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Vocabulary Word

Word: centurion

Definition: Roman army officer (commanding a company of about 100 soldiers)

Sentences Containing 'centurion'

At Normandy, he briefly commanded the old battleship HMS "Centurion", which was scuttled as a blockship off the beaches.
Centurion University of Technology and Management is a multi-sector, private state university from Odisha, India.
He left in 2001 and was the Chairman of the Centurion Bank of Punjab until it merged with HDFC Bank.
Her daughter, Kathleen was a Canadian Centurion who died in Toronto, Ontario at the age of 101 in August 2008.
Other giant trees in the area of El Grande which are also protected by Forestry Tasmania’s Giant Trees Policy, have since been named Centurion, which was discovered in 2008, and Triarius.
The east window dates from 1870 and depicts the healing of the Centurion's daughter.
The Gospel of Mark states that when Joseph asked for Jesus' body, Pilate was shocked that Jesus was already dead, and he summoned a centurion to confirm this before dispatching the body to Joseph.
The Roman centurion is willing to execute the Pharisees because of their attempt to bribe him, yet Jesus says to let them go, after dividing their plunder: one third to Rome, one-third to the centurion's local needs, and one-third to the poor people of the nearby communities, some of whose children had been kidnapped by the Pharisees, to be sold as slaves.
Under his leadership the Centurion Bank of Punjab took over the former Lord Krishana Bank, which had its branches mainly in Western and Southern India, so that the combined entity achieved a pan-Indian presence.
``Spada knew what these invitations meant; since Christianity, so eminently civilizing, had made progress in Rome, it was no longer a centurion who came from the tyrant with a message,`Caesar wills that you die.'

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