownership, the duo intended to enter their own chassis in Formula 2 for the 1979 season but it turned out to be a largely unsuccessful campaign.
Included are a list of victories by each chassis under Aston Martin.
Instead of importing truck chassis (or the Blue Bird All American transit-style chassis) from the United States, the bus bodies were manufactured on locally available chassis unseen in North America (Mercedes-Benz, Hino, Nissan Diesel, and Toyota).
It is manufactured by Cosina in Japan (as are both the lenses), and is derived from the Cosina CT-1 chassis.
It was also the Indy car debut of the Reynard chassis and the Honda engine.
Like the previous generations, the chassis is a steel uniframe.
Most teams in this category are factory teams or financed by chassis or engine manufacturers.
Neither driver managed to qualify for the first two races with Johansson destroying two chassis in the process.
Note: The FIA awarded manufacturers placings to the combined engine/chassis unit.
On to Imola for round 3 and the team arrived with slightly updated ORE-1B chassis.
One is Tanker 1705, a Pierce on Freightliner chassis, the other is Tanker 1702, a reserve on a White chassis.
Only a single prototype was completed with a second bare chassis intended for display purposes.
PMC was also an early innovator in pickup and suv design with several models produced in the 1950s using modified Plymouth (automobile) chassis.
PZ were closed cars on long or very long chassis.
Still with the "3K" engine (and the chassis code KD10), this received a small front grille and other detail differences and was available with most of the same bodywork as the LiteAce.
The car's drivetrain and chassis were derived from the mid-engined MG Metro 6R4 rally car.
The car's roll cage and chassis were made of a design very similar to the same chassis ran by NASCAR in the 80's, but have also included more modern chassis safety designs such as plated door bars and the "Earnhardt Bar" which runs from the roof to the dash.
The chassis of a motorcycle includes the frame and suspension, along with the front forks, of the vehicle.
The chassis were based on Ferrari's championship-winning F2004.
The chassis would pivot to train the gun left or right.
The cooling radiator was mounted at the front of the vehicle and the coolant flowed within the chassis tubing.
The EF chassis nearly dominates the Street touring category, attempting to compete with the Mazda MX-5 Miata.
The front pintle carriage pivoted at the front of the chassis.
The FV432 chassis is a conventional tracked design with the engine at the front and the driving position to the right.
The gun and upper carriage recoiled along the chassis.
The length of the chassis led to flexing and stress on the structure of the bodywork.
The M44 and M45 were simply the chassis designation for the 2½ ton series, and this cab/chassis would serve as the basis for many more specialized variants.
The Peugeot Type 7 was built on the same chassis as the Peugeot Type 6 and shared some mechanicals but its engine was twice the size, and twice as powerful.
The PI were the open cars on short and long chassis.
The standard chassis had a wheelbase and the extended wheelbase (limousine) chassis had a wheelbase of . The D Platform had no major components in common with any other Chrysler product and consequently maintained noticeably wider shoulder room and different exterior styling from contemporaneous Chrysler C platforms.
The T150 Carina introduced in Japan in May 1984, while on the same chassis, used completely different body panels featuring squarer, more aggressive styling.
These were again on AEC chassis, and London Transport adopted the "Swift" name for the shorter vehicles.
This car carries the continuation chassis number DB3S/121.
This chassis was designated as the Minardi PS01B.
Unlike the 164, which shares only the chassis, the Croma and Thema are outwardly similar to the 9000.
Unusually, the new 33 TT3 was built on a tubular chassis while the previous prototype was a monocoque.

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