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Vocabulary Word

Word: cerebral

Definition: pertaining to the brain or intellect; intellectual rather than emotional; CF. cerebrum

Sentences Containing 'cerebral'

A CT scan of the brain usually shows no abnormality except in stage IV encephalopathy, when cerebral oedema may be visible.
A rhinophoral ganglion is situated anterodorsally to each cerebral ganglion connected by a short, single cerebro-rhinophoral connective.
Although it is possible for the birthmark and atrophy in the cerebral cortex to be present without symptoms, most infants will develop convulsive seizures during their first year of life.
An optic ganglion is attached laterally to each cerebral ganglion and connected to the latter by a thin nerve.
Children with DRD are often misdiagnosed as having cerebral palsy.
Coma and seizures represent the most advanced stage; cerebral edema (swelling of the brain tissue) leads to death.
Diagnosed at four months of age, Matthew has cerebral palsy right hemiplegia as a result of a prenatal stroke at around 20 weeks of pregnancy.
Dr. Merrick, a scientist who runs the compound, is concerned and places probes in Lincoln's body to monitor his cerebral activity.
Electromagnetic Source Imaging is a functional imaging technique, which uses Electroencephalography and/or Magnetoencephalography measurements to map functional areas of the Cerebral cortex.
From the early years, it was reported that a higher proportion than normal grew up with disabilities, including cerebral palsy and learning difficulties.
Granata was among the leading U.S. researchers on biomechanics and movement dynamics in cerebral palsy, in his work with the Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Laboratory at Virginia Tech.
Grand Duke Vladimir died suddenly on 4/ 17 February 1909 after suffering a major cerebral hemorrhage.
He died at age thirty seven of a cerebral hemorrhage having completed sixty-three paintings over the course of his short career.
He died of a cerebral aneurysm at the age of 43 after being rushed to the Hospital de Clínicas de Niterói in Niterói, Brazil.
He died unexpectedly of a cerebral hemorrhage on 30 April 1907.
His name is associated with the inner and outer bands of Baillarger, which are two layers of white fibers of the cerebral cortex.
Hyperkeratotic cutaneous capillary-venous malformation is a cutaneous condition characterized also by inherited cerebral capillary malformations.
I put down my guitar and picked up sign language.” Rachel’s second daughter, Lucy, underwent fetal surgery for spina bifida and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
In 1840 Baillarger was the first physician to discover that the cerebral cortex was divided into six layers of alternate white and grey laminae.
In 1966, when daughter Malini Chib, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Mithu Alur found no proper schools for children with disabilities existed in India.
It was started on 2 October 1972 by Mithu Alur, to provide education and treatment services for the spastics (children suffering from cerebral palsy).
Known for penning concept suites and songs inspired by literature, music fan opinions of his writing have varied greatly, running the gamut from cerebral and insightful to pretentious and preachy.
Liepmann is remembered for his pioneer work involving cerebral localization of function.
Lucy was born 8 weeks premature, with spina bifida and cerebral palsy.
Matthew attended the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre as a child in 1998 and 1999.
Medical use of "sativa" is associated with a cerebral high, and many patients experience stimulating effects.
Neubauer was the co-author with Morton Walker of "Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy", and of "Hyperbaric Oxygenation for Cerebral Palsy and the Brain-Injured Child: A Promising Treatment".
On September 30, 1944, in her Westport, New York home, she suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage which partially paralyzed her.
Oral or intravenous corticosteroids should be considered to prevent cerebral hypertensive episodes during the first week of treatment.
Regional delta wave activity not associated with NREM sleep was first described by W. Grey Walter, who studied cerebral hemisphere tumors.
She died from a cerebral hemorrhage in 1954 in Los Angeles, California, aged 50, and was interred in the Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery.
She has cerebral palsy and is allergic to cashews.
She was in a coma after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage.
Some of these effects include delayed mental development, Pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), morphological abnormalities in the cerebral surface.
Some spread in association within the cerebral cortex may also explain the large distances between trigger points and referred sensation sites.
Technetium (99mTc) exametazime is a radiopharmaceutical sold under the trade name Ceretec, and is used for the detection of altered regional cerebral perfusion in stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases.
The attack of hemiplegia and aphasia was caused by a cerebral haemorrhage, of which the only warning had been unexplained haemoptysis a few days earlier.
The central nervous system is epiathroid; the pleural ganglion is located closer to the cerebral ganglion than to the pedal one.
The insular cortex, part of the cerebral cortex, is responsible for self-sensation, including the degree of pain perceived by the body, and for self-awareness and defense mechanisms.
The optic ganglion is surrounded by an additional layer of connective tissue shared with the cerebral ganglion.
The paired pedal ganglia lie posteroventrally to the cerebral ganglia, and are connected by a commissure which is slightly longer than the cerebral commissure.
The symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy may also arise from other conditions, such as cerebral haemorrhage and seizures (both of which are more common in chronic liver disease).
The thalamus is generally believed to relay sensory information between a variety of subcortical areas and the cerebral cortex.
There was no peculiar indication in any organ an excitement of the nervous system that was it; a case of cerebral congestion nothing more.
This causes calcification of tissue and loss of nerve cells in the cerebral cortex.
This happens because the corticospinal pathways that run from the brain down the spinal cord are not fully myelinated at this age, so the reflex is not inhibited by the cerebral cortex.
This small molecule crosses the blood–brain barrier and is absorbed and metabolised by the astrocytes, a population of cells in the brain that constitutes 30% of the cerebral cortex.
Upon his retirement from political office, Walsh resided in Clinton, Massachusetts, until his death following a cerebral hemorrhage in Boston on June 11, 1947.
While at Virginia, he worked at the university's Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center with children who had cerebral palsy.
While focusing primarily on research into cerebral palsy, biomimetric robotics and biomechanics, Granata helped develop mobility aids for the elderly such as the MARC Robotic Walker.

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