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Vocabulary Word

Word: centaur

Definition: mythical figure, half man and half horse

Sentences Containing 'centaur'

"Volvo uses a online for special service deal." Centaur Communications 11 Nov.
A considerable amount of material had already been prepared, and much of this was used in the construction of HMS "Centaur" and her sister . Built by Vickers Limited, "Centaur" was laid down in January 1915 and launched on 1 January 1916.
A modest new construction program was initiated with some new carriers (Majestic and "Centaur"-class light carriers, and "Audacious"-class large carriers being completed between 1948 thru 1958), along with three "Tiger-class cruisers (completed 1959-61), the "Daring"-class destroyers in the 1950s, and finally the County class DDGs completed in the 1960s.
A plan codenamed Operation Centaur ("Operación Centauro") to monitor terrorist organizations on the Triple border was orchestrated in cooperation with the CIA, and included phone taps, mail interceptions, and covert surveillance of many suspects.
After the First World War, "Centaur" was sent to the Baltic Sea in December 1918 to take part in the British campaign there against Bolshevik and German forces during the Russian Civil War.
Disposal. "Centaur" was placed on the sale list in 1933 and sold in February 1934 to King, of Troon, Scotland, for scrapping.
Fearon played Nathan Harding in "Coronation Street" and appeared in "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" (as Firenze the centaur).
He cast his eyes around him and saw a man carrying off Teresa, as Nessus, the centaur, carried Dejanira.
HMS "Centaur" was a C-class light cruiser of the Royal Navy that served in the First World War and the Russian Civil War.
In 1912 he became Assistant Secretary to the Committee of Imperial Defence, and during World War I he commanded the destroyer HMS "Miranda", the destroyer HMS "Tipperary", the cruiser HMS "Centaur" and then the cruiser HMS "Curacoa".
In October 1923, "Centaur" was decommissioned, transferred to the Reserve Fleet, and placed in reserve at Devonport Dockyard. After undergoing a refit in 1924 and 1925, she was recommissioned at Portsmouth on 8 April 1925 to serve as the flagship of Commodore (D) – the officer in command of all destroyers – in the Atlantic Fleet, recommissioning in February 1928 and September 1930 to continue in this role.
Its first play, "How Now Black Man", was produced under the name Black Workshop in 1970 at the Centaur Theatre.
On 30 August she joined the "Centaur", "Implacable" and the Swedish fleet blockading the Russians in the port of Rogerswick.
She was the name ship of the "Centaur" group of the C-class of cruisers.
The blockhouse proved too strong for the Commandos' PIAT anti-tank weapons, but the Casino was taken with the aid of a Centaur tank of the Royal Marines Armoured Support Group.
The Diamond DA42 Centaur OPA with the military Immmatrikulation R-711 can be flown as a manned aircraft or as unmanned UAV.
The existing carriers (all built during, or just after World War II) were refitted, two ("Bulwark" and "Albion") becoming "commando" carriers, and three ("Victorious", "Eagle", and "Ark Royal") being rebuilt with modern radars, angled decks, and steam catapults to operate modern jet aircraft. Starting in 1965 with "Centaur", one by one these carriers were decommissioned without replacement, culminating with the 1979 retirement of the "Ark Royal".
The song Jungle Fantasy appears on Herbie Mann's 65th Birthday Celebration: Live At The Blue Note In New York City (Live), as well as Yusef Lateef's 1960 recording "The Centaur and the Phoenix".
Titan-Centaur refers to the combination of a Titan rocket with a Centaur upper stage.
Vauxhall, from 1978 until 1979, offered the Cavalier Coupe in convertible format called the Centaur.
World War I. Upon being commissioned into the Royal Navy in August 1916, "Centaur" was assigned to the 5th Light Cruiser Squadron, which operated as a part of Harwich Force in the North Sea to defend the eastern approaches to the Strait of Dover and English Channel.

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