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Vocabulary Word

Word: charisma

Definition: divine gift; great popular charm or appeal; magnetism

Sentences Containing 'charisma'

"Charisma Man" is thus a statement on the relationships between Japanese and non-Japanese in Japan.
"Charisma Man" manipulates the superhero genre to ridicule the often unjustified self–confidence of some foreign men in Japan.
"Glee" executive producer Brad Falchuk responded that while he understood the concern and frustration of disability advocates, McHale had the singing and acting ability and charisma required for the role and: "it's hard to say no to someone that talented".
A promotional video was made featuring the Mad-Hatters tea party (a Charisma reference) with Steve in a cage... maybe another Charisma reference!
According to Rodney: Although "Charisma Man" does poke fun at the exotic food, weird English, popularity of kawaii icons such as "Hello Kitty" and many other aspects of life in Japan that foreign residents find strange, the strip mostly ridicules the stereotypes formed by western men about the Japanese, despite Rodney's references to the "filter" through which Japanese view westerners.
After Charisma Man's mother arrives for a visit, however, she is depicted as short and somewhat plump.
Alexander Zhurakovsky of Kiev, was a very influential priest with great love, respect and devotion of the faithful as well as charisma and good pastoral leadership.
Álmos's death was probably ritual sacrifice, practiced by steppe peoples when the spiritual ruler lost his charisma, and he was followed by his son, Árpád. The Magyar tribes occupied the whole territory of Carpathian Basin gradually between 895 and 907.
Although something of a loser in his home country Canada—the home of Charisma Man's creator—when around Japanese people the central character transforms from a skinny nerd into a muscle-bound hunk, extremely attractive to women and admired by men.
An old anecdote illustrates Napoleon’s charisma or popularity.
As a captain he was a strict team disciplinarian who expected high standards, he was ruthless when the occasion demanded, but could be inflexible and unimaginative and lacked the charisma of a natural leader.
Both the magazine and the website are products of the Relevant Media Group, founded by Cameron Strang, son of "Charisma Magazine" publisher and Strang Communications CEO Stephen Strang in June, 2000.
California Republicans were impressed with Reagan's political views and charisma after his "Time for Choosing" speech, and nominated him as the Republican party candidate for Governor in 1966.
Charisma Man imagined himself as an astronaut, a pilot, a doctor or a psychologist in order to ridicule some aspect of expatriate life.
Charisma Man's girlfriends, colleagues and employers are depicted as constantly amazed by Charisma Man's "powers": his Japanese language skills, his ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol and his amazing popularity.
exuding brilliance and charisma in every frame."
For example, J. Lee Grady (Charisma Online Editor) says such a movement wants to "reinvent the church without its biblical structure and New Testament order — and without the necessary people who are anointed and appointed by God to lead it.
From the early 17th century, plainer round haloes appear in portraits of Mughal Emperors and subsequently Rajput and Sikh rulers; despite the more local precedents art historians believe the Mughals took the motif from European religious art, though it expresses a Persian idea of the God-given charisma of kingship that is far older.
He added that, "like the best hip-hop emcees who can rock a crowd with two turntables and a microphone, D moved the crowd with pure voice and charisma."
He further described Thomson with two words that he said he could not then easily define: "chutzpah", or raw courage, and "pizzazz" or charisma.
He is a Hard trainer, a superior physique athlete and more importantly, a hell of a nice guy with a genuinely positive attitude about the sport, it's future and his role in that future." she goes on to say "Jim is soft-spoken in an interview, but he has mastered bringing excitement and his unique charisma to the stage."
He is known for his work on charisma, transformational leadership, leader distance, and leader research methods.
Her brother, Vine V. Deloria, Sr., was an Episcopal priest, noted for his charisma and superb storytelling, as well as his disillusionment with racism within the Episcopal Church.
His clean and competent public image and personal charisma has made him a widely popular politician, especially among female and younger voters.
His first job was working as a booking agent for the Charisma Agency, where he worked with Nigel Kerr.
His supporters within France emphasize his charisma, political innovation and willingness to "make a dramatic break" amid mounting disaffection against "politics as usual".
In "Sight and Sound", Tom Milne said the film was well constructed and had good characterisation, but lacked the mystery and charisma of the earlier American crime films it attempted to emulate.
It was only a matter of time before his charisma, wit and talent won him the hearts of the Hispanic community of Orlando.
Japanese women appear as uniformly attractive, constantly complimentary and, to Charisma Man, easily obtainable.
Like other superheroes, however, Charisma Man has one major weakness: "Western Woman".
Performances earned rave reviews from critics and publications, who praised D'Angelo's energy and "charisma as a live performer", as well as the Soultronics group, and received comparisons to outings by the legendary funk bands Parliament and Sly the Family Stone.
Prime Minister Takieddin was known for wearing the tarboush and was a man of a great deal of intellect and charisma and was considered amongst one of the best Prime Ministers.
Rejuvenation under Joachim Löw. Germany's entry into the Euro 2008 qualifying round was marked partially by the promotion of Joachim Löw to head coach, since Klinsmann retired in spite of a public outcry for him to continue managing the Mannschaft. Löw did not have the sweeping charisma of his predecessor, but the reputation of being a shrewd and capable tactician.
Sandra Bell has analysed the scandals at Vajradhatu and the San Francisco Zen Center and concluded that these kinds of scandals are Robert Sharf also mentions charisma from which institutional power is derived, and the need to balance charismatic authority with institutional authority.
Sergii Mechev of Moscow, another very influential priest with charisma and devotion recognized Sergii but refused to do public prayers for the Soviet government.
Shocked at not only the quality of the rapper, but the charisma of the man he was speaking with, Luis extended the offer that if the rapper was ever freed from his contract at Luke Records, he should give the Diaz Brothers a call.
Shortly after, Phani returned from Darjeeling, after a short holiday: fascinated by Jatin’s charisma, he informed his friends about the unusual man.
The fact that, unwilling to join the Soviet cinema's mainstream, she preferred to remain a slightly enigmatic, out of the spotlight persona, only added to her charisma.
The Fugitive is the second solo album released by Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks on Charisma Records in 1983.
The strip has been discussed in mainstream English language daily newspapers in Japan, and a compendium of Charisma Man's exploits is available both in major Japanese bookshops and online.
These four actresses ignite the screen with so much power and charisma that one yearns for more ensemble scenes."
This release was withdrawn probably because it was the end of Steve's tenure with Charisma/ Virgin.
This was Hackett's final studio release for Charisma.
Those qualities make up his unique charisma."
To achieve his goals, Holderman used his connections and his personal charisma to attract world leaders to the USC campus.
Under Charlemagne's surviving legitimate son, Louis the Pious (ruling 813—840), who, however, lacked Charlemagne's military charisma, the process of disintegration was hastened, as, once he had associated the choice of "missi" with the assembly of nobles, the nobles interfered in the appointment of the "missi", who, now selected from the district in which their duties lay, were soon found to be looking after their own interests rather than those of the central power, and to be associated with the rising local hereditary filiations.
Unlike Rodney, Garscadden often displayed Charisma Man in his "geek" incarnation alongside doting Japanese in the last panel.
Western women in Japan, meanwhile, are depicted as sour and, in work settings, coldly professional. From time to time the strip's authors express awareness of the superficiality of such western stereotypes about Japan, by attributing minor Japanese characters the same "powers" as Charisma Man. In one strip, for example, Charisma Man's girlfriend is depicted as tall and incredibly attractive when no Western woman is present.
While considering Jackson's voice to be wispy, Cromelin observed Jackson's charisma and vocal inflections to convincingly deliver the underlying theme of "serviceable personas" on the album; ranging from "haughty stripper to a wide-eyed kid who loves long walks on the beach."
Wollock praised D'Angelo for his energy and display of showmanship, and wrote that "like the best hip-hop emcees who can rock a crowd with two turntables and a microphone, D moved the crowd with pure voice and charisma."

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